Douglas County Sheriff’s Officer Welcomes Deputy Gonzales Home

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office welcomed home Deputy Ignacio (Nacho) Gonzales after returning from his fourth deployment overseas.

Deputy Gonzales has worked for the Sheriff’s Office since 2005 and is assigned to the Jail Division and returned to being a Jail Training Officer, Defense Tactics and Taser Instructor under the leadership of Jail Commander Jim Halsey.

Deputy Gonzales was deployed for 6 months of while on active duty in 2000 and went to Kosovo. In 2002 while still on active duty he was deployed to Guantanamo Bay for another 6 months. Deputy Gonzales was discharged from the military and joined DCSO, but remained as a reserve with the Army National Guard. In 2011 while working for DCSO he was deployed and went to Afghanistan for a 12 month duty. For his fourth deployment he went to Kuwait for 12 months as he supervised soldiers who were securing the borders.

One of his duties was to supervise soldiers entering and exiting the country and he said that soldiers would want to take actual dirt home, as a memento of their deployment. This was a violation of the rules and he reminded soldiers of the rule. He said he understand their desire to take the dirt home.

Deputy Gonzales and his fellow soldiers frequently had time pass when not working, and they played Bingo. Deputy Gonzales said that returning to civilian life would be challenging, but he was looking forward to being with his family again.

Captain Jim Halsey said he was glad Nacho came home safe, and he was happy to have his friend and employee back to work. He said he values Nacho’s discipline and skills.

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