So what now?

Vacant Scolari’s space to be broken up into 3 units, tenants to be named later

Workers take down the Scolari's Food & Drug sign Monday afternoon.
Workers take down the Scolari’s Food & Drug sign Monday afternoon.

by Joey Crandall,

The closure of Scolari’s Food & Drug in Gardnerville on Friday left a gaping wide hole in the Carson Valley Fair shopping center that is also home to numerous restaurants and shops, not to mention Rite Aid Pharmacy.

The vacancy has opened up the Gardnerville rumor vacuum with names like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods starting to be thrown around with vigor.

Well, you can count those three out. And probably any grocer for that matter.

“I think a lot of that is wishful thinking,” said Dick Silvera of Silvera Commercial Real Estate, which handles the commercial spaces in the shopping center. “I’ve heard just about everyone in the whole world who people think should move in there.

“Of course, those are companies we’d love to have, but we are an awfully small market here. It’d be very hard to attract a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods or a big national company like that. There are only so many dollars to be spent out there, and I think right now a grocery store just is not feasible.”

Indeed, Silvera said he isn’t looking for any one company to fill the 40,000-some-odd square feet vacated by Scolari’s.

Matter of fact, he’s looking for three. And he’s already found the first, with another in negotiations for the second.

(UPDATE: The Record-Courier reported Dec. 11 that Grocery Outlet bargain market and Bealls department store have submitted design review plans to the county for two of the vacant spaces.)

“The Scolari’s space is just way too big, basically,” he said. “We are going to break it up into three pieces.”

Scolari’s has the balance of December to move its substantial volume of equipment and fixtures from the site. Work on splitting the store into three units will start at the first of the year.

“It’ll move pretty quickly,” Silvera said. “We have 22,000 square feet already under lease and we’re negotiating on another 18,000-square-foot unit. We’ll probably know on that space by the end of this month. That’ll leave me with about 10,000 more square feet still to lease, and at this time, no one is looking at that.”

Silvera said he could not comment on what business, or what type of business has signed the lease, or what business or type of business is negotiating for the second space.

“All the current tenants over there have called and everyone was worried that it would go dark and stay dark for a long time,” he said. “That’s not the case. We’re hoping to have these two up and running by late spring or early summer.”

Scolari’s closed on Friday after 23 year of business. It had been the anchor store of the Carson Valley Fair since it was first built.

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