Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Recruiting For Citizen Patrol Volunteers

by Sgt. Bernadette Smith, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office · 1 min read

MINDEN, Nev. – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol is a group of volunteers who receive training, uniforms, and a partner to complete various non-hazardous duties for the Sheriff’s Office.

Citizen Patrol provides invaluable services to the Sheriff’s Office saving taxpayers a tremendous amount of tax dollars.

Duties for Citizen Patrol include completing vehicle identification checks, taking vehicles to the county garage for maintenance, vacation checks, traffic control for special events and checking on senior citizens in the community by calling or visiting.

They can be present at community functions and be ambassadors for the Sheriff’s Office. They also patrol the neighborhoods of Douglas County reporting suspicious behavior or graffiti for quick removal.

Citizen Patrol applicants undergo a background check, and a minimum amount of hours are required each month.

Citizen Patrol is looking for new members to become involved and assist the Sheriff’s Office in their mission serving the public.

The Sheriff’s Office is also looking for substation volunteers to work in the north, south and Ranchos substations. They receive dog licenses, bike registrations and vacation checks requests.

If you would like to become to volunteer with the Sheriff’s Office, please call the Citizen Patrol Office at (775) 783-6466 and leave a message.

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