The Season: Episode 3


by Joey Crandall,

For the 2013-14 season, the Douglas girls basketball program has given the Carson Valley Times behind-the scenes access to the varsity team.

We’ll document the entire season in weekly installments that won’t necessarily appear in linear or timely relation to the actual season.

We’ll also post regular updates with scores and stats on the games the team is playing during the year. This particular feature, though, is meant more to document everything that happens outside of the 32 minutes every other night that the general public gets to see the team playing on the court.

We’ll tell parts of the story in video episodes, parts in photo essay form and parts in good old-fashioned text.

We hope you enjoy this feature. Our goal is to undertake a similar project for at least one extracurricular activity every school year.

For all of the time in practice, it boils down to 32 minutes of actual real-time gameplay – the first of which count toward the playoff standings for the Douglas girls basketball team.

The practice prior to a game plays out exactly like the game will, right down to how pre-game warm-ups are conducted. Coaches deliver the scouting report and gameplan for the following day after warmups and the practice is spent working on the actual plays.

After halftime of the junior varsity game, the varsity team – already in full uniform – heads to the meeting room to go back over the details of its gameplan. By the time the night is over, they’ll have spent more time in that meeting room than will have elapsed on the actual game clock.

The attention to detail, though, paid off as Douglas was able to pivot in and out of different defensive sets en route to holding its opening night opponent to 20 points.

The up-tempo style of play, and the Lady Tigers’ peak condition, also wore Spanish Springs down as the game went on.


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