Carson Valley Sertoma Awards $16,000 In Memorial Book Scholarship & Vocational Scholarship Programs

Courtesy of Carson Valley Sertoma · 1 min read

MINDEN, Nev. —  Carson Valley Sertoma awarded $16,000 in scholarships in this year’s Memorial Book Scholarship and Vocational Scholarship programs. From 25 applications submitted this year, eight students were chosen for interviews and all eight received between $1,000 and $3,000 towards their book costs. The scholarships are distributed over each student’s 4-year undergraduate college program. The vocational scholarship can be used for fees, books, and other costs.

2017 Scholarship Winners: Left to right: Cynthia Sawyer, Bob Centanni, Birgit Okomoto (front) (Sertoma);
Scholarship Winners: Evelyn Haigney, Hannah Mora, Tanner Souza, Jessica Withrow, Desiree Lehrke, Jarod Pieller, Chelia Ramos, Hunter Langford; Eileen Behr (Sertoma)

These scholarships are awarded to Douglas County high school seniors who are going into helping professions. Among the recipients are future physical therapists, nurses, neurosurgeons, chefs, and social workers.

The annual Scholarship Breakfast celebration was held Friday, May 26th, with the winners and their parents in attendance, as well as many prior scholarship winners who returned to tell of their progress in their college experience.

Prior winners of the Carson Valley Sertoma Club Memorial Book Scholarships in attendance at the 2017 CV Sertoma Scholarship Breakfast: Jessa Gansberg, Nolan Sheets, Jordan Broersma, Ariah Barth, Leah Heydman, Zack Kellar, Ingrid Carlson, Bob Centanni (Sertoma Scholarship Chair), Luke Houghton

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