Silver Strike Lanes to re-open

Photo by Brad Cockman/ Silver Strike Lanes in August
Photo by Brad Cockman/
Silver Strike Lanes in August
The Carson Valley Times received this letter from Jericho Enterprises Friday. Within, the company, which runs the Tillman Center in the Gardnerville Ranchos, announced its intentions to re-open Silver Strike Lanes, which closed earlier this month.
Here is the letter:
On October 1st, the Bowling facility at the Tillman Center was closed by its then operators.
This was done without any advance notice to the lessor which is our company, and I believe to customers and employee’s. 

We expect to have the Web site up and running in the very near future. We will provide that information as soon as possible.  There will be a venue on the Web site where your questions can be answered concerning our going forward.   

Photo courtesy of Brad Cockman/
Photo courtesy of Brad Cockman/
We are in the process of seeking out professional “Bowling Operators”, in order to have the business open and serving the community.  This will take some period of time due to the lack of advance notice of the closing. We too want to have the facility re-opened as quickly as possible.
Many of your readers were good and loyal customers.  We know that the bowling leagues, both  at night and during the daytime are being missed by the community of bowling enthusiast.  
The sport of bowling brings together many members of the community, who enjoy the camaraderie of that experience.  The bar will be open again, the party room available for functions, and special events for everyone to enjoy.   
Please have patience with the process. 
Thank you 
Jericho Enterprises, Inc.  

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