Driving through Minden & Gardnerville, circa 1972

Nevada State Senator James Settelmeyer, a lifelong Carson Valley resident, uploaded a pair of videos to YouTube of the drive through town in 1972. It’s nothing short of fascinating. One video is the southbound drive. The other is northbound. The above photo is from where you’d find Raley’s today, at the intersection of Highway 395 and Lampe Drive.



20 thoughts on “Driving through Minden & Gardnerville, circa 1972

  1. That was so fun to see! When I was 4 years old, my family moved to Gardnerville. We lived there from 1980-1990. The footage shown was a lot of things I remember. I couldn’t tell if it was there at the time of this video, but I remember a really good sandwich place called Jake’s. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Ate at the Basque Restaurant when I was 16…we were visiting family. Also checked out Mormon Station, etc., that day. Got married in Genoa at the little Church in 92..always loved the area and still do. Someday I will return there to live there! T
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Yes it was Millerville. In the 90’s I would go to the Miller market and buy fresh cut meat the way you wanted it not packaged Also go to the slaughter house and but fresh killed meat.
    Ralph Newcomb

    1. Ralph I remeber looking out of the back of CVMS at the slaughter house but can’t remeber how you got there, can you help me find the spot?

      1. The road to the slaughterhouse was on the right side of the school. The road is still there but not the slaughterhouse. It is between Heritage Park and some gray apartments. It is used as a walking path.

  4. Love the row of Scout II’s in front of the International Harvester dealer. I loved that place and teh Ertyl toys they had when my parents would take their Scout in for service.

  5. Such fun to watch! I came to town a few years after this… Worked at the Frosty Spot and Sharkey’s back in the day. I am grateful for our little Valley. Thanks for sharing… I’d live to see more!

  6. we moved to the Valley in 1973 i believe. This brought back memories of when that town was really small, actually both towns, Minden didnt even really have anything.

  7. I moved to Gardnerville in 1973 and that is exactly how I remember it. Sharkey’s was the big gun in town, the best breakfast and dinner house in town. Their were no red light intersections for quite a few years. The first one was put on the corner of Sharkey’s casino after a school child was hit crossing the corner. Then around the early to mid 80’s people from calif. found our sweet little town and the tranquility of our town was over.

  8. I moved here in 93 and i have trouble dealing with the changes since then, i would be beside myself if i had been here in the 70’s. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Thank you James! I rode through the Valley in 1970 when I was a teenager; blinked and I missed it! Moved to the Valley in 1989 as an adult to raise my family.

  10. Actually there was a red light at this time. It was at the intersection of Hwy 88 and SR756. Thanks James, 72 is when my family moved to the Valley.

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