We strive for complete accuracy at Carson Valley Times.  While perfection is the ultimate goal, errors and mistakes do happen. As part of our efforts to remain accountable and transparent to our readers, we have created this page so you can see on a continual basis where we have fallen short. Corrections will also be listed at the bottom of the stories affected, and the stories will be fixed with the accurate information as we become aware of errors. If you find a mistake, please let us know by e-mailing, posting to our Facebook page at or calling 775-781-6900. 

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015

In an article on the history of the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room, a photo of the building was incorrectly attributed. It was provided by the Douglas County Historical Society.

Also, in the May 5 Morning News Roundup, it was stated that the Genoa Town Advisory Board Meeting was scheduled for that night. It had been rescheduled to May 12.


The start time of the Douglas-Carson baseball game in Carson City was incorrectly listed as 3:45 p.m. April 29 in multiple stories. The game was moved to 7 p.m. from 3:45 p.m. and we did not get the time updated in kind.


In a story on the barn damaged during the Big Bad Wolf Storm of 2015, we initially reported the barn was under repair. The new lumber was installed just as a brace as it is disassembled and salvaged for wood.


In an article on the Damonte Ranch baseball win over Douglas, Haden Keller was originally credited with a single in the bottom of the fourth. It was, in reality, a two-run double.


In an article on the Douglas girls basketball playoff win over North Valleys, we initially stated Maddy Lowe hit the front end of her free throws to win the game. In reality, she made the back end of her shots.


In an article on the emergency response to the Feb. 6 wind storm in Carson Valley, initial statistics provided to the Carson Valley Times indicated the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center fielded 240 calls during the storm. Updated statistics provided Feb. 13 indicated the number of calls fielded between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Feb. 6 was 502 and 735 for the entire 24-hour day. The numbers have been revised in the story’s headline and text.

 JANUARY 29, 2015

An article on the applicants for the vacant Ninth Judicial District Court judgeship incorrectly listed the total of applicants at 12. There are indeed 13 applicants. Chris Davis, of Las Vegas, was initially left off the list of applicants, resulting in the headline of “12 applications for seat.”

NOVEMBER 14, 2014

A Red-tailed hawk in one of our Today’s Views photos on Nov. 14, 2014, was incorrectly identified as a Peregrine falcon.

OCTOBER 16, 2014

In a story on an Indian Hills convenience store robbery, initial reports indicated the robbery happened at the Mica Drive Chevron. We’ve since learned that it occurred at the Carson Country Market, also on Mica Drive


OCTOBER 1, 2014

In a story about the sale of Bently Biofuels to Oregon-based SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel, representatives from SeQuential amended statements they’d originally made about their plans for the Minden production plant: Their statement reads: “SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel plans to maintain the biodiesel sales and cooking oil collection services previously provided by Bently Biofuels in Nevada. Our first priority will be to focus on ensuring a smooth transition for existing customers. We look forward to partnering with them to recycle their used cooking oil into biodiesel. We are still determining a long-term plan for the production facility in Minden. In the near-term, biodiesel production will be moved to the SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel plant in Salem, OR.”

An item in the Morning News Roundup for Oct. 1, made it sound as though Carson Valley Inn would be running the new airport shuttle service set to begin in the near future. Amador Stage Lines will operate the shuttle between the Reno Tahoe International Airport and Carson Valley Inn.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

The Sept. 16 Morning News Roundup incorrectly attached structure damages from the Boles Fire in Weed, Calif. to the King Fire near Pollock Pines. The structure information has been removed from the story

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

The score of the Hug-Yerington game on Sept. 5 was incorrectly listed on the Division I Football Scores page. It has been corrected to a 7-0 forfeit win by Hug.


In the story Suicide Prevention Network comes full circle,” the suggested donation for memory signs was initially listed incorrectly as $20. The true suggested donation for the signs is $12.

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