Check for merchant’s permit with door-to-door salesmen

Staff Reports

We’ve had some reports from readers that a two-man team of “magazine” salesmen were canvassing the neighborhood around Raley’s and Chichester Estates last night and getting aggressive with some home owners.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has received information that a pair of men are going door to door and being very pushy about it.

Officers on patrol are looking for the duo. Door to door scams can be very common in the area.

Sgt. Pat Brooks of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said a valid door-to-door merchant is required to have a traveling merchant’s permit. To obtain a permit, merchants must pass a background check. If they have prior felonies, they cannot get a permit.

Sgt. Brooks also said not to let anyone in your house who just walks up to the door and wants to sell you something, unless you call them to come over.

“I have contacted,   as well as other deputies, people who come to town and try and sell magazines, vacuums, steaks…etc., and they go to jail on warrants,” Brooks said, “The scams are endless and new ones pop up regularly.”

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