A Paws For Tails With Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada: Dec. 1

Kathy Givens
Kathy Givens

by Kathy Givens, Australian Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada

Dear Friend and Adopter:

2014 started out with a bang!  The last of 22 pups were adopted.  Their mothers now getting the proper attention due them were all spayed and adopted, never to know being homeless and pregnant again.  Jewel was one of those moms.  She was named due to her sweet essence and brought us not only an adoptee, but a wonderful couple who live nearby and have been immeasurable help to us.

Never getting satisfaction of my 1st ankle and leg surgery, I opted for a second surgery which landed me back in a wheel chair in September.  Not a good set up for rescuing dogs, so I was especially thankful of all the volunteer help we received to continue to help these dogs.

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This year we entered into Australian Cattle dogs, 3 to be exact, all with stellar personalities, Cowboy, Austin and Spencer.

Sundance, a gorgeous red Aussie purposely failed an interview with a prospective adoptee, to wait for the man who saw him 1st and was hoping to hear by the end of the day if Sundance was still available.  Being reunited with his 1st prospective adoptee was like watching 2 army buddies seeing each other after the war ended.  Warmed the heart!

Hawkins, a lovely Border Collie with seizures landed an awesome home after many trips to the vet for blood work etc.

Winning the prize for the most adventurous were 3 renegades named Lobo and his companions Lewis and Clark.  These 3 were on chains most of their lives.  A neighbor noticing their lack of care in the summer heat alerted us to their plight and with encouragement to their owner to give up these dogs and put it in writing; they came into our rescue and stole our hearts.  The first few weeks we chased them in cars all over the neighborhood in the early morning hours.  What was supposed to be exercise time in the yard turned into a marathon!  Who could blame them?  This was freedom they were never offered.

Casey and Abby were 2 papered Australian Shepherds whose owner passed away.  A family member was notified and they found their way to our facility.  Casey was 100 lbs. when the vet neutered him.  He is on doggy Jenny Craig now in his new home.  My husband drove Abby to her new home in Oregon.

Last and certainly not least is Natty, a purebred Border Collie who was dumped pregnant in 6 mile canyon in the Virginia City area. She gave birth here and when the pups were 3 weeks old, the lovely and helpful couple I mentioned earlier took them to their house while I was in the hospital.  During my convalescence they were cared for and eventually adopted.  Natty went to a wonderful home in Nor. Cal that took a blind senior Border Collie from us 3 years ago.  Natty will be his Seeing Eye dog!

All the above mentioned animals are just a drop in the bucket to our year’s efforts.  To give the world a companion that’s fully vetted and trained takes tons of hours and many dollars.  We hope you love your rescued dog and can find it in your heart to consider a tax exempt donation to help grease the wheels of our never ending rescue machine!!

Thank you in advance,

Kathy and Mike Givens

And ABC Rescue


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