‘Life Is Permanent, So Mark It With A Sharpie’ — Douglas High Graduates Class Of 2017

Staff Reports · 6 min read

MINDEN, Nev. — Douglas High bid farewell to a senior class of 395 graduates Wednesday night at the high school.

Speakers invoked the words of Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Jerry Lewis, Randy Travis and Tim McGraw to encourage and inspire the class.

It was outgoing principal Marty Swisher, though, who brought the graduates to their feet in saying his own goodbyes.

“Thank you to the school staff,” he said, his voice breaking slightly. “I have truly enjoyed the last 12 years at our school.”

Swisher will be the Douglas County School District head of alternative education and principal at Aspire Academy next year.

He quoted the Randy Travis song, “Three Wooden Crosses,” in his advice to the class:

“It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you,” he said. “It’s what you leave behind when you go.”

Class speaker Vanessa Visnovits described seven-year journey back from a traumatic brain injury to graduate at the age of 22.

Salutatorian Alex Jacobson said he was particularly thankful for the Minden Starbucks in aiding his late-night recoveries from procrastinated assignments.

He called on his classmates to aspire to the words of Margaret Thatcher: “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.”

Annalisa Neal and Tiffany Robinson spoke in tandem of a mutual dislike for each other when they’d first met before realizing their common bonds superseded their differences and that success does not come from beating perceived competitors but in bringing creativity and individualism into the arena.

“Find what makes you happy and stick with it,” they said.

Class valedictorian Hunter Celio said she found herself without anything “profound” to say, instead posing a series of questions for herself and her classmates that she hopes to find answers to in the next 17 years.

“Why do toasters have that awful setting that incinerates your toast to an inedible crisp?” she said. “How do I do my taxes? Does anyone actually follow the do not consume raw dough warnings on packages of cookie dough? What goals do I have right now that I’ll eventually give up on and forget? Why is it so hard for grown, functional human adults to use a turn signal? Why are so many people living accomplished, successful lives still not happy and how I do ensure that’s not me in 20 years?

“Lastly, the most important one on this day … I don’t know if we should be focusing on today or tomorrow. How do we balance planning for a future but not miss all the little things like this today?

“Although we’ve worked so hard to come this far, we still have so much to learn no matter where we go.”

Student body president Jordan Warren talked about legacy in verse, stating: “What defines a legacy are those moments of thrill … In the struggle provided, a place to call home, a picture of the sunset on the horizon … legacy is not created through a light-capturing hole, but rather in those moments when you accomplish a goal. To become rich and wealthy? No. We should focus on our practice, on what people see.  Treat man as he could be and he’ll become what he should be. Life is permanent, so mark it with a Sharpie.”

Douglas County Superintendent Teri White called on the school’s class motto, from the Tim McGraw song, “Humble and Kind,” stating,” When you get to where you’re going, don’t forget to turn back around, help the next one in line. Always stay humble and kind.”

Anticipated graduates in the Class of 2017 include (inclusion on the list does not guarantee graduation):

Braydon William Abbott
Elias Acosta Chavez
Ryan Philip Adams
Jeremy Ezequiel Aleman
Daniella Rusty Eugene Alexander
Wesley Joseph Alexander
Brittany Suzanne Allen
Kiersten Renee Allen
Raychel Kathleen Allen
Taryn Elyse Allmett
Dylan Benjamin Alpers
James Isaac Alvarez
Jordan Christopher Ambrose
Jenelle Cathryn Bailey
Ryan Casey Barnes
Christian Larold Barr
Stormy Freedom Barrett
Elizabeth Basaldua-Osornio
Gurnir K. Bath
Benjamin Everett Baxter
Ciarra Rachelle Begovich
Levi Dalton Bell
Esmeralda Benitez del Real
Demi Madison Bera
Dylan Matthew Berke
Dominick John Biasotti
Rebekah Lynn Bodily
Dillon Evans Boyson
Ryland Kris Bradley
Luis Salvador Bravo Navarro
Raechel Marie Brazeau
Samuel Wilson Brees
Roger Robert Briggs
Conrad James Brockett
Grace Lily Brooks
Joseph Wayne Brower
Haydn Daniel Brown
Joshua Stanton Brown
Kenneth Connor Brown
Juliette Eileen Bullock
Baylee Tre Burdett
Jayden Marie Burt
Chad Nicholas Cale
Kyle Stephen Camara
Ashley Marie Campagna
Bryanna Lynn Campbell
Courtney Jayne Campbell
Bryce Anthony Capra

Brandon Taylor Caras
Brendyn Jesse Carpenter
John Conrad Caruana
Richard Michael Castellanos
Hunter Kyla Celio
John Steven Chambers
Alexander Michael Chapton
Rebecca Jean Chieffo
Jennifer Jailyn Christensen
Kaden Andrew Christensen
Dawson Edward Coman
Sophia Rene Colella
Faith Ann Connelly
Prestin James Cook
Stephanie Anahi Cortez
Crystal Cossio Mendoza
Levi Joseph Costa
Sage Sierra Costa
Payson Coverley
Kylie Danielle Coziahr
Ethan Rowdy Craik
Zachary Jonah Crawshaw
Kenneth Leo Cruz III
Natasha Yvonne Culpepper
Dean Jacob Cummins
Jordan Patrick Curcio
Maddison Rae Curtis
Bryce Thomas Cutter
Emily Evon Dack
Brooklyn Sierra Davis
Dalton James Davis
Mariya Elizabeth Dawson
Omar Desiderio Jr. DeArcos
Sarina Lynn Deitch
Lauryn Olivia DelPrete
Lukas Philip Demus
Ryland Jacob DeSomber
Corryne Lee Diaz
Acacia Lexus Dillon
Bridgetta Ann DiMartino
Jayme Arlene Faith Dittberner
Allison Kimberly Dodd
Ty Andrew Dodd
Mitchell Franklin Donat
Drew Taylor Dorius
Justin Ray Dragoo
Austin Wayne Dunagan
Brandon Wayne Easley

Aspen Aleshannah Edge
Ashley Nani Loa Edwards
Mariah Ann Eichhorst
Jackson Michael Elges
Jared Patrick Ellis
Jarod Paul Endter
Nicole Lauren Epper
Daniel Allan Ferguson
Megan Marie Fitzpatrick
Victorian Storm Fonseca
Jayden Karl Forbes
Rachel Shiree Francis
Garrett Alexander Frankiewich
Reef Alexander Ikaika Gabriel
Raina Rose Gallagher
Nayeli Cristal Garcia
Eduardo Garcia-Huerta
Isabella Marguerite Gavin
Jesse Arthur George
Christopher Nicholas Ghan
Taylor Yvonne Gilbert
Callen John Gilmartin
Caitlynn Rae Gleich
Jacob Daniel Goff
Vincent York Gonzales
Hector Gonzalez Mendez
Veronica Noel Gonzalez
Kelcey Ann Goode
Matthew Robert Goode
Cianna Faye Gransbery
Stephanie Francis Alice Gray
Nicholas Jahn Green
Rachael Leigh Griffiths
Sydney Renee Grimmeison
Hanna Rose Grisell
Taran Bryce Grove
Joshua Thomas Gurule
Jonathan McClellan Guy
Evelyn Summer Haigney
Destiny Michele Hale
Benjamin Joseph Hallinan
Jacob Micheal Hanks II
Kyle Alexander Hargan
Alexander Treanor Harker
Rowan Bryanne Harmon
Spencer Winfrey Harmon
Allison Requierme Harpin
Bryan Vincent Harris

Kimberly Renee Harrison
Jenna Noelle Anela Hart
Destiny Marie Hayes
Luke Daniel Heinrichs
Antony Cuauhutemoc Hernandez
Brandon Antoni Hernandez
Luis Carlos Hernandez
Daniel Thomas Hickox
Jake Conner Higginbotham
Justin Thomas Hight
Clinton Nolan Hill-Holeman
Danner Nicholas Hillman
Balwinder Singh Hira
Grant William Hollar
Emily Margaret Hone
Ranjot Singh Hothi
Courtney Jeanay Howell
Bailey Angel Hoyopatubbi
Tyler Davis Hubbard
Lindsay Eliza Hudnall
Dawson Patrick Hughes
Kindel Patrick Isham
Tre Andrew Jackson
Alexander Leonard Jacobson
Jillyan Lynne Jacobson
Christian Blaize Javier
Allison Susanne Jezek
Samuel Raymond Johnson
Emma Louise Jongsma
Madison Janara Jordan
Christian Michael Kannan
Tabitha Marie Keating
Dante Keel
Haden Maxwell Keller
Nikolas Joseph King
Kaden Dean Knight-MacDonnell
Austin Lance Knudtson
Amy Christine Kohler
Angelle Leigh Komp
Zachary Allen Kruse
Crew Harvey Kudrna
Logan Baines Kyle
Sydney Alan LaCost
Tyler Dean Lake
Dylan Xavier Lance
Madelyn Claire Landerfelt
Brandon Alan Lane
Mikayla Emily Lane

Taylor Cheyenne Lane
Hunter Anne Langford
Zachary Wayne Laningham
Makenzi Ann Larimer
Ladd Jairl Layland
Malyn Kathleen Leet
Desiree Daisy Lehrke
William Jerard Lennon-Williams III
Isabela Jane Lentz
Brian Jair Leon Loayza
Mckenzie Kate Lewallen
William Thomas Liggett III
Louis William Freeman Long
Juan Flaviano Lopez
Kristina Alonzo Lozano
Wenny Kao Lu
Kolby Olsson Lundberg
Taylor Mai Manley
Gabryella Belen Martinez
Gustavo Alfonso Martinez
James Richard Matthews
Alyssa Renee Mayer
Jace William Mayotte
Kelsey Starr McGillivray
Layhton Medicine Crow
Katherine Ann Meglen
Katelynn Diane Meier
Ricardo Mendez
Joshua Emanuel Meza
Nicole Daines Michalik
Adrian Jacob Michel
Michael Andrew Milazzo
Sidney Nichole Miller
Jasmine Monroy Guzman
Jade Gloria Elaine Moore
Hannah Sophia Mora
Ivan Avila Mora
Christian Garcia Morales
Hunter Jacob Moses
Emily Kate Muller
Cristina Alejandra Munoz Robles
Alondra Xitlally Munoz
John Joseph Munyan
Corinne Rochelle Nalder
Annalisa Claira Jean Neal
Tiffany Nichole Nunez
Kevin Daniel O’Connell
Amy Katharine Olsen

Veronica Olvera
Bayleigh Rose Orput
Adanary Cristalin Ortega Diaz
Carson Taylor Osborn
Kaitlyn Hunsaker Palaroan
Cade Nolan Pankey
Misty Lynn Parsh
Anthony Joseph Pastones
Colton David Patterson
Joelle LeeAnn Penny
Megan Sydney Penwell
Kyla Mae Penzel
Carson Scott Perkins
Gavin Lane Perry
Madison Grace Peters
Noah Jacob Petersen
Isabelle Peterson
Jaden Ashley Peterson
Karina Leigh Peterson
Jarod Walter Pieller
Connor Michael Pierce
Kaylee Ann Pierce
Victoria Lynn Pierskalla
Zachary Tyler Pineda
Cade Thomas Pinther
Aiyana Marie Pitts
Lars Alan Ponsness
Dana Michelle Popovich
Kealani Kaila Porfido
Lily Genevieve Power
Emilie Grace Prudhomme
Aubrey Michelle Putansu
Charles William Ramm
Cheila Esperansa Ramos
Caitlyn Marie Raub
Makayla Ann Raub
Leslie Ruby Rea
Kasey Mildred Reseck
Daniel Teddy Rich
Margaret Marie Rich
Hunter Harrison Livingston Richardson
Kaila Christine Richards-West
Rosealee Ally Rieman
Reagan Walker Roberson
Zane Michael Roberts
Baylee Charlene Robinson
Tiffany Ann Robinson
Ethan Samuel Rodgers

Joaquin Rodriguez
Guy Nicholas Rogers
Taylor Marie Rollins
Travis Lee Rollins
Laura Danielle Rose
Amy Rebecca Ross
Breanna Cheyenne Ross-Dee
Brynn Judith Rothfusz
Jake Carlton Rouse
Richard Vladya Rowe
Isabella Maria Rubio
Kayla Rose Ruffo
Alyssa Sky Ryan
Brianna Marie Ryan
Sophia Marie Saenz
Lindsey Rayann Salie
Alejandro Sanchez
Megan Olivia Sando
Gregory Paul Sanotsky
Viviana Alejandra Sarmiento-Gonzalez
Corbin Liam-Nol Saucedo
Mikayla Ashley Scaramella
Jordan Allen Michael Scarbrough
Isaiah Robert Schat
Jena Marie Schramm
Olivia Renee Schuster
Dusten Allan Scribner
SeCara Shandra Kaylene Seehorn
Jessy James Silveira
Cleo Malynn Simmons
Hunter William Evan Simpson
Ryan Martin Slack
Emily Brooke Slavik
Michael Thomas Sloan
Hailey Rae Smith
Natalie Cherie Smith
Timothy Gerald Smith
Kaitlyn Constance Smith
Tahomah Hugh Smokey
Nicholas Juvenal Solano
Anthony Soria
Tanner William Souza
Faith Lee Spears
Isabella Ona Stamey
Emma Kate Stamper
Dylan Russell Stewart
Sierra Shantel Stine
Taylor Damon Stokes

Joseph Phillip Sullivan
Cassandra Marie Swab
Kylie Madison Swan
Lindsey Grace Swart
Olivia Lorene Swearingen
Jacob Christopher Robin Sweikar
Savannah Nicole Swindler
Cody Marcel Tackett Lewis
Bodhi Matthew Tanner
Megan Audrey Thielen
Brandon Otto Thielmann
Wesley Jacob Janel Thompson
Cameron Ross Tolbert
Eric Bertram Tompkins
Daniel Robert Tooker
Nicholas Armando Tovar
Jordan Victoria Trauner
Spencer Joseph Horsley Trivitt
Jeremy Crawford Trujillo
Andrew David Tuell
Marcus Alexander Turner
Alexander Julian Valdes
Mario Ivan Valenzuela
Bryce Duwane Vardas-Doane
Luis Hernan Ariel Velasquez Rodriguez
Preston Robert Vereschagin
Lorenzo Miguel Carmelo Vicente Becerra
Olivia Marie Vidaurri
Jasa Monique Villanueva
Kathleen Anne Dela Cruz Villegas
Vanessa Victoria Visnovits
Roderick D’Angelo Voss
Karina Alexis Ward
Kassidy Jordan Ward
Jordan Desean Warren
Nicholas Anthony Watkins
Zayne Yancy Watson
Sheldon Christopher Weber
Ryan Jacob Weese
Julia Lynn Weston
Sierra Lynn Elizabeth Wetzel
Mary Michelle Weyland
Wyatt Gregory Weyland
Max Russell Whear
Riley Shane Wilkinson
Aria Leigh Beitler-Williams
Bonikquia Ty’onna Williams
Bryson Roger Williams

Jessica Ann Withrow
Sean Patrick Wolfkiel
Thunder Talon Fox Woodside
Sydney Taylor Woodward
Tyler Douglas Wright
Victoria Anne Wrubel
Katarina Lynette Wulstein
Lincoln Louis-Donoho Young
Tamitha Monique Zaldana
Kyle William Zinda
Cheyenne Michael Zivkovic


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