Good Morning, Carson Valley: Oct. 14

by Joey Crandall,

We’re coming out of a busy weekend during which The Record-Courier reported last week’s story of a woman being pulled over and then beaten by a man impersonating a police officer was mostly untrue. (To see the story, click here).

There was no man impersonating a police officer and the woman was not assaulted in Alpine County. She was, however, beaten and that is the important takeaway there. As someone pointed out on social media, how great must her fear of the real perpetrator have been to make up such a story?

The same person also pointed out that an event like this, if nothing else, helped raise awareness of a situation that could happen – helping us all think through how to handle such a situation if we ever run into it. If you’re being pursued by an unmarked car, call 911 and inform them of the pursuit. They can confirm whether or not the car is being driven by a law enforcement officer.

Along those same lines – people sometimes ask why we link to other media outlets as part of our coverage.

A philosophy we hold tightly to is that if we can’t get a story first – or substantially different – then we link to the media outlet that did the original reporting.

An informed readership, to us, is much more important than an exclusive one.

In our minds, it’s a waste of our resources if we duplicate the efforts of another reporter. It’s also a waste of the reader’s investment of time in our publication if we are spending the resources we do have to report on a story that has already been done. We’d rather use that time to chase down stories that haven’t appeared anywhere yet.

So that’s why we do that. If the information is credible and free, we’ll link to that every time.

In other news, the Tillman Center property owners/managers announced on Friday their intentions to re-open Silver Strike Lanes as soon as they can find a suitable operator. Keep an eye out for more information on that. The announcement is at this link.

Officers are searching for a teenage female that ran away from the Rite of Passage facility on Sunday. She is believed to be headed to her home in Winnemucca. More details on there here.

On the weather front – look for highs in the 60s all week and chilly overnight lows dropping into the mid-20s. At the moment I can pretty much copy and paste that paragraph all week. But this is Nevada …

We have a busy week coming up, with lots of stories and lots of updates to share. So please keep an eye out!

That’s a full lid for this morning. Take care and have a great day out there!

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