Barton campuses go smoke-free together

Courtesy of Barton Health

Effective April 1, all Barton Health facilities and grounds are now 100% smoke-free. Barton has joined hospital and healthcare facilities across the nation in this action to promote a healthy environment.

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The smoking and tobacco ban includes all Barton Health facilities, parking lots, grounds, and Barton Memorial Hospital.  All patients, visitors, medical staff, vendors, and employees will not be allowed to smoke at Barton.  This includes the use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana smoking, and smoke-free tobacco products such as chewing tobacco.

To celebrate going smoke-free, Barton employees and physicians will pick up cigarette butts and other refuse around the Barton grounds when the snow clears.   Clean Tahoe has provided bags, gloves, and trash grabbers.

“We see Barton’s decision to go smoke-free as a community effort.  The hope is to provide everyone with a healthy and safe environment,” says Dr. Clint Purvance, Barton’s Chief Medical Officer.  “It also shows our commitment to wellness and disease prevention for our patients, staff, and community.”

To inform the public of this change, Barton has posted signage and flyers in and around the hospital and physician offices.   Mint stations were set up to encourage people who smoke to find alternatives and “Enjoy a Breath of Fresh Air.” Nicorette gum and nicotine patches will be available for purchase in the Hospital gift shop.

“Though smoke-free campus initiatives are not new, we hope our community neighbors and organizations will join us in creating a smoke-free environment,” Dr. Purvance adds.  “Smoking rates are significantly higher on the South Shore and we see going smoke-free as an opportunity to make a difference and improve the health of our community.”

Barton Health provides smoking cessation clinics to help people kick the habit.  The next series starts on Thursday, April 3.  It runs for seven weeks and the course prepares participants for their quit day in the middle of the program. The class will run from 7:30 to 9:30pm and is open to employees and the public.  For more information, visit or call Gina Morros at (530) 543-5882.



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