Baseball: Cardinals Capture Little League Minor-AA Title

Special to the Carson Valley Times · 1 min read

A slight detour from the Carson Valley Days Carnival on Friday night showed a rollercoaster of quite a different kind – that of a Minor AA Carson Valley Little League Championship game.

The Cardinals and Cubs were well-matched, having dueled throughout the season and early in the playoffs.

The Cubs claimed the regular season title and had dominated the postseason, knocking the Cardinals to the loser’s bracket early on.

However, the Cardinals, coached by Dennis DeLange and Mike Michel, battled their way back into contention with wins June 3 and June 6.

That set the stage for Thursday’s game – an intense nail-biter that ended with a surprise Cardinals victory, although the Cubs had brought the potential winning run to bat with the bases loaded.

Double elimination guidelines had the boys back on the field on Friday night for an equally intense game.

Wind-blown spectators huddled tightly on the bleachers while the two teams fought weather, well-timed strikes, and well-placed hits.

In the end, the Cardinals’ scrappy base running, focused defense, and underdog mentality was awarded with the title of playoff champions.

After five innings, it was a flurry of red ball caps that flew into the Carson Valley sky as the Cardinals erupted into celebration.

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