Nevada Department of Transportation Kingsbury Grade Project Substantially Completes One Year Ahead of Schedule

by Meg Ragonese, Nevada Department of Transportation

Construction Work Substantially Completed This Week; Major Work Will Not Continue Next Season as Originally Scheduled


     CARSON CITY, Nev., November 20, 2014  –  The Nevada Department of Transportation is announcing that a project to repave and enhance Kingsbury Grade (State Route 207) will substantially complete one season ahead of schedule. Major work on the project, originally scheduled to continue through next summer, has substantially completed this week.


Since the project’s start in May, nearly four miles of roadway were reconstructed, including excavation of approximately 24,000 cubic yards of old road and placement of 24,000 tons of new asphalt. More than 6,000 linear feet of storm drain pipe, 3,300 linear feet of sidewalk and 8,700 linear feet of curb and gutter were also installed as one part of the project’s safety, accessibility and drainage improvements.


To help expedite project work, two closures to through traffic took place: one in May and one in September/early October. By limiting the amount of traffic on Kingsbury Grade, crews were able to increase the amount of work they were able to complete.


“These traffic closures helped us complete work in half the time we would otherwise be able to,” NDOT Project Manager Pedro Rodriguez explained. “We know that a traffic closure like this impacts drivers and residents, and we want to thank each and every Kingsbury Grade motorist, resident and business, and the entire Tahoe and Carson Valley communities, for their understanding. The professional, expeditious work of the contractor, Q&D Construction, and the understanding of the community truly led this to be a successful project. Thanks to the community’s understanding, we have been able to complete this project ahead of schedule!”


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     The project also utilized the Construction Manager at Risk process, which brings project designers and contractors together from the very start of the project with the goal of completing it more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


The approximately $15 million project reconstructed pavement on portions of Kingsbury Grade to a 13-inch depth, which will help prevent continuing pavement deterioration from natural springs below the roadway. The project also made drainage, safety, curb and gutter, sidewalk, lighting and other improvements.


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