A Paws For Tails With Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada: Oct. 7

By Kathy Givens, Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada

Kathy Givens

This fall we are welcoming a litter of pups. Their mom is a beautiful purebred Border Collie with a sweet and gentle disposition. Natty was found dumped in a canyon and we have found her to be an outstanding dog. She has bee a great mother and she and her pups are well cared for. They will be ready for adoption on October 19th and can be seen at our website aussiebcrescue.com or on our ABC Rescue
Facebook page.

Our available adoptable adult dogs are an exceptional bunch.

Malcolm, the Aussie/Border Collie is a very well trained beautiful boy of 6 years going on 2.

Bambi, a female purebred Border Collie was almost bald with flea allergies. She has almost all her hair back now with a few medicated baths and a simple dose of Frontline. Bambi is a good team player and all around good dog.

Casey, a blue merle papered Australian Shepherd is a gentle giant. His owner passed away and this sweet boy is now on a regimen of good food and exercise to slim down and become the gorgeous specimen he is.

Darwin is a 12 pound Pomeranian X Sheltie mix. He is very cute, gets along with other dogs, loves kids, and tolerates cats. He was afraid of the shelter workers and that gets you on the euthanizing list, so we went to “bail” him out. Turns out he is a great dog.

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  Most dogs like Darwin are fearful in a noisy, cold shelter. Nine times out of ten, once out of that environment they are nice dogs and, after a few days in a positive environment, they blossom. Unfortunately this is a chance many don’t get.

Recently I have been notified by the D.A. of Douglas County that someone photographed my backyard and caught more than the 3 allowed dogs. I am awaiting a court date to file in and take my punishment along with the drug traffickers, thieves and felons.

Finally, there are 7 sweet pups needing homes, so visit us at aussiebcrescue.com.

Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die!


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One thought on “A Paws For Tails With Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada: Oct. 7

  1. ABC is a tightly run ship. Kathy and her husband perform a necessary service for both dogs and people. We have adopted two dogs over the years from ABC, and we have adored both of our girls. I hope she can continue to save these beautiful, wonderful companions for many years to come.

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