Good Morning, Carson Valley: Nov. 14

Photo courtesy of Brad Cockman/ A bear cub at Taylor Creek, playing shy with the camera
Photo courtesy of Brad Cockman/
A bear cub at Taylor Creek, playing shy with the camera

by Joey Crandall,

I missed yesterday morning as I was busy putting together the story on the impending demolition on the East Fork Hotel. Our sourcing there is solid, albeit off-the-record, and the announcement of the Picon Facebook group’s planned celebration was the first public offering we could hang the story on. The building will be torn down at some point in the near future. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any further details, including what will become of the property next in terms of development.

This comment, from Jonni Hill, sums it up pretty well: “After finding out what the issues are with trying to save this historic building, there comes a time when even the most historic needs to come to an end…had it been something maintained and cared for through its generations, then restoration would be a possibility but the East Fork Hotel has gone beyond hope of restoration…it would have to be rebuilt from the basement up…it is time to say good-bye to a grand lady and send her off with a very fond farewell…hopefully what is built in her place will be loyal to the edifice that it will replace.”

I had the privilege of speaking to the Kiwanis Club of Carson Valley this morning to share what we’re up to over here at CVT. I can’t thank them enough, both for the opportunity and for their patience in sitting though my oftentimes wavy-armed and wild-eyed rambling.

We have another busy day coming up on the content side of things, including some great community-generated features. This is something important to relay: If you have something you’d like to submit for publication on our site – whether it be a press release, a funny or interesting story from your time living here, a full-blown feature article or even a short story or poem, please feel free to pass it along. That’s one of our very basic purposes: To give you a venue to share your story. While we gladly welcome your incredible photos, your prose is just as valued! The e-mail is always open:

On the weather front, look for a high of 64 today, dropping to 41 tomorrow. There appears to be some sort of precipitation on the way, though to what degree, form or time, no one can really seem to agree on. Reno stations say to start looking for it tonight. National Weather Service says to look for it on Saturday. I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s a full lid for this morning. Take care out there and have a great day!

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