Funds Being Raised For Minden Woman Diagnosed With Glioblastoma

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Courtesy of Carson Now

Karen Kerley

Drew Seitz of Dayton is asking for the public’s help in raising money to help off-set medical expenses for his mother, Karen Kerley of Minden, who was diagnosed recently with a brain tumor.

Drew writes: As we all know, my Mom, Karen has been suffering from a glioblastoma tumor in her brain. The surgery for removal was successful and the surgeon was able to remove all of the tumor. However, she has now inherited medical expenses that exceed insurance coverage. She also has to continue on with radiation and chemotherapy treatments that are going to be costly.

These treatments will be on and off 6 months at a time. If you can help in donating anything at all, we would be forever grateful. No donation is too small. The less stress she has, the better chance of a successful recovery. Karen thanks everyone for their positive energies and prayers! Please keep praying as her journey is not over. Thank you to all!

Many remain under-insured for catastrophic emergencies and the family is now facing mounting medical bills. Fundraisers are being set up around Carson City, Carson Valley and Dayton areas. Even if it is a few dollars, we ask for anything you can do for this family.

Karen lives in Douglas County and is a member of Douglas County Search and Rescue as well as The American Red Cross since 2002. She is very active and loves her grandchildren.

Click on the Go Fund me page here to learn how you can help.





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