Don Q’s Fishing Report For Northern Nevada & Beyond: March 11


by Don Quilici, Special to the Carson Valley Times

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Fishing Report

As of March 11


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The road is closed to the lake and there will be no fishing reports for Angel Lake until late May of 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Carson River East (Upstream from Hangman’s Bridge):

Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.

Carson River West:

Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Cave Lake has had a little ice buildup with the colder weather, and as of Thursday was skim ice covering approximately a third of the lake, mostly along the shorelines making fishing access a bit difficult.

However, with the projected warmer temperatures that should burn off anytime now as the daytime highs are expected to hit 60 degrees by the middle of next week and overnight lows just at or a bit above freezing.

Due to the skim ice not much fishing activity but expect fishing to be good for 10 to 12 inch fish using the usual baits, spinners and flies.

(Continued Below)


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (800-720-ODWF) ( reports:



Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open the Saturday of Memorial weekend.


Wiggin’s Trading Post at Chilcoot (530-993-4683) reports:
Warmer weather is sure bringing in a nice crowd of fisherman. Over the weekend, we have had several good reports of the fishing up at the lake.
Last week it was reported that the dam was the hotspot where this week, we have heard very good feedback from anyone that has been fishing in the coves.
James, from Truckee caught two 16-17inch rainbows fly fishing by the boat ramp on a float tube. He was using green “wiggly tails”
March 8th, Isaiah from Reno and three friends caught 14 trout between the four of them each being 16-18inchs in length. They were fishing at Crystal Point using nightcrawlers.
With daylight savings time in effect we expect to have more fisherman with more reports as we gained that extra hour of sunlight and its beginning to look and feel a lot like spring!
Please call us for current lake conditions and updates on the fishing – Wiggin’s Trading Post (530) 993-4683.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open May 01, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Hot Creek 3/8/15

Fishing has picked up with the increased flows.

Midges are the most consistent hatch, with some BWO’s & small dark caddis now emerging. First generation adults are large and a huge part of the trout’s early spring diet.

High winged dark olive, or dun colored bodies #16/18 are good profiles.

Keep them well dressed to ride high in the foam.

PT’s & bird’s nest patterns are best for nymphs.

Small parachute midge or mayfly patterns used with a 10 foot leader are best for surface presentations when the fish are on the midges/or clusters.

There are a few sections that can be fished with a dry dropper nymph rig.

Small dead drifted Punk Perch, broken back zebras, small gillies, egg patterns, SJ worms, scuds, flashback PT’s, or assassin birds nest bead heads in #18 are good calls for the dropper. Size 18 or smaller crystal olive caddis larva or zebra midges are good calls as droppers.

This is a year around fishery with special regs in place.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Illipah is also ice free, water quality is good and fishing is fair to good.

Last Sunday saw approximately five inches of snow and as a result the shorelines and road are muddy and anglers should take care driving to the lake.

Best area seems to be where the stream enters the lake, though shore anglers are doing well along the western shore.

usual assortment of worms, artificial baits, spinners and lures should all work.

Fly rodders should be using wooly and seal buggers, hares ears, PT nymphs and copper Johns.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Jakes Creek has open water, but also some ice near where anglers can launch a boat, though that should disappear quickly with the warm weather. Last week, the water temperatures were in the low 40’s and fishing for trout was fair.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.

Closed. Will re-open July 15, 2015.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (800-720-ODWF) ( reports:\

The ocean is open for harvest of Dungeness crab.

Anglers continue to catch surf perch from the beaches near Bandon and Coos Bay.

The best fishing is usually on the incoming tide.

Sand shrimp is one of the best baits to use when fishing for surf perch.

Fishing for bottom fish, including rockfish and lingcod is open to all depths.

The marine fish daily bag limit is seven fish and a separate daily limit for lingcod (two). Starting on January 15 anglers will only be able to keep 3 blue rockfish as part of their daily limit and there will be no harvest of China, quillback, or copper rockfish.

Sometime in March, once a parallel federal rule is adopted, ODFW will announce anglers can retain one canary rockfish as part of the marine fish daily bag limit.

Retention of cabezon is not allowed Jan. 1 – June 30.

To help anglers identify common species and comply with the regulations, ODFW has produced several sheets of ID Tips for blue vs. black rockfish and for China, copper and quillback rockfish, as well as a handout titled “What Can I Keep, and How Many?” All are available on ODFW’s website.


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Upper Owens River

Wet wading type weather afternoon this weekend.

Sick warm for this time of year.

Numbers of smaller rainbows have picked up recently with a good showing of caddis, midge, and baetis adults popping after 2 pm.  

The larger migratory rainbows are very active on the warmer days, and can be found in the deeper pools and along the cut banks, or depressions.

Numbers have decreased recently as angling pressure has increased.

These fish will spook easily and a quiet approach is necessary to keep them in their nests.

Access is currently fine.

There will occasionally be some off colored water downstream from the confluences of Hot Creek, & the irrigation canals. This condition may occur when we get warmer air temps.

We have been having good success using Assassin’s, broken back tiger midges, SJ worms, crystal Vanderleeches, roe patterns. You will also want to have some smaller para-midge, high vis caddis, or BWO adults for the afternoon hatches.

The resident fish are responding to this on the warmer days.

Drifters guides use the “Four P’s” to consistently get on fish here. Position- Presentation-Persistence-Performance. Book a trip with us and we will teach you how to get these amazing fish.

Special angling regs in effect. 

Open year around upstream from the Benton Crossing Bridge.

Closed from the Bridge downstream to Crowley Lake until next season.

Middle Owens River:

Drifting has been good with water temps well above average.

Use smaller streamers like the original Drifters Punk Perch to fool the trout.

The P.P. is a “strymph” pattern.  It can be a streamer, or nymph imitating a small baitfish, or swimming type nymph, or pupa.  

I am seeing some little golden stoneflies, & large drake mayflies emerge already! The spring caddis have hatched early.  These are larger than their summer brethren. #14-16 profiles are good calls.  

Flows are currently around 75 CFS below the dam at Pleasant Valley.

Fishing is fair/very good from the footbridge at PV Campground downstream to the Five Bridges Crossing.

Access to this area while wading has never been easier.

Crowds have been huge on weekends.  

The cold water mayfly called the “blue winged olive” is now emerging in numbers consistently. The first generations are large for mayflies, and a mainstay in the trouts early spring diet. #16/18 BWO patterns are good profiles.

Nymphing with tandem rigs-properly weighted will get you into fish before the hatch. I suggest you use Flashback PT’s, Assassin birds nest, broken back midges, tiger midges, small gillies, crystal emergers, or chironomid pupa, olive crystal zebras, & caddis larvae (to imitate caddis larva & rock worms) below an Under-cator.

You can use dry/dropper bead head rigs for the warmer days working the tailouts of larger pools, & riffles.

Have some high vis para BWO’s, or hi-vis caddis for the uppers & keep them dressed with desiccant to suspend your bead head nymphs.

Stimulators are perfect stonefly imitations, & in smaller sizes are good calls for larger adult caddis profiles.

Guided drift boat trips are a great vehicle to reach the secluded, and less fished areas of the river. We have been logging excellent numbers of planted & holdover rainbows recently.

We predominantly fish streamers like Loebergs, Spruce-A-Bu’s, Punk Perch, Agent Orange, and Crystal Vanderleeches.

Using a light sinking tip line we position the boat upstream from the target water, casting about 35 feet down towards larger pools. We then insert the rod tips below the surface to get the streamers down without using excessive weight. Stripping the line in an erratic series of short and long pulls imitates the swimming motion of injured baitfish. The “dip & strip” technique is a fun way to get into numbers and large rainbows that hold in the lower sections of the river well below the wild trout section. Check out my “be the fly” video by clicking on the videos link at the top of the page to see how we do it.

This fishery remains open year around.

Special regs from the footbridge at Pleasant Valley campground to the fishing monument 4.7 miles downstream.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Anglers are finding some success at the upper marsh for panfish and catfish.

Mealworms or night crawlers below a bobber will catch fish.


Onion Valley Reservoir

Closed. Will re-open second Saturday in June, 2015.

Blue Lakes

Closed. Will re-open second Saturday in June, 2015.

Knott Creek Reservoir

Closed. Will re-open second Saturday in June, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Pleasant Valley Reservoir 3/8/15

There is a huge trout derby on the weekend of 3/13.

The good news is PV will be heavily planted for this event.

The level is 4379′, this is good to fish the transition area with dry/dropper rigs.

Be careful of the mud after it thaws.

The small river section has been best for numbers of smaller rainbows.

Forget fishing the river, or inlet if the hydro station is ramped up (this is uncommon during the winter/early spring, but can occur to flush ice from the huge aqueduct pipeline at times).  

Dry dropper combos using Stimulators, hi-vis para BWO’s or hi-vis caddis may be used as the upper fly-use crystal olive caddis larva, flashback PT’s, Assassins, broken back or crystal tiger & zebra midges as your dropper bead head nymph.

Tubing has not been so great as most of the biters are in the inlet section. If you do tube, I suggest you stay near the dam and use full sinking lines.

Streamers like Loebergs, Agent Orange, Crystal leeches, & Spruce-A-Bu’s will get you into some nice browns, & larger bows in the rez proper.

Use a full sinking line to get down to 10-15 feet quickly.

You can also fish “Crowley midge style” in the rez near the drop-offs.

Fish chironomid patterns below an Under-cator. Gillies, broken back midges, crystal emergers & pupa patterns.

Tiger & zebra midges are always a solid choice for your larva pattern.

This fishery is open year around.

The Gorge 3/8/15

Great place to go if you want to escape crowds.

Have those mayfly nymphs, & blue winged olive, & caddis adults handy.

The spring caddis are coming off early this year.

No snow or ice, trails are fine. This maybe the best dry fly fishery we have during the early spring months.

The Gorge could be classified as the true “tailwater” from Crowley Lake.

The fish here are all wild browns with a large one going 16 inches. Moderate/difficult hiking is required to access the more secluded sections. Rock hopping and bush whacking can be expected.

Dry/dropper bead head nymph combos work well in the deeper pools.

Use PT’s, Assassin birds nest, broken back midges, tiger midges, & crystal olive larva patterns as the nymphs.

Hi-vis para BWO’s, Stimulators, parachute midge adults, & elk caddis are good choices for your dry fly.

Pack in water , have cleated wading boots and a stout staff. 2-4wt. rods are perfect for this water.


A report that the “Fish Sniffer 2015 Spring Pyramid Fest” will be held on April 10-11-12 at Windless Bay, just north of Warrior Point.


Valarie Taylor of Crosby Lodge (775-476-0400) (

Good morning,

Fishing this week started out nice with a little bit of weather on the lake but has since slowed to almost a stop with the great weather this weekend.

Jeff Morris brought in the biggest fish so far this week fishing from shore at the North Nets using a ghost midge. 

His catch weighed in at 19 pounds, 4oz and 35in. 

The next biggest catch this week was also from Jeff, this time fishing from a boat at the North Nets using a frog flat fish.  This catch weighed in at 17 pounds, 4oz and 32.5in.

Totals for this week are:

(1) 19 lb

(1) 17 lb

(2) 16 lb

(1) 15 lb

(2) 14 lb

(1) 12 lb

(1) 11 lb

(5) 10 lb

Nine were from shore with all but two from the Nets. 

The two others were at the Willows and Monument Rock.

Boaters did well at Warrior Point and the Marina.

The popular lures this week seemed to be frog colors, black and metallics.

Talk to you soon,



Rob Anderson of (775-742-1754) reports:

March 9th

The fishing at Pyramid was all over the map last week. The storm that rolled through brought with it snow, sleet and rain along with wind and some great fishing. As the week went on the fishing slowed considerably.

By this past weekend, bright sunny days, no wind and a full moon all played a part in really tough fishing.

Weather plays a huge part in fishing at Pyramid Lake and this past week proved it once again even in the peak of the season.

The water temperatures in the lake are in the high 40’s with some warmer temps. in some of the shallow areas, especially in the afternoons.

More and more fish are starting to show up along most of the beaches around the lake to complete their yearly spawn.

Most of the females are still really “green” or not ready to spawn yet although it is evident that they are carrying eggs.

The males are getting their dark red color associated with this time of year.

There are a lot more summit lake strain fish being caught right now which has been normal for March and April for the past few years since the introduction of the Pilot Peak strain.

The coming weeks should be really good at the lake as more and more fish cruise into the shallows and the water continues to warm up.

Weather will continue to play a role in the fishing and the days when there is some wind on the water should continue to be the best.

On blue bird days fishing early or late when the sun is off the water can help some. With the water still in the 40’s the afternoons are probably your best bet.

For shooting head set ups White Ghost Beetles and Tadpoles are the way to go.

White Wooly Worms are also doing well.

Nymph rigs should be fished close to the bottom without dragging.

Albino Wino’s are tough to beat as a bottom fly and Black Maholo Nymphs for the top one.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Harrison Pass is open, but you did need 4WD after this most recent storm, but with 60 degree weather it should clear up quickly.

Fishing is still fair to good depending upon the day, the angler and where you are fishing along the collection ditch.

The go-to fly seems to be the hares ear, with the pheasant tail nymph and egg patterns close behind. Also wooly buggers and flies that have some red in them also seem to be working.

For spin fishermen the usual assortment of small spinners and minnow type lures are all effective here.

The ditch is artificial lures and flies only and wading is not allowed in the ditch.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

King Salmon closed. Will re-open July 16.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

Fly fishing:

As of  March 9, 2015 water flow is currently 3,250 CFS.
Lower Sacramento River fly fishing report – Rainbow trout fishing in the Redding area to Anderson area is fantastic!

Fishing daily, water is clear, and gorgeous weather.

With most days averaging up to 30 hook ups, a day, fishing for rainbows has been fantastic.
Working best are egg patterns. Weather is beautiful and warming mid- day, catching majority fish as day warms.
Drift  boats or Jet boats available. We cater to all levels of anglers.

Daily drifting Redding, California and Anderson, California.

Groups and Clubs welcome, we can accommodate ANY size group.


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

Road closed.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

March 9, 2015  Shasta Lake guided fishing

Northern California fishing Lake Shasta

Offer daily guided fishing on Lake Shasta.
atching Rainbow Trout and King salmon, trolling Shasta Lake main body, fish ranging in size 2 to 4 pound King salmon, up to  75 ft deep.
Catching limits of bass daily,
Spotted bass and Small mouth bass. We are catching bass along the banks and down 35 ft . Averaging 25 to 35 hook ups a day. Using spinner baits and crankbaits early morning, and using rubber worms the rest of the day, with mid-afternoons being the best as the day warms.
If you have any more questions or to book your
Northern California guided Lake Shasta fishing trip, please call us at 1-800-670-4448. 


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (800-720-ODWF) ( reports:

Most of the steelhead will be wild, therefore fishing will be primarily catch-and-release. Striped bass fishing will pick up as spring progresses.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Fishing is picking up at South Fork and anglers report fair to good luck catching fish ranging in size from 12 to 18 inches with a few coming in around 20.

Shore fishing has been good for the smaller fish as they are in the shallow warmer water. The larger fish seem to be holding a bit deeper.

Water temperatures are in the low 40’s, so don’t expect fishing to pick up too much until the water temperature approaches 50 degrees.

Areas that have been productive for trout include the main boat ramp cove, Tomera Cove, the bluffs below the east side campground and Jet Ski Beach.

Sherbet Power Bait or worms is what most anglers have been using with the Power Bait doing the best.

Flyrodders should be trying wooly buggers, seal buggers, hare’s ear nymphs and pheasant tail (PT) nymphs.

As the water starts to warm up, anglers should start trying chironomid patterns, though currently not much action is being seen with chironomids.

The lake was stocked with 10,000 fish on Thursday.


A continuing report of limits of average sized Mackinaw Trout being caught on silver flasher blades and minnows, trolled at depths of 100-300 feet on the west side of the lake near Homewood, California.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

March 8, 2015 Fishing report
Currently, Trinity River flows are as follows;  Currently 300 CFS.
We are fishing the Trinity River for steelhead currently, picking up  4 to 5 adult fish a day. Lots of half pounders now. Fishing from Roundhouse to Pigeon Point is best bet. Fly or Spin fishing are both productive.
Trinity River fishing is conveniently located 40 minutes West of Redding, CA  fishing from the town of Weaverville, California.


Rob Anderson of (775-742-1754) reports:

March 09th

The flows on the Truckee are creeping down some as the melt from the last couple of storms mellows out. There is still plenty of water from Boca Bridge down through Reno and the river is in great shape. It is clearing some as well.

This is a great time to be on the Truckee, especially on the Nevada side where the water is a little warmer.

NDOW has already started to stock the river near most of the parks in Reno.

The warmer weather we are expecting in the next few days should really help.

There has been a Baetis hatch on the lower river and fish are chowing on Baetis nymphs and dries. Late morning to mid afternoon has been the best time to be on the water as of late.

Nymphing is probably your best bet and as the water comes down it will for sure be the way to go.

Make sure you have some size 18 Baetis dries in case you run into a rising fish.

We still need lots of water and the river could be in for a long summer if we don’t get some water so fish the river now and cross your fingers.

Flows are: Town of Truckee 44 CFS, Boca Bridge 295 CFS, Farad 325 CFS, Reno 263 CFS and Vista 307 CFS.


Rob Anderson of (775-742-1754) reports:

March 09th

Flows have been flat lining at 157 CFS for a while now.

Access in not a problem and there is no snow on the road all the way to Stampede Reservoir.

157 CFS are great flows for the Little Truckee any time of year. At these flows fish are really spread out and can be found just about anywhere.

Side channels, eddies and seams are a really good area to look for fish as well as in deeper pools in slower water.

There is not much of a hatch but there are some Baetis around on cloudy days as well as Midges.

Nymphing with these patterns are the way to go with 5X tippet.

Keep an eye out midday for bugs hatching and have some dries ready to go.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


John and Carolyn Webb of the Virginia Lakes Resort (760-647-6484) ( report:

Have a great winter, and let’s pray for a lot of snow for water to refill all the reservoirs, lakes and streams with plenty for the ski resorts.
May you all have a Happy, Healthy 2015, see you on the water in late April!



The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009.

Launching is not possible right now.


Rob Anderson of (775-742-1754) reports:

March 09th

Flows are still very low at 22 CFS.

The warmer weather in the Bridgeport area has helped melt most of the ice around the banks of the East Walker and it is fishable but really low.

Fish are hanging out in the deeper pools and runs.

There has been some Baetis and Midges flying around in the afternoons, especially on cloudy days.

Nymphing with really small flies in size 18-20 is the way to go.

Make sure you are getting good dead drifts in some of the slower deeper water.

No need to get there too early so let the sun come out and warm things up a bit and fish in the afternoons.


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

East Walker River:

March 10, 2015 

Still only getting  a few reports from the EW each week, it’s warmed up a bit but the action has pretty much remained the same.

Most anglers are still reporting 2 to 4 fish per day, almost all of which are being caught on small midge patterns.

Water bumped up to 37 CFS for a few days but is back down to 22 CFS now.

A few things to remember while fishing the EW right now are to try to be very stealthy, with the low water you don’t want to spook those fish, also focus mainly on the deeper pools and slots where the fish will be hanging out.

The Nevada side of the river still seems to be fishing the best though the section from the bridge to Murphy’s Pond is producing a few fish as well.

Patterns to be packing down there include, flashback emerger, san juan worm, zebra midge, wd-40, pheasant tail and rainbow warrior.                     

Sceirine Ranch:

March 10, 2015

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch for the last several weeks though I’d expect the fishing to be about the same as the Rosachi section, just without any other possible competition! Give us a call if you want to hit up the private section!     

Hunewill Pond:

March 10, 2015

I went and checked out the pond a few days ago, unfortunately the drought has taken its toll on the pond this winter and it’s very low, too low to fish. There are some fish that are hanging in there so at this time we’re just waiting for some water to fill the pond up so we can get back to some good fishing! I’ll let you know when it’s ready to roll!!


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Flows back down to 22 CFS after a brief increase.

Blue winged olive mayflies are the hatch.  

This fishery is open year around with special regs in place.


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

March 10, 2015

We still haven’t talked to anyone who’s fished the West for the last several weeks, if anyone has any info we’d love to hear about it so we can pass it on!  


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Wild Horse Reservoir is completely ice free! This is the first time that this has happened in February that anyone locally can remember.

The lake is at approximately 18% capacity, but with the recent precipitation is rising a bit. Let the moisture keep coming.

Fishing has been slow with those catching fish using worms or Power Bait.

Anglers are also using a combination of worms with either corn or marshmallows with some success.

On Monday afternoon, surface water temps were hovering around 40 degrees.

Expect fishing to be fair for a bit until the water starts warming into the low 50’s, which with the current weather trends may be by early to mid March.

With the recent precipitation, expect the shorelines to be muddy, so driving to the water’s edge isn’t recommended.

Effective Sunday, March 1, 2015 the limits are back on at Wild Horse Reservoir. So make sure you check the 2015 Nevada Fishing Guide for current regulations and limits. NDOW biologists will re-evaluate the limits as conditions warrant.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Water is only about 10% of capacity and is covered with unsafe ice.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Wilson is close to spilling and should start spilling shortly.

The water here is turbid and expect fishing to be slow.

Fishing was slow to fair last fall and expect those conditions to continue until it is stocked later in the spring. While NDOW only stocked about 23,000 fish last year due to the low lake levels, expect that number to double this spring.

The road is in good condition.


Closed. Will re-open April 25, 2015.



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