Douglas County Community & Senior Center Receives Emergency Generator

by Melissa Blosser, Douglas County Community Relations · 1 min read

MINDEN, Nev. — Douglas County Community & Senior Center received a 125 KW generator for backup emergency power on May 18.

The generator will allow the facility to better serve as an emergency evacuation facility. The generator will also protect 8,000 + frozen meals and $10,000 worth of food products held in the freezers and coolers in the Senior Center Dining Room kitchens during a power outage.

This emergency generator will also provide power in the Douglas County Health Clinic, located inside the Community and Senior Center which services the healthcare needs of many Douglas County residents.

Members of the Douglas County Community Services Foundation, Douglas County Parks & Recreation and Senior Services Staff, Douglas County Senior Services Advisory Council and Douglas County Parks & Recreation Commission pose in front of the new emergency generator.

The purchase of the emergency backup generator was made possible through the fundraising efforts of the Douglas Community Services Foundation and the residents of the Carson Valley community. In addition, extremely generous donations from Bently Heritage and the families of Don & Judy Babb, Steven & Sandra Bolger, Mary Cyphers, Paula East-Janicki, Jim & Vera Gesselman, James & Cynthia Myers, Raymond & Brenda Robertson Terry Capton-Snell, and Ranee Barsanti & Jessica Ledbetter also helped with the purchase of the generator.

“The Douglas County Community & Senior Center would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all who have made this extremely important purchase happen and hope that the Center will continue to be able to serve our residents during climatic adversity or catastrophe,” said Scott Morgan Director of Community Services, Parks and Recreation Director.


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