Good Morning, Carson Valley: Nov. 19

Photo courtesy of Michael Chapton
Photo courtesy of Michael Chapton

by Joey Crandall,

Well, we have your Douglas High varsity basketball teams for 2013-14: Announced late last night, the boys squad this year includes Sam Broersma, Joe Caranza, Austin Evans, James Herrick, Michael Johnson, Pat Johnson, Zach Kellar, Connor Lyons, Trey Mauer, AJ Pfaffenberger, Tay Simms, Brandon Sweetland, Alex Tessman, Jaden Wass and Jake Werth.

For anyone counting, that is seven returnees from last year’s Sierra League championship team and eight newcomers.

The girls team brings back nine players from last year’s playoff qualifier that took Reed to overtime in the first round, including Kassidy Freitas, McKenna Kynett, Maddy Lowe, Katie McCullough, Corryne Millett, Leonna Mortimer, Madison Ryan, Kelly Sonnemann and Mandy Weaver. Newcomers are Shayla Gransbery, Alyssa Holley and Jessie Jim.

We got good news this morning when Google informed us that the Carson Valley Times’ application to be listed among their news agencies utilized for their news searches has been accepted. This was a somewhat surprisingly involved process, but within the next few days, our stories should start appearing in the Google News section for anyone searching about Carson Valley.

Rain is still in the forecast for the next few days, with a 30 percent chance today followed by a 50 percent chance Wednesday and Thursday. Look for a high in the mid-50s today.

That’s a full lid for this morning. Take care out there and have a great day!

Here’s one more photo of last night’s sunset from Michael Chapton:

Photo courtesy of Michael Chapton
Photo courtesy of Michael Chapton

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