Good Morning, Carson Valley: June 17



Morning News Roundup

by Joey Crandall,

For the time being, the weather has stopped serving up Red Flag Warnings, meaning we’re looking at light winds throughout the day, which will be coupled with a high of only 67 degrees.

It’ll climb back into the low 80s by the weekend, but there it should stay at least through the early part of next week.

That’ll give me a chance to climb up and re-focus the mountain web cam, which came up with some potentially great shots Monday, but, well, you see what happened:

loadgrab061714 loadgrab061714a

(Continued Below)


We’ll try to get that figured out today at some point.

The Esmeralda Farmers Market is today, beginning at 4 p.m. in downtown Minden.

That’s a full lid for this morning. Take care out there and have a great day.


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