Sandoval Signs Bills Supporting Law Enforcement, First Responders

Courtesy of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s Office · 2 min read

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Governor Brian Sandoval on Wednesday signed six bills into law, including two measures supporting law enforcement and first responders, a bill creating the Nevada Sentencing Commission, and legislation to enhance safety regulations and background check requirements for commercial child care facilities in Nevada.

SB541, sponsored by Senator Aaron Ford, Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, Assemblyman John Ellison, and others, enhances penalties for violent crimes perpetrated against first responder and law enforcement personnel. The bill provides for an additional 1-20 year criminal sentence for offenders convicted of violent crimes targeting police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel acting in the course of their duty. Local law enforcement officials joined the Governor at the signing event for SB541 near the Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial in Carson City. SB541 passed unanimously.

SB540, sponsored by Senator Aaron Ford, Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, and others directs the Legislative Commission to authorize the construction of a memorial to Nevada’s firefighters. The memorial is to be built at the Capitol Complex in Carson City. Governor Sandoval was joined at a ceremonial bill signing by dozens of local firefighters who participated in the signing event. SB540 passed unanimously in both houses of the State Legislature.

The Governor was also joined by Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Cherry and Justice James Hardesty, along with court personnel and officials from the Nevada Department of Corrections for the signing of SB451, establishing the Nevada Sentencing Commission. The Commission will be charged with developing policy recommendations and best practices related to criminal sentencing in order to reduce recidivism and promote education, vocational training, and rehabilitation for criminal offenders.

Governor Sandoval also signed SB189 into law today. Sponsored by Senator Joyce Woodhouse, SB189 enhances safety regulations, training requirements, and background check processes for commercial child care facilities and child care employees. The measure implements sweeping regulatory changes designed to ensure that all child care facilities are held accountable for the health, safety, and welfare of the children they serve.

The Governor has signed a total of 588 bills into law this legislative session.

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