East Fork Fire & Paramedics Reports Community Effort In ‘Heartsafe Community’ Save

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Douglas County emergency services has reported another HeartSafe Community save after a cardiac arrest last week. East Fork Fire & Parademic Deputy Chief Dave Fogerson reports:

“We  want to share some more good news with everyone on our Heartsafe community system. As you saw in the media two weeks ago, we reported on two cardiac arrest saves from last calendar year. We appear to have another one that occurred last week while the patient was enjoying dinner at CVI. The patient experienced sudden cardiac death: CVI staff performed CPR and called 9-1-1. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded and performed CPR while East Fork Fire District firefighter/paramedics treated the patient using our advanced medication and cardiac monitors. The patient regained a pulse and was transported to Carson Valley Medical Center.

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“Carson Valley Medical Center Emergency Department personnel worked to stabilize the patient. Once stabilized, Care Flight was used to transfer the patient to the ICU at Renown. As of this morning, the patient is awake, talking and walking with assistance. The patient does not recall the event but knows her chest hurts. Pretty remarkable turnaround in four days!

“This is another example of our great Heartsafe Community system approach to sudden cardiac arrest. We have bystanders who start outstanding CPR, dispatch that provides CPR instructions while dispatching the community response of law enforcement and firefighters to the scene. Once on scene, the team performs high quality CPR while firefighter/paramedics administer advanced medications and use our cardiac monitors to treat the heart’s electrical problem. The patient is taken to the closest medical facility for definitive care. The system is saving lives and working for all of us.

“Thanks to everyone for their support of our Heartsafe Community System: it works!”


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