From the Experts: Shared abundance for the Sierra region

Editor’s Note: This is the latest in a continuing series from Valley and regional professionals offering tips on their trade. Do you have an area of expertise that you’d like to share with our readership? The range of topics is essentially endless, whether it be home improvement or automotive, or even cooking or sewing. E-mail if you are interested. Today’s installment comes from Robert C Hooper of the Northern Nevada Development Authority.

By Robert C Hooper, Northern Nevada Development Authority

We all grew up learning to share with each other and with most things in life, some learn better than others.  It’s with this thought in mind that we reflect on the idea of shared abundance.

Robert C Hopper
Robert C Hopper

First, we all need to focus on the many things we have to be thankful for. We have been blessed with great richness here. The wonderful lifestyle we have is hard to be critical of. Our communities have leaders who care about our collective future. Volunteerism is more widespread and effective here than in most places. Our Education System is top notch and our kids are getting the benefits of leading teachers and college/career head starts. Our faith-based community is active, well supported and collectively add tremendous value through their outreach programs to support spirit, mind and body. And let’s not forget clean air, great water and superior locally grown organic foods.

So in the midst of political wrangling, and name calling and all the noise that goes along with it, don’t be misled. Life here in the Sierra Region is fantastic. We are blessed and we should refrain from the whining and complaining we hear from the media and focus on the first order of our business; Be thankful for what we have been given. We are blessed.

Secondly, with a recognition of our blessings that have led to an abundance of physical and spiritual gifts, we should all find more ways to share that abundance. Just as the Pilgrims who started the Thanksgiving tradition, the best way to say thank you for your blessings, is to share them.

This is a lot about doing things for the right reasons!

In Economic Development this is especially important. When I became the executive director of NNDA five years ago, I saw this as the most important issue we had. The efforts had become stale and non-productive and they were led by a motivation that was not conducive to success. It was the answer to “Why do we do economic development?” that seemed to be the culprit. No matter how many ways I asked that question, the answer always seemed to come back to “what is in it for me?” This, in my opinion, reflected the heart of the problem. When everybody is only worried about their own personal interests the result is a stalemate. Everybody cancels everybody else out, all trying to only help themselves.

Interestingly, when I spoke with one individual about this, I found within them a different desire. Most folks really don’t look at life that way. They ascribe to a different view. One I like to define as shared abundance. It is not about “what is in it for me”. It is about “what’s in it for our kids, our grandkids, and the future of our community.” It is about the greater good of creating prosperity for all. The rising tide that floats all boats. This is the right approach that sets the best culture for success.

I challenge all of us to think even deeper about how we are motivated. About how we are inter-connected to our region. Think, appreciate and give thanks. And then, most importantly, share. Be involved and open up your time and treasure to support our collective future. In so doing, I am convinced that the future blessings will be multiplied to you and to us all.

The Sierra Region of Nevada is already a shining example across this country of a region that has worked together and has found impressive ways to improve its economy and all of its many community support systems. Never think for a moment that we live here in a vacuum.  People around the country are impressed by our philosophy, progress, and culture that lives in our actions. Actions do speak louder than words.

Be proud Nevadans. The Sierra Region is working towards and achieving a better future. More abundance, a more thankful heart and the active sharing of our abundance. 

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