Mountain Biking’s Growth And Importance

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STATELINE, Nev. – The sport of mountain biking is growing worldwide and making important economic impacts on communities and Tahoe is no exception.

“When communities build their identity as a “gateway destination” to unique well designed and maintained trails with easy access to lodging, bars and entertainment – bicyclists come and spend”, according to Bike Tahoe president, Ty Polastri.

Tahoe has hundreds of miles of trails surrounding the basin and over the past several years there has been a heightened effort to do more by three primary trail organizations: United States Forest Service: Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Tahoe Rim Trail Association, and the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association. Together they have been working tirelessly to build and maintain a connected trail network throughout the region for mountain bikers and hikers alike.
Bike Tahoe, an arm of the nonprofit Team Tahoe, in collaboration with the Nevada Commission on Tourism ( is working to share this trail story with outdoor enthusiasts by distributing high quality videos, using social media communications and offering online bike ride guides and trail maps (

This combination of rich content and targeted communications invites active adults to visit and experience Lake Tahoe’s remarkable trails and outdoor adventures.

Moreover, Polastri continues, “our message may even inspire some travelers to join a trail day for an authentic community experience and a lasting memory of their contribution.”

The second of four videos in the We Bike Tahoe Series (The first can be found here), Mountain Biking: Lake Tahoe USA, is now available as a live brochure showcasing some of the most scenic and accessible mountain bike rides in the area – particularly The Flume Trail, once voted one of the Top Ten Mountain Ride in the U.S. by Bicycling magazine. This high quality video is available for downloading onto web sites or used on social media platforms by any business that is interested in connecting with this growing and important

Polastri also feels it is worthwhile to assist Local Tahoe business owners with information about the mountain bike enthusiasts’ profile so they can better understand and align their product or service with this growing market. To help businesses he has provided a summary of a study conducted by the Canada Tourist Commission describing a typical mountain bike visitor:
●Predominantly male (75%)
●25-45 years old (65-70%)
●A majority (55%) had household income levels greater than $80,000. As a data-point, 31% of all
British Columbia outdoor recreationalists had household income levels greater than $80,000.
Mountain biking visitors were generally in line with all tourists to Canada going on guided tours
(59% had incomes of greater than $100,000 in Canadian dollars)
●Average stay at each location 3 to 5 days (longer if the visitor is from far away; shorter if the
visitor is from close by)
●Average spend per day $60 – $100 (inclusive of accommodations, food, recreation and not

Mountain biking is growing among active adults and is generating revenues in local economies. Polastri sums up by stating that Tahoe is responding to this opportunity through collaboration among governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations building and improving trails, businesses aligning their brand with this active lifestyle, and cooperative marketing efforts communicating what locals have always known – Tahoe mountain biking is world-class.

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