Douglas County Court Officials Attend National Conference On Electronic Filing

Courtesy of Douglas County Judicial Services

MINDEN, Nev., February 3, 2015 — Douglas County District Judge Tod Young and a team of judicial services officials recently attended a national conference in Las Vegas on modern courtrooms and electronic document management.
Accompanying Young to the three-day conference in December were Bobbie Williams, court administrator; Karen Giovannoni, court operations specialist Tahoe Justice Court; Theresa Schultz, court operations specialist, East Fork Justice Court; and Alan Bates, judicial services information technology manager.
The conference, e-Courts 2014, was sponsored by the National Center for State Courts.
“Courts across the state and country are moving in the direction of electronic filing,” Young said. “Courtroom technology is progressing at an explosive rate. While it’s not important that we adopt all measures, it is important the judges and court personnel understand what our options are, and we look to the future of new ways to serve the public efficiently.”
Topics included document management, workflow, implementing mobile technologies, digital preservation, cybersecurity, networking and jury management.


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“It was an opportunity for us to hear what courts around the nation are doing,” Williams said. “We could learn what’s working and what’s not working in regards to electronic filing.”

The goal of the conference was to help courts manage documents securely and, at the same time, provide access to public records and streamline the judicial process for the public.
Williams said Douglas County has made great progress toward reorganizing its judicial system with a goal of uniform case management, public access, records management, staff development, and technology advancement that will increase cost savings to the taxpayers of Douglas County.
“Much of the conference had to with being efficient public servants,” Young said. “It was well worth the time for me and our court personnel to educate ourselves in these issues. If we understand the technology, we can make better decisions about how we modernize the court system.”



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