Bellator Firearms Training open in Minden

Jackie Lima at the Douglas County Shooting Range.
Jackie Lima at the Douglas County Shooting Range.

by Joey Crandall,

Jackie Lima makes clear distinctions when introducing her business.

She’s not a shooting instructor, she’s a fighting instructor. And she doesn’t work with guns, she works with tools.

“Anyone can own a gun and fire it,” Lima said. “I teach the proper mindset to be able to fire that gun. My focus is on people realizing the gravity of what they are holding. Realizing the ramifications and responsibilities.”

Lima recently opened Bellator Firearms Training in Carson Valley as a venue she hoped women would be drawn to for learning basic self-defense tactics.

“I focus on empowering women and encouraging them to be able to protect themselves,” Lima said. “I focus heavily on the teaching side, helping people be aware of what could happen. I work with children too. I want them to be aware that this isn’t what they see in the movies or in their Call of Duty games.

“You see the real life consequences every day, the potential to injure. That’s something I talk a lot about, no matter how much you trust your kids, you keep your guns locked up. Kids can’t handle emotions as well as an adult. There are just a lot of precautionary measures you can take that we go over.”

Lima, a military veteran, is an NRA certified instructor and Gunsite alumni. She offers firearms classes of all levels and abilities, along with CCW classes, personal protection classes and continued training.

“I do a lot of private one-on-one instruction,” she said. “Business can hire me to do training or team building. I can assess a business or a home for its weaknesses and strong points. The possibilities are really wide-open. If you can think it up, I can pretty much do it.”

Lima said being a woman helps in her approach to teaching other women.

“I think it lessens that intimidation factor for a lot of them,” she said. “I see the same when I am working with kids. There is not that same pressure they feel perhaps when they are working with a family member.”

Lima conducts her classes at a variety of locations around the Valley, and is not limited to firearms instruction.

“I go over a lot of techniques, even for if someone is unarmed, just in being able to protect yourself,” she said. “We have seen some horrible situations in this area. I talk a lot about how to get out of those types of situations, or what to do in those types of situations.”

Bellator Firearms Training can be found at 1231 Service Drive, Unit A2, in Minden. Call 775-267-7414  or e-mail for more information. Lima also maintains a Facebook page at



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