Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Death Threat Phone Calls

by Sgt. Pat Brooks, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

MINDEN, Nev., Feb. 3, 2015  – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has responded to several calls where a male with a Hispanic accent threatens to kill a female if monies are not sent to him.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating three calls where a female in the back ground is heard screaming and a male is asking for $50,000 to be sent to him or he will put a bullet in the female’s head.

On two calls the male told the victim that he had their daughter. As patrol units arrived at the victim’s residence, contact was made with both of the victim’s daughters and confirmed they were not in harm’s way.

The male has identified himself as Omar Nava Guerro, and uses a phone that shows “private caller” on caller id. At this time, we believe the calls are originating from Mexico City, but that has not been confirmed.

The Sheriff’s office is asking the public if you receive a call in this nature, not to send money, but contact the sheriff’s office and file a report.



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