Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Unveils Crime Mapping Tool


by Undersheriff Paul Howell, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Douglas County GIS department have collaborated to develop a new crime/incident map which is on the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office website.

The map was developed by the GIS department utilizing the ArcGIS Online product. The map interfaces with the Sheriff’s Office Spillman Records Management System and is updated on a weekly basis through the automated interface. The map includes icons that identify the crimes in the Uniformed Crime Reporting database, traffic accidents, and other common offenses. The map is interactive for the user/viewer and has various layers and legends that can be manipulated by the viewer.

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This map will allow citizens to identify incidents that occur in their neighborhood and throughout the county. The Sheriff’s Office provides this tool to the citizens of the county to enhance our communication with the public and provide for additional opportunities to receive information from our citizens that help us solve and prevent crime.

The map can be found by visiting this link.



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