Piñon Hills Elementary School Invention & Science Fair Winners Announced

Special to the Carson Valley Times

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Piñon Hills Elementary School recently hosted its annual Science Fair with students in grades K-6 entering more than 200 projects. Results were as follows:


Inventions going Western Regionals

Brom Shindler

Brody Fontenot

Tanis Degenhart

Phoenix Burke

Jace DesJardins

Claire Kuhlmann

Samuel Gaskell

Colton Chamness

Aaron Goff

Faith Marshall

Wade Kuhlmann

Makena Spohr

Matthew Gaskell

Madeline Wolz

Cuinn Doherty

Harrison Morris

Tyler Gunderson


Grade Level Winners Science Fair Project

K Madeline Francis

1st Sophie Du Pont Moore

2nd Kylie Morgan

3rd Samantha Nothum

4th Kai Subith

5th Marin Collins

6th Austin Sullivan


Science Projects going to Regional Fair

Austin Sullivan

Marin Collins

Chloe Stein

Joseph Yankoskie

Amanda Thurston

Sarah Gardner

Niko Hight

Sydney Hasting

Thomas Alexander

Izzy Ristine

Azlyn Ristine

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