Infrastructure, County Connectivity, Recycling Emphasized in Douglas County Strategic Goals


by Melissa Blosser, Douglas County Community Relations

 Christine Vuletich, and Marcie Schurke pictured revealing results to the Board of County Commissioners

Christine Vuletich, and Marcie Schurke pictured revealing results to the Board of County Commissioners

February 24, 2015. Minden, Nevada. Each year the Board of County Commissioners meet to review and discuss strategic goals for Douglas County.  The strategic goals document is a living, breathing document used to outline priorities and areas of focus for the County. Results from “Manage the County’s Checkbook,” an exercise conducted in November of 2014 used to collect public input on budget priorities, were reviewed and considered in the development of the strategic goals.

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The results of “Manage the County’s Checkbook” were presented to the Commission by the Douglas County Finance Department.  The exercise resulted in 46% new participants and a satisfaction rating of 75%.   Infrastructure was rated as the highest invested priority with the most money allocated to maintenance of streets, sidewalks and trails.


“We were pleased with receiving an increase in participation by our citizens,” said Christine Vuletich, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant County Manager. “We do value the opinions of the citizens and the information is passed on to the Commission to help with prioritizing.”


The County’s strategic goals were modified with an emphasis on Infrastructure and the addition of the Countywide Connectivity Project, advocating for the educational assets of the County including the public library and local colleges, initiation of a Countywide recycling program, and the addition of a new category called “Organizational Sustainability.”


With priorities and goals set in place, the County is now moving into developing the budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Douglas County will continue with its nationally recognized practice of Priority Based Budgeting.


“The Commission did take the results from ‘Manage the County’s Checkbook’ and what was voiced by the citizens into account,” said Chairman to the Board, Doug N. Johnson. “The commission values this process and it is great that we have an interactive venue to collect public input and engage them in part of this process.”


Results from Manage the County’s Checkbook and the newest version of the Strategic Goals 2015-2016 can be found at:


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