Commissioner’s Corner: Previewing the Dec. 19 Douglas County Board of Commissioners meeting

by Douglas County Commissioner Lee Bonner

Editor’s Note: A regular update of Douglas County commission meeting items. This is the sole opinion of one commissioner and not to be taken as the opinion of the whole board of commissioners.

Douglas County Commissioner Lee Bonner

The next meeting of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will be on December 19 at Lake Tahoe with a rather light agenda.  Below is an overview of what we will discuss.  Not all the items on the agenda are mentioned here and if you would like to see all items, visit this link.

On the consent calendar are a few items of interest:

Our Weed Control Department has been asked to provide services to NDOT at a price of $150,000.  This department has done a great job and is recognized as the leader in this area.

South Tahoe Refuse Co is asking to increase rates by 2.73% which is allowed according to their contract.

On the administrative agenda are the following items of interest:

A presentation of the Sage Grouse issue which could hamper our county if the bird is listed as endangered.  This is a critical issue and following the meeting I will provide an update on the message and its impact. This will be followed by discussion of letters to the impact of this listing on our county and region.

We will look at the approval of allowing Clear Creek to connect to Carson City for wastewater, which was discussed at the last meeting.

The Cave Rock Water System is also up for discussion on the rehabilitation of the water tank which will require alternative fire suppression measures to be taken and there will be a cost associated that could total $16,000 if the staff recommended solution is agreed to.  Other options are available.

Lake Tahoe residents are being asked to change their refuse pick up options by limiting the weight of the tote bags, reducing on call service and reducing the size of the containers used.

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