Letter To The Editor: A Case For Forming A Community Foundation In Douglas County


As a professional in philanthropy, I spend most of my day learning about and communicating with non-profit organizations the world over. These organizations do an incredible amount of good for people, animals, and the planet we share. Often the only thing preventing them doing more is insufficient funding. Charities need quality employees, equipment, and facilities from which to operate. Sometimes they take on projects that require a sizeable increase to their budget.

While national charities have staff and resources to obtain extra support, our smaller, local charities are limited in this regard. They might have only one or two staff that, although they excel at carrying out their organization’s mission, lack the necessary marketing skills to carry out effective fundraising campaigns.

This is where a Community Foundation can step in. Local residents, as members of the Advisory Board of a Community Foundation, are the perfect advocates for local non-profits. The role involves fundraising both locally and beyond our borders to grow a lasting endowment for Douglas County. An effective Board should be a group of well connected, financially savvy, and philanthropically-minded individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

The endowment this board will be raising will not be spent directly, but will instead be invested by professionals, with the earned interest made available. While no one knows what problems the future holds for our community, by the time the endowment is large enough to start making distributions, they will be self-evident. An engaged, invested and diverse Advisory Board will be the best entity to help direct funding when the time comes.

On November 1st, the Leadership Douglas County class of 2017 will host Chris Askin, President of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, for an informational meeting to explore this concept further. If you are interested, please join us at the Community Center on Waterloo from 6-8 p.m.

Nick Hinkell

Bently Foundation

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