2014 Primary Election results: Wheeler defeats Reedy in Douglas; Pierini and Brady outdistance Gyll



Primary Election Results

Staff Reports

Jim Wheeler defeats Robin Reedy ( 62.30 to 37.70 percent of the vote) in the Douglas County portion of the Assembly District 39 primary. Sheriff Ron Pierini (69.36) and David Brady (20.67) advanced over Michael Gyll (9.97) in the race for Sheriff.

9,268 voters – 6,626 Republicans, 1,754 Democrats and 888 non-partisan – turned out for the primaries,  accounting for 32.83 percent of the registered voters within the county.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval carried Douglas County with 92.43 percent of the vote in the Governor’s race. Mark Hutchison won 60.07 percent of the vote in the county for Lieutenant Governor’s race over Sue Lowden (29.19 percent).

Brian Dempsey won the county in the Democratic race with 37.03 percent of the vote – edging out Kristen Spees who had 35.50 percent of the vote.

The Democrats also favored “None of these candidates” to the tune of 37.02 percent of the vote in the race for Governor.

Lucy Flores easily took the county with 67.43 perecent of the vote in the Democratic Lieutenant Governor’s race.

Ron Knecht won the Republican race in the county for State Controller with 72.89 percent of the vote. Tod Young (District Judge Dept. 1), Michael Gibbons (District Judge Dept. 2), Robbe Lehmann (School Board Area 2), Thomas Moore (School Board Area 6) and Ross Chichester (School Board Area 7) were all unopposed.



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