Services For Carol Jean Van Sickle May 25

Courtesy of the Van Sickle family

Carol Jean Van Sickle (Cunning)


Carol VanSickle

Carol Jean Van Sickle died peacefully at home with her husband, children and sister at her bedside after a long illness.

She was preceded in death by her daughter (Emily), parents (Patrick and Marguerite Cunning) and brother (Patrick
Cunning). ​

Carol is survived by children (Jerry Ray Van Sickle, David Alan Van Sickle and Paul Damon Van Sickle), daughters-in-law Isabel Van Sickle, Shelley Van Sickle and Erin Van Sickle, grandchildren (Nikki Van Sickle, Daniella Van Sickle, Mason Van Sickle, Mateo Van Sickle, Sheldon Van Sickle, Geni Van Sickle, Gus Van Sickle and Hazel Van Sickle) sisters (Peggy Dodd and Nancy Meredith) brothers (Thomas Cunning and Daniel Cunning) and several nieces and nephews.​

Carol married Jerry Ray Van Sickle April 8, 1967 in Reno. This was after attending the University of Nevada’s college of Nursing for two years. She went on to become a loving mother of four, grandmother of eight, housewife, manager at Mervyn’s and school secretary. She will be remembered by all who knew her as caring, friendly, positive and wise. ​

Carol will be celebrated with a Catholic Mass at St. Gall in Gardnerville, Nevada on Thursday, May 25th. A Rosary will be at the church starting at 1 p.m. followed at 1:30 by a funeral mass. Desserts and beverages will be served in the gymnasium after mass. Those who wish to can proceed to Genoa cemetery for burial. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to “Moms on the Run,” 5995 So. Virginia Street, Reno, 89502.

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