Douglas County Recognizes Debra Gochenouer For 20 Years Of Service With 911 Emergency Services

by Melissa Blosser, Douglas County Community Relations · 1 min read

MINDEN, Nev. — Debra Gochenouer, Douglas County Senior Emergency Communications Specialist for 911 Emergency Services, is celebrating twenty years in the field. Debra has been a Nevada resident since 1981 and has been a valued team member since her start date, July 14th 1997.

As part of the Emergency Services Team, Debbie prides herself on the motto “Dispatchers are the first, first responders,” that give lifesaving instructions. Lives depend on Debbie’s speed and precision to instruct law enforcement and firefighters on how to act.

“Debbie is a valuable team member, twenty years in this career field is a major accomplishment, I’m very proud of the work she has done and continues to do every day,” Ron Sagen, Director of Douglas County 911 Emergency Services.

From left: Director of Douglas County 911 Emergency Services Ron Sagen, Debra Gochenouer and Douglas County Commissioners Steve Thaler and Barry Penzel.

Debbie is married to a retired Communications Specialist who is her biggest fan and supporter. She has seven children, 11 grandsons and is anxiously waiting for two more grandchildren to be born this fall. Both of the children will be boys.

Douglas County residents receive the best care possible with the ProQA Dispatch System and the county will soon be the only Center in the state to be certified in all three disciplines of Law, Fire and Medical. Debbie is proud to be serving Douglas County and is looking forward to a few more years of service.

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