A Paws for Tails with Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada: June 20


A Paws for Tails: June 20

By Kathy Givens, Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada

Kathy Givens
Kathy Givens

Summer is almost here. The weekend of June 21-22 assures a great time at Fuji Park watching Australian Shepherds strut their stuff. Admission is free.

Dogs needing rescue has reached an all-time high this season. Most of the dogs we have are very high drive and keen. It is easy to see why they failed as pets.

The mantra here is “They need a job!”


Sitting in the back yard for hours is not sufficient stimulus.

Annie, a female Border Collie sprang from the crate upon her arrival from her home in Winnemucca with a senior woman.

This dog is high drive and a gifted herder and was just in the wrong home.

We chased her in our neighborhood for a week when finally, exhausted and hungry, we were able to lay in a field she had made her home and coax her with sweet words.

Since then, her transformation has been amazing. She managed her first camping trip with other dogs just fine. We don’t know how we will ever place her elsewhere as she is terribly bonded to us now and we understand her quirks.

We now are offering boarding and enjoying the reunion of the many dogs we have placed in homes.

In closing, please don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to spay and neuter their pets.

If you’re looking for a dog for yourself, or for more information, check my website, http://www.aussiebordercollierescue.com/ or visit our facebook page at ABC Rescue.



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