Nevada Press Association Best Web Site, Community Division: 2015, 2016 & 2017

E-MAIL: editor@carsonvalleytimes.com | Est. July 1, 2013 


From July 2013 to September 2017, the Carson Valley Times provided human interest and feature stories about the people and places that give this community its unique character.

On Sept. 1, 2017, the site shifted away from regular updates and news coverage, as well as away from advertising sales.

We wanted to keep the information already published online free for readers to view in the coming years, and also to be able to add to it as we find stories and photos of interest.

Thanks to everyone who read and supported this project over the years. We couldn’t have done any of it without your help.

– Joey Crandall

Publisher & Editor, Carson Valley Times

13 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s a beautiful site!! Very clean and appealing and easy to navigate! I’m very excited for you both, Joey and Charlie! Great start and I’ll keep reading!

  2. This site is so outdated. Why wasn’t that horrible accident from this morning posted? It would be nice for working people to get notified of road issues. I guess the ” best breakfast award” is more important. Sheeesh!

    1. Reagan, thank you for your feedback.

      I think, as you’ll see, this site is not meant to be a comprehensive news source. It’s simply not our aim. We view this more as a news magazine, focusing on feature stories and positive accomplishments in the community. We do, as you note, much more human interest, community events and the lighter side of life – such as best breakfast – than we do hard, breaking news stories.

      We also do not cover politics or the court system (individual cases – though we do consider stories on trends and programs that may be of interest). For pressing issues, we do offer a link to the county emergency services scanner so you can listen to what is going on is situations like this morning. You can find that link on the left-hand side of the page or at the bottom of the page, or here: http://carsonvalleytimeswebcam.weebly.com/emergency-services-live-audio.html

      I apologize for falling short for you on your trip to work. I would be very glad to discuss with you further, or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me any time at 775-781-6900 or joey@carsonvalleytimes.com. Thanks so much for your time, and for expressing your concern. — joey crandall

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