A Paws for Tails with Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada

By Kathy Givens with Cynthia Kennedy, www.aussiebcrescue.com

Hello! I’m very grateful to be given this space to share with you the latest “tails” from Australian Shepherd Border Collie Rescue of Northern Nevada (ABC Rescue). Before I get started on my inaugural column, you should know a little bit about ABC Rescue. In 2000, I moved here from Oregon and noticed the huge numbers of Border Collies and Australian Shepherds in the local shelters.

Kathy Givens
Kathy Givens

The Border Collies were fall-out from the popularity of the movie “Babe,” and also the result of indiscriminate breeding of dogs for ranch work, that flunked out as apartment dwellers.

The Aussies were plentiful probably because they’re the cutest puppies, that grow into such beautiful dogs, but like Border Collies, need a job. Over the past 13 years, with the help of a group of devoted foster families, and other generous volunteers, ABC has rescued and placed over a thousand unwanted dogs!

Might as well be called Kathy Puppins!

We have started off 2014 in a BIG way! My garage has been a maternity ward for some time, and right now it’s wall-to-wall x-pens and dog runs with TWENTY TWO puppies. In December, in the middle of the bad storms, I got a call about a Border Collie girl who’d been taken in by animal control. She immediately laid down and whelped nine puppies on the cold concrete in the snow. The pound had no room for her or her puppies. Would I take her? “Asia” was the first, followed by two other girls from California pounds, who would have taken the “long walk” if I hadn’t found room for them. “Noel” is a little charmer, with an ear that goes this way, and another ear, that way. Makes her even cuter. She’s the result of a mixed marriage, a Border Collie, possibly/probably with a Corgi. Sounds dreadful on paper, but in person a combination of Whoopi Goldberg and Tinkerbell. She gave us another six puppies on Christmas Eve. Then, there’s the third girl (There’s always room at this inn!). Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how “Jewel” felt about being sprung from death row and given a warm nest, and affection.

She grew larger day by day until I thought she was going to burst. Finally, this past week, she presented us with another nine puppies. The mothers have been doing a good job, but now the first two litters are ready to transition to gruel. Do you know what it looks like when 15 puppies eat farina three  times a day? Cereal is EVERYWHERE.

People have been great and flocked to our website and facebook page to see the puppies, and most of Asia’s litter has been placed. We can always use towels, puppy food, and puppy pads for the nursery, though.

In the midst of puppies everywhere, a few adult dogs have come in who would make excellent family pets. Puppies are cute, but a lot of work and responsibility. Right now we have three young, male dogs who would love to be your best friend. “Rudy” is a red merle Australian Shepherd who’s just waiting to recover from neutering before he can go home with a new family.


“Hawkins” is a black and white, prick-eared, short haired Border Collie that has that classic look and intellect. Want a devoted pal? “Forrest” is a red, lab/aussie mix, and at eight years old will fit right in with just about any household.


A Dog is a Fur-Ever Responsibility!

Every adoption through ABC Rescue is thoroughly verified. Besides evaluating the dog’s personality, making sure it’s healthy, current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered, we also evaluate the prospective owner. We want to be sure the dog and owner are going to be happy and a perfect match for each other. Because these herding breeds need something to do, we greatly encourage adopters to get involved in training their dog, whether for practical obedience or for competition.

These dogs also love agility. Carson Canine Academy (580 Mallory Way, 882-7297), is a place we always recommend for local training. I just completed two semesters in puppy training with my “Jagger,” and couldn’t be more pleased. They’re starting their new classes for the year, so take a look if you’d like to start an adventure with your dog! http://carsoncanineadventures.com

A Friend in Need

ABC Rescue couldn’t be successful without a lot of help. Over the years, Lee Jackson has given us a hand so many times. She was a Veterinary Technician at V&T Vet Clinic, at 2230 S Carson St., in Carson City. Back in October, she had a routine operation that went awry. Lee was in the hospital for months and her bills skyrocketed. A dear friend saw this crisis and donated a 52″ big screen TV to be raffled for Lee. Do you need a TV? Even if you don’t, you know someone who does. Please stop by V&T Vet Clinic and purchase a few raffle tickets.

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