Don Q’s fishing report for Northern Nevada & beyond


Photo by Elaine Quilici of Carson City
A mule deer buck with antlers in velvet, who was a visitor to the Quilici cabin last Saturday. That cabin is near Davis Lake, California.

by Don Quilici, special to the Carson Valley Times Fishing Report As Of September 04, 2013 ALMANOR LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Conditions have improved drastically with the smoke being pushed out by rains and the clarity slowly getting better. Still, lake levels are decreasing so be wary of water hazards. Even so, the fish are fat and ready for fishermen to snatch them up. Jigging has had a lot of success and trolling between 30 and 40 feet has been great as well. Courtesy of Almanor Fishing Adventures. ANGEL LAKE, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Fishing varies from day to day, with some days good, while others slow. Best time of day appears to be from about 6:00 am to 10:30 am and then again as the shadows start to hit the water in late afternoon. Best conditions seem to be with a five mph breeze, putting a small chop on the water. More fish are being taken with small dry flies, mostly yellow in color, but nymphing still seems to be the way to go. Hoppers are out and about on the hillsides above the lake. Fish a green or peacock colored nymph below a dry or an indicator. Early in the day, have the nymph about three feet below the indicator, but as the sun climbs in the sky, start fishing the dropper deeper. PT’s, blue copper Johns, olive hares ears, and olive soft hackles all should be productive. Small olive wooly and crystal buggers on a sink tip line should be productive as well. The usual small spinners, worms and Power Bait are also effective here for bait and spin anglers. Start fishing off of the bottom and move up in the water column if you don’t get any hits. BISHOP CREEK AREA, CALIF: Rick and Patti Apted – Lake Sabrina Boat Landing (760-873-7425) ( reports: Lake Sabrina: 9-2-13 IT’S GETTING CLOSE TO THAT TIME WATCH OUT FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS – THEY MAY BE LURKING AROUND THE NEXT CORNER ON THE ROAD! Please note our hours: Store Hours Sunday thru Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm The Cafe is CLOSED for the Summer! It has definitely been an interesting 2 weeks – one of many firsts. First off, Rick and I actually got to go camping with friends over a weekend thanks to Bryan, thus no weekly report last week. When we had returned, we got to drive on the bridge for the first time – they’re definitely getting it done! The Lake went empty last Sunday up front for the first time – due to drought conditions and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power not working with Edison to try and keep the Lake levels up a bit. This is NOT a first – looks like you’ve all been dancing a tad cuz there was a bit of snow on Mt Haeckel and the Whites a week ago Wednesday – it’s a start – not a first for now in August, but the first snow of the season. And we also have quite a bit of color already showing around the Lake – a bit earlier than normal. And probably the biggest first of all is – ‘Yogi’ came in thru the louver window by the front door – not once, but twice during the night. It was pretty interesting watching on the security cameras. He is a pretty well-mannered bear – came around to the back of the candy counter to get ButterFingers and Peanuts rather than sticking his paw thru the front. The mini-sausage container on the counter was just a bit too small for his paw and that got broken. He got into the frig in the kitchen and only pulled out the deli drawer to get the bacon and only cherries and berries were taken out of the back freezer. Quite an eventful morning! Not much of a change on what’s working and what’s not – Fishing in deeper water (that would be behind what is normally the Island or taking a bit of a hike to at least the front of the back natural Lake) with Nightcrawlers or Power Bait. Fishing the inlets (not much water coming in at any of them) with a fly and a bubble, Nightcrawlers, Power Bait or Lures getting limits. Got a good load of stockers from the Department of Fish and Game last Monday. We got our last stocking a week ago Wednesday. Tommaso Tarantino of Las Vegas landed a 3-1/4 pound Rainbow on what he likes to refer to as the ‘Tommaso’ Buoyant. Evan Snellings of Redlands pulled out a nice 3 pound hook-jawed male Rainbow using Gulp Chunky Cheese. As I said earlier – we got to drive on the new bridge and it is looking fine! They are now working on the parts of the road leading to the new bridge and there are some delays while the dump trucks are loaded with rocks and dirt – so please be patient. The crew did have a bit of a setback when the excavator ended up on a huge rock which broke off the hydraulic pump off the motor – luckily no fluids were lost. We have been asked quite a bit about where the water goes out of the dam – that would be the outflow structure – located on the other end of the dam – fishing tends to be pretty good over by the outflow structure due to the moving water (when we have water J). We have also been asked what all the indentations are on the bottom of the Lake bed – that would be the spawning beds of the sucker fish – we have lots of suckers in this Lake. Another week of possible monsoonal weather – beautiful blue skies in the morning, big fluffy clouds start growing, then a few thunder boomers and much needed rain! This week’s temps are expected to be in the mid-40s for the lows and in the high-70s for the highs. You can check NOAA’s website at and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather up at the Lake or check in with Howard at Remember when using the bug juice and SANITIZER you need to really wash your hands before fishing – then rub some Salmon Egg juice, worm dirt or Anglers Bros Trout attractant to take that smell off. Also, remember your polarized dark glasses and sunscreen. We’re started scraping and painting the building, so the deck will be off-limits unless you’ve got a scraper or paint brush in your hand. If you happen to come by and see a ‘CLOSED – GONE FISHIN’ sign on the door (during the week), it’s because we haven’t had a car in the lot for at least an hour or two – hope you understand the closed sign – the fish are calling. Bryan will be here during the week periodically to give us a chance to get off the mountain. BISHOP CREEK AREA, CALIF: Jared Smith – Parchers Resort (760-873-4177) ( South Lake: The water is  waaaay down – almost to the minimum pool mark. A few folks did wet a line and reported catching a few fish here and there but mostly slow fishing. It will be interesting to see if the Browns get active this fall and one of the big boys gets fooled. Time will tell. It came to our attention that someone stole one of our rental kayaks from the beach at South Lake in the last week or so. If you notice anything suspicious with regard to someone all of a sudden coming up on an orange two-person (tandem) Cobra brand ocean style kayak – please report it to us or contact the Inyo County Sheriff’s Dept. at (760) 878-0383. South Fork Bishop Creek: Another steady week on the creek for most folks. Hate to sound like a broken record but salmon eggs, crawlers & spinners were reported best. Creek flows are still a bit higher than normal as they drain South Lake but this should change in the next week to 10 days if this continues as the outlet of South Lake is almost exposed at which point creek flows will be absolutely ideal for the rest of the fall. Weir Pond: Can’t seem to find a bad report out of Weir Pond lately. Just about everyone is scoring a few fish, mostly stocker Rainbows but quite a few of the wild trout mixed in. Some  decent action on dries reported this week from the fly guys & gals. North Lake: A bit slow early on following a really busy weekend last week but after DFW stocked it went wide open and stayed good for most of the week. A little less traffic in the canyon this week and judging by our books, this will be the case from here on out as most of the kids have gone back to school. This should mean for even better action at North Lake with less folks competing for the same fish. Salmon eggs and Chunky Cheese Power bait were the top baits. BOCA RESERVOIR, CALIF: Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: Stocked last week! If you’re after the stockers I would concentrate my efforts on the shoreline up and down from the boat launch. Key here is to get an early start or to fish in the evening but with all the boaters and PWC users gone anytime can be nice just to get out. Best action by shore fisherman has been the dam and at the deeper troughs outside the inlet, with the flows starting to drop coming out of the LT. If you pinch your barbs and fish lures only one can work the Little Truckee River that flows into Boca but be cognizant that you may be fishing besides fly fisherman. Please be courteous to each other’s space. With flows coming out of the LT at a paltry 90 CFS you’ll probably find more fish in the lake now than in the stream. Also, concentrate off points as large fish will be suspended here. Shore fisherman can be successful by throwing all sorts of bait and lures such as large spinners and small stick baits that will imitate kokanee, rainbows, or baitfish. BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR, CALIF: Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports: September 01, 2013 Bridgeport hasn’t quite livened up yet, the water seems to be clearing up a bit and the temps are good so we’re expecting the fishing to start getting good again any time! If anyone gives the res a try and has a report for us give us a call! CAPLES LAKE, CALIF: John Voss of the Caples Lake Resort (209-258-8888) (www.capleslakeresort,com) reports: Fish Plant 8-28-201 Duane, from Desert Springs Trout Farm, Summer Lake, Oregon dropped in today with 1650 pounds of Rainbow Trout for Caples Lake and 1350 pounds of Rainbows for Silver Lake. 66% “catchable” and 34% “Trophy” between 2 and 3 pounds. Scott and Craig from Kirkwood P.U.D met Duane at the E.I.D public launching facility and helped him unload all those nice trout. CAVE LAKE, WHITE PINE COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: This report sees little or no change from previous weeks as Cave is fishing like Cave, with anglers reporting fair to good catch rates of 8 to 10 inch fish. The usual worms, small spinners and minnow imitations should work for spin fishermen. Flyrodders should be using small Cave Lake Specials, zug bugs, prince nymphs, hares ears, PT’s, and small wooly buggers. If there are insects hatching, most dries will work. Especially effective here are renegades, Griffith’s gnats, blue duns, red quills, elk hair caddis and small stimulators. This is a great place to take kids to get them hooked on fishing. CONVICT LAKE AND CONVICT CREEK, CALIF: Convict Lake Resort (800-992-2260) ( reports: Dear Don, Convict Lake is scheduled to received 150 pounds of Alpers Trout next week. This past week a number of 2 pound plus rainbows were caught at the lake. It has been reported that spinners and spoons are landing some nice fish. The lure fishing could be heating up as fall approaches. Mark your calendar for the Ambush at the Lake Fishing Derby starting on Monday, September 2nd for a chance to win $6,000 in Resort Prizes! Header Photo: Paul Sehilling from Bakersfield, CA with a great catch from Convict Lake. Paul was using a night crawler and was posted up at the South Shore when he landed a 2 pound and 13 ounce rainbow. Way to go Paul! To see more fish photos visit our 2013 Fishing Gallery. Catch of the Week: Congratulations to Josh Cotcamp of Nuevo, CA. Josh did a great job by landing a 3 pound 10 ounce and a 2 pound 12 ounce rainbow. The 3 pounder was the biggest fish this week. Josh was using a Kastmaster and was fishing at the Inlet/South Shore. Great job Josh! Other Notable catches this week: Anaceli Mendez of Buena Park, CA caught a beautiful 2 pound and 5 ounce rainbow. Anaceli was using a nightcrawler while fishing at the outlet. Matthew Chavez of Irvine, CA ended a good at the lake with a 2 pound rainbow. He was using an unidentified spoon lure and was fishing at the South Shore. Tactics/Bait: Some nice fish were caught this week with lures. Any type of spoon and Silver/Gold Kastmasters were the hot lures. The most successful Power bait colors were garlic cheese and salmon peach. Inflated nightcrawlers, Red/gold Thomas Bouyants, Red/Pink Power Worms and Power bait Mice Tails were also very productive. The Inlet, the Outlet and the South Shore were the hot spots this week. Other locations to try are Windy Point, North Shore, Jetty, West Shore, Creek, Handicap Pier, and Hangman’s Tree. Here is a list of other baits/lures that can be productive: Trout Teasers, green or brown Marvel Fly Lures, Panther Martin, Needlefish, Thomas Bouyants, Green Wooly Booger and Lip RIpperz Hatchery Dust on Power bait. Other Resources: View our Convict Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Rig Suggestion  brochures. Both brochures are available in the General Store. Derby News: STARTS ON MONDAY!!! The Ambush at the Lake Fishing Derby will be starting on Monday, September 2nd for a chance to win $6,000 in Resort Prizes! Also mark your calendars for the Morrison’s Cash Bonus Weekend on November 1-3. $2000 in cash prizes. Weather: Summer temperatures will be with us for at least one more week. The forecast for next week has the highs in the Mid-70s. Lows in the high-40s. There will be the chance for afternoon thunderstorms all week. Here is the National Weather Service link that is usually quite accurate: 7-Day Forecast Convict Lake. Sunrise – Sunset: Sunrise this week 6:25 am – 6:30 am and Sunset 7:19 pm – 7:28 pm. Stocking: DFG stocked the lake on Tuesday, August 27th. CROWLEY LAKE, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: The bite here has been off and on. A good day followed by a slow one. McGee Bay is still producing. Some decent reports from the north arm as well. Try Stevie’s Wonder  gray/black in 8-10 feet of water. DONNER LAKE, CALIF: Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: Will be stocked this week!  Get the kids out there or your buddy who has a difficult time catching fish and have a good time!  Remember to be a steward and keep just what you can eat!  No need to fill your freezer with multiple trips and leave some fish for the kids to catch! Power bait will be the primary bait one will be using along with small shiny lures such as 1/12 to 1/8 Kastmasters, Roostertails, or Panther Martins. Kokanee fishing has been sporadic but some nice kokes are being caught by guides and they seem to be concentrating their efforts off the deeper water, 40-80 feet down, on the North shore up and down from the public pier. Pink, Orange and Chartreuse have been the best color choices. Catching minnows can be deadly this time of year for the Macks as they are still within casting distance. Also, for those trolling for Macks action has been good if you’re working the ledges along the North shoreline 45-80 feet down. Trolling the usual suspects that will imitate small Kokes and Rainbows will be the top producers. Jigging for Macks can also be effective as they will be found at depths of 75 to 100 feet. EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR, LINCOLN COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Trout fishing has picked up this past week as cooler temperatures have moved into the area, but it still remains slow in the afternoon hours. Orange Power Bait and night crawlers combined with a mini marshmallow have been the best working trout baits. Bass fishermen have been doing well using night crawlers or jigging Slug-go worms. ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR, LINCOLN COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Trout fishing has picked up as daytime temperatures have dropped. The shoreline remains weedy and anglers are having better success along the dam. Bass action remains good using night crawlers or Slug-go worms. FALL RIVER, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Still a good option during the last portion of summer, the fish are still active and there is little in terms of crowds. Insect hatches are not occurring as often but come and go. The best spot at the moment are the areas above Island Bridge. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. FEATHER RIVER, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Salmon season is in full swing , with catches ranging anywhere between 10 and 35 pounds. Make sure to use quikfish, spinners and jigs primarily. Courtesy of Johnsons Bait & Tackle. FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Shore fishing is declining in popularity as less and less fish are being caught, but boat fishing has still led to fishermen catching their limits consistently. Power bait and nightcrawlers are still being used but reports recently indicate that Kastmaster lures have had a string of good catches. If you are fly fishing then use Wulff Royal flies for the best chances of hooking a fish. Courtesy of The Wiggins Trading Post. HAT CREEK, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: At the moment, reports from fishermen indicate the best times to fish are in the morning and then at sunset. Even then, fishing has only been fair to good. Look for caddis hatches in the morning and then Callibaetis near sunset, but even then the biggest factor in getting hookups has been finding nice, fish-populated shaded areas. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. HOT CREEK, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: Water flow is  down to 4 CFS. Fishing is  tough with the heavy weed growth  and low water. Try a hopper or stimulator  with a buckskin nymphs caddis pupa or small pheasant tails as a dropper. Some decent dry fly fishing in the afternoon with CDC caddis and Hot Creek caddis. ILLIPAH RESERVOIR, WHITE PINE COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Due to irrigation, the water level continues to drop, with the old dam out of the water, which is affecting fishing. As with most irrigation impoundments expect the draw down to end sometime around Labor Day. Fishing has been just fair, with the best fishing being early in the morning or late in the evening. Bait anglers should stick to worms or Power Bait, though if fishing early in the morning or late in the evening, a live grasshopper on a live wire hook fished in the lake near where the creek comes in may be effective. Fly rodders should be throwing black or olive wooly buggers, larger hares ears, prince nymphs, or zug bugs. JAKES/BOIES RESERVOIR, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: This lake is fishing slow to fair for both trout and bass. With water levels down and weeds up, fishing from shore is difficult if not impossible. Float tubes and small car top boats are the way to go. Small spinners and minnow imitations as well as worms and Power Bait are good for bait anglers, while the usual assortment of damselfly, prince and PT nymphs along with zug bugs, wooly buggers and crystal buggers should work for fly rodders. JIGGS / ZUNINO RESERVOIR, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Unfortunately, Jiggs has dried up. JUNE LAKE LOOP, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: Grant – Gull – June – Silver Lakes and Rush Creek: Silver Lake still seems to be the best for float tube fly rodders fishing black or purple woolly buggers on full sink lines doing well. Rush Creek flow is 25 CFS. Royal coachmen, elk hair caddis, prince nymphs and copper Johns. KIRMAN LAKE, CALIF: Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports: September 01, 2013 Haven’t heard much from Kirman this week, I’d guess it’s still hanging in there though. I’d probably be fishing some leech and damsel patterns with soft hackle or pheasant tail droppers. The scud should also still be active so you could go with some scud patterns as well. KLAMATH RIVER, CALIF. Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: With conditions still not ideal right now, Klamath is a tough choice for fishing. With Autumn just around the corner, expect great conditions, and Steelhead, come October. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. LAUGHTON, CLARK COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Colorado River: The striper bait is slow but rainbow trout are providing anglers with good action. A pair of anglers recently checked in with bows pushing past the four-pound threshold. Trout are biting in the Davis Camp area, along Casino Row and near Rotary Park. LEWISTON LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: The lake level is fairly low at the moment, but there is definitely still activity. Fishermen report great fishing, especially with dark leeches, dry buggers, and stripping leeches too. Suspending #18  midges patterns will lead to Rainbows chasing your bugs. If you want a chance at the larger Rainbows, going during and after sunset. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. MAMMOTH LAKES BASIN, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: George Lake – Mary Lake – Mamie Lake – Twin Lakes: Middle Twin Lakes is the best bet for fly rodders. Doc’s Twin Lake Special black or brown. LAKE MEAD, CLARK COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Again this week striper action has been more about fish numbers than size. Most fish are in the 2.5-pound range. The action has been mostly top-water with anglers using a Jumping Minnow or Zara Spook. Largemouth and smallmouth bass have been taking top-water lures or plugs. Anglers have been working the backs of coves and rocky points. LAKE MOHAVE, CLARK COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Shoreline anglers at Willow Beach have found success for both stocked rainbows and striped bass. One lucky angler reeled in a 17-pound striper. On the river anglers have caught multiple stripers in the 20-pound range, many on A.C. Plugs and trout imitations, and some on night crawlers. The best action is taking place in the early morning. Further south, anglers are catching largemouth bass and catfish while working the coves. Catfish are taking anchovies and night crawlers. Stripers are also taking anchovies fished on a jighead or Carolina rig. ORVILLE LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Action remains steady at Lake Oroville for bass at around 30 feet using jigs, shaky head, dart head and drop shot worms. Courtesy of My Outdoor Buddy. OWENS RIVER, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: Upper Owens River: Current flow is 108 CFS. Special regulations still in effect upstream of the Benton Crossing Bridge and from the monument to Crowley Lake. Fishing is fair. Try egg patterns, San Juan worms ,Prince nymphs and copper John’s. Its important to cover lots of water as the fish are scattered Lower Owens River: Water flow is currently 311 CFS. Nymphing is the best bet.Try WD-40’S, pheasant tails and hares ears. PAHRANAGAT WILDLIFE REFUGE, LINCOLN COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Anglers are finding some success at the upper marsh for panfish and catfish. Mealworms or nightcrawlers below a bobber will catch fish. PIT RIVER, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: The isonychia hatches are about to come up, and the Rainbows love to chase after them especially through September. When they come around it is advised to use #10 Black A.P.s and black #8 Rubber Legs. Otherwise, overall, fishing has been great. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. PROSSER RESERVOIR, CALIF: Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: Some good reports here but your best luck will be in the early morning! rout in the 12-16 inch range have been caught on Kastmasters in 1/4 oz to 1/8 oz in Perch, Watermelon, Brook trout, and Gold early and late while Firetiger, Chrome/Blue, and Chrome have produced better during the mid-day hours. Look for similar colors in Roostertails, Panther Martins, and Thomas bouyants. Power bait and worms will be the go to bait and one should concentrate on the shoreline leading into. Smallmouth fishing will be better this summer than trout fishing here as the water temps will be higher than most of the other regional lakes. For those who have more patience than me throwing nightcrawlers, Power bait, or Salmon eggs will certainly be a sure bet when the schools come by. Trollers should concentrate along drop offs by the shoreline between Prosser Creek and Alder Creek or across the dam with needlefish, Dick Nites, and Sierra Spinner (there just not for Kokes!) tipped with a nightcrawler. RUBY LAKE NAT. WILD. REFUGE, WHITE PINE COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Water levels are low and several of the Units are unfishable. Those include 10, 13, 14 and 20. Weeds are up and travel through shallower parts of the marsh or through the tules to be difficult. Bass fishing continues to be good at the refuge with a keeper ratio of about one 10 inch keeper for every seven to nine bass caught. Expect fishing conditions to continue to be good for at least the next week as the highs are expected to be in the high 80’s to low 90’s through the first week in September. Late afternoon is the best time for bass, but anglers report bass from noon on, as long as you don’t get blown off of the lake. With a little work, most anglers can catch a limit of keepers with a day’s worth of fishing. If you are new to the marsh, dark colored soft plastics rigged weedless and tossed into the reeds seem to work the best. Four to six inch grubs in black, oil, rootbeer, guacamole, watermelon and purple all seem to work well. Occasionally a contrasting color like chartreuse for a tail can work well, especially in low light. Fishing the dikes is difficult as the water levels are very low both here and in the main marsh. In the main body of water, with the hot sunny days and the low water levels, the weeds are coming on strong and some of the back waters that anglers like to visit are difficult to get to. It is very difficult to launch a boat at Narciss due to the low water and weedy conditions. Some trout are being caught in the spring ponds along the road, as well as on the spring heads in the larger ponds in the main body of water. SACRAMENTO RIVER (LOWER), CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: With good flows right now fishing has become an absolute blast, and will continue all the way into September. The best time to fish is in the AM hours and early afternoons, but be aware that the bite dies off sometime after 3:00 PM. Some reports indicate good fly fishing in the evening, but be aware that the best fishing always comes from knowing the drop-offs and bottom transitions. Lots of Salmon have also been moving through the Redding portion of the river, so keep that in mind. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. SACRAMENTO RIVER (LOWER), CALIF: Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report: King Salmon fishing: As of September 2, 2013  water flow is currently 7,500 CFS. Salmon fishing on the Sacramento River is going great and we are catching some beautiful, big, King salmon. Salmon fishing is good. Limits over the weekend. With at least 10 plus hook ups a day, landing most salmon. Flatfish lures working best, turning to roe later in the day, using Pautzke Red cure. Look for September and October to be red hot, with the month of October being almost a guarantee of catching salmon. SACRAMENTO RIVER (LOWER), CALIF: Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report: Fly fishing: As of September 2, 2013, water flow is currently 10,500  CFS. Lower Sacramento River fly fishing report, fly fishing is good. Early morning and late afternoons best. Catching Huge Rainbows now. Excellent trout fishing! 16 to 25 inches. Using Prince nymphs, Iron Sallies, Pheasant Tails, Poxyback PMD’s, Black Rubber Legs and Green Gidgets. Boat traffic is heavier from Posse Grounds to Anderson River Park. Call or email us today. We offer daily guided fishing trips, 7 days a week.  Drift  boats or Jet boats available. We cater to all methods of fishing. Daily drifting Redding, California and Anderson, California. Groups and Clubs welcome, we can accommodate ANY size group. SACRAMENTO RIVER (LOWER), CALIF: Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report: Spin fishing: As of  September 2, 2013, water flow is currently 12,500  CFS. Spin fishing for Trout and Steelhead on the Sacramento River has been excellent. Our average days are 25 to 40 hook ups. We have been using roe clusters with 4 pound test, on light action rods. Some days we have been back trolling small Flatfish and Hot shots. These fishing trips are taken by jet boats, and can hold up to 6 people comfortably. Lots of action. Great for the kids, families, and larger groups. SACRAMENTO RIVER (UPPER), CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Fishing has best in the early AM hours but has lessened around midday. Finding a solitary spot to fish will not be difficult and fishermen report good results from small, black #16-18 Zebra Midges or Mercury Black Beauty. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. SACRAMENTO RIVER, CALIF: JD Richey of JD Richey Guided Sportfishing (916-952-1554) ( Reports: According to Guide JD Richey, King salmon fishing in the Sacramento River’s Mid to upper reaches has been fair to really good this past week. There were a few days when the boats averaged 2 to 3 fish per, and that was during a period when the flows for being lowered. Things have since stabilized, however, and salmon are really starting to stack up and bite. Richey has been bouncing eggs and back trolling flatfish for his kings, most of which have been weighing in at 20+ pounds apiece. He also had an angler catch a beautiful hatchery steelhead, which they released, on Saturday… A very nice bonus! SAN JOAQUIN RIVER/RED’S MEADOW, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: Current flow is 17 CFS. Try attractor dry flies like stimulators, sierra brite dots and royal wullfs. SHASTA LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Fishing is great right now, especially around Bay Bridge and Packers Bay. Rainbows are being caught on the surface in the morning but then drop down, along with the Salmon, to about 80 feet. Bass have also been particularly active around the rocky shorelines. Use humdingers, wiggle hoochies, and 4 inch worms for the best chance of getting a hook-up. Courtesy of Sacriver Guide. SHASTA LAKE, CALIF: Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report: September 2,  2013 Shasta Lake guided fishing- Northern California fishing Lake Shasta.  We offer daily guided fishing on Lake Shasta. Lake Shasta fishing has been great! Catching salmon and trout now,  Rainbow trout  on the surface and salmon, 100 plus  feet deep. The Dry Creek area, using Cripp Lures and Wiggle Hoochies. Seeing smaller fish now, really working for the bigger fish. Lake Shasta is place to be for lots of action and great trout fishing & salmon fishing. Bass fishing is fair. SOUTH FORK RESERVOIR, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Very little change here as well. With surface water temperatures in the low 70’s, you would think that fishing for trout would be slow, but a couple of angler report good luck fishing for trout by getting their presentations down between 10 and 15 feet deep along the edges of weed beds. Fishing for bass has been good, and fishing for catfish and wipers has been fair to good. Weeds and algae can be found in all the shallow parts of the lake with soft bottoms and while they can make fishing tough, the weed beds do act as cover and provide an “edge” for anglers to target. However expect to gunk up your lures. For trout, find shoreline where you can cast into water that is at least 15 feet deep. Also, try fishing early. Several anglers report good luck for trout at the south end of the lake between 4:30 am and 7:00 am, with another minor bite coming on around noon in a bit deeper water. Bass are being caught in 10 to 15 feet of water and on structure. Structure can be something as minor as a foot or two difference in depth, to a significant change in depth or submerged rocks. Boaters have a definite advantage trolling using downriggers to control the depth. The mud flats at the south end are producing bass, though trout are only being caught there at first light or late in the evening. In many of the areas, anglers are catching the trout off of the points in 15 feet or deeper water. For fly rodders, the best luck has been with midge and may fly nymph patterns fished between 10 and 15 feet below an indicator. Damsel fly nymphs, leech patterns and buggers will all work at one time or another. Try fishing smaller damsel nymphs vertically under an indicator along the edges of weed beds. Anglers continue to catch black bass using crankbaits, soft plastics, and wooly buggers. Look for bass on structure and in feeding lanes. Catfish are also being caught, with the best time being late in the evening or early in the morning. STAMPEDE RESERVOIR, CALIF: Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: Still fishing well as there are fish spread out all over the lake now! This lake will be stocked this week and shore fisherman will see their catch rates increase. Power bait has been the go to bait here and working the shoreline up and down from the boat launch is your best bet early and late in the day. Mack fishing has slowed a touch but that doesn’t mean you won’t hang one. Fish under or around schools of Kokes now if you’re targeting the Macks. Word is from Keith Zenker that the Koke bite still great and that you’ll be fishing 40 to 70 feet down for them and that the larger ones are being taken by bumping the bottom in about 60 to 70 feet of water. Work the deeper water off the dam now to find larger Kokes. Pink, Chartreuse, and Orange in hoochies and squids have been go to’s. Spinners will also work in these colors so don’t dismay if these lures are your go to’s.  20 to 40 fish days for the Kokes are here for some!  The average size though has been 10-12 inches, but recently some larger kokes in the 14-16 range have been caught. See Mr Z at our store or give him a call to find out the latest news. He’s got us stocked with some great Kokanee gear! For the shore fisherman spoons, spinners, and stick baits will work and of course if you’re throwing bait nothing beats an inflated nightcrawler drenched in your favorite scent. TRINITY LAKE, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: No current fishing report, however good news: March through June are the favorite months for experienced bass anglers there. The lake has good populations of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. It also holds the California record for small mouth bass! A dredger piles at the head of the lake, as well as other structures found in the coves and points throughout the lake provide excellent bass fishing for most of the year. Spring always provides the hottest action, as both species move into the shoreline to spawn. Courtesy of Fish Trinity Lake. TRINITY RIVER, CALIF: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports: Reports have been mixed so far but fishing is still viable right now. The rivers flows are starting to be adjusted to protect the Salmon in the area but that should have little effect on good fishing. The best spot, however, will be closer to Lewiston. Courtesy of The Fly Shop. TRINITY RIVER, CALIF: Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report: September 2, 2013 Fishing report Currently, Water is at 1100 decreasing to 750 CFS. Trinity River Salmon fishing and steelhead fishing has begun! With the water release approved, the Trinity River will get the much needed water to save the salmon and help get them up river. Just now starting to catch salmon on the Trinity River. 1 to  3 fish a day, average. Methods of fishing will be bouncing roe and pulling plugs. Please give us a call to reserve your day on the water. Trinity River fishing is conveniently located 40 minutes West of Redding, CA  fishing from the town of Weaverville, California. TRUCKEE RIVER, BIG: Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: California: Flows are pretty stable and with river temps starting to dip by a couple of degrees things are starting to look up. Caddis hatches have stabilized now on the Big T. Unlike Mayflies, one should skate or dance there Caddis dries a bit as Caddis flies are fast emergers. Look for good hatches of these bugs in the evening now, especially the last hour of the evening. Other hatches include PMD’s in the late mornings to mid-afternoon, Little Yellow Stones, and PED’s in the evenings along with the Caddis. Crayfish continue molting  up and down the river. Fish these patterns in the evening hours or in the morning as some of the larger trout in the river will be feeding on these guys. Rolling big Stoneflies during the day with imitations of Mayfly crawlers and Caddis Pupa behind them can be effective. Look to fish the pocketwater and riffles more now and utilize your high sticking technique. Large Carpenter ants have gone away but there is a lot of ant activity along the river’s edge, so don’t discount the use of these patterns. Now is the time to start throwing other terrestrials like hoppers, as they are still predominant along the grassy shoreline. Crashing one of these tasty morsels over an area that is seeing a lot of hopper or ant activity can bring on a splashy rise that will get your pulse up! To have success on our rivers one should note that it’s necessary to have good repeated drifts! Nymphing will consist of large primary flies such as Pat’s Rubberlegs, Buggers, large Copper Johns(reds!), Prince Nymphs, large Caddis pupa and Stonefly imitations trailed behind 16-18 inches with Caddis, PMD, PED, Midge and General nymphs such as Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears, and Bird’s Nests in sizes 14-18. Also, streamer fishing is a good option now. Sculpin imitations have been the best. Streamer fishing will be best in the wee hours of morning now or into dusk. Soft hackle imitations of Caddis and Mayfly’s work well when fish are feeding just under the surface. Nevada: If the California side of the Truckee is getting you flustered maybe a trip to the Nevada side will turn your luck around. Caution!  If you do fish the Truckee in Nevada please be aware that New Zealand Mudsnails have been found in sections of water there so please clean your shoes and gear accordingly to avoid aquatic hitch hikers! Study the water and turn rocks and see what is going on, also seine for what is in the drift. Little things like this and slowing your approach to the river’s edge will greatly increase your chances of being successful. Again, make sure your box is stocked with every conceivable stage of bugs that are present now!  (x) = drawer number. TWIN LAKES, CALIF: Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports: September 01, 2013 The Twins are doing well in the mornings and evenings still with some fish up to around 4 pounds making a showing. Kastmasters, thomas bouyants crawlers, power bait and mice tails have all been doing well, also the fly anglers have been doing well with matukas, wooly buggers, soft hackles, princes and zug bugs. VIRGINIA LAKES, CALIF:  Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports: September 01, 2013 The V-Lakes are still fishing excellent as well, lots of nice fish up to 6 or 7 pounds are being caught. Mice tails, power bait and crawlers have been doing well, thomas bouyants, kastmasters and spin-a-lures have been doing well for the lure anglers. Fly anglers have been doing well with small midges or stripping streamers like seal buggers and matukas. VIRGINIA LAKES, CALIF: John and Carolyn Webb of the Virginia Lakes Resort (760-647-6484) ( report: August 31, 2013 Yes, you all are wondering about the resort’s proximity to the fires, we are 35 miles “as the crow flies”.  No we were not getting smoke up here,  BUT, I spoke too soon and around 3 pm the smoke came in on Friday and it hung around through Saturday when a breeze keep it back at Blue Lake and Sunday we are supposed to get thunderstorms. Temperatures are 68 to 70 degrees. Regardless of what you are hearing or reading, we have NO SMOKE up here. We are in the 3rd day of breezy afternoons which is keeping air cool into the early evening and continuing the great dry fly action. Aspens are slowly increasing in yellow along the Virginia Lake Road and the shoreline willows are just starting to turn, and maybe we are in for a great color spectacle by Septembers end. DFW stocked additional trophies along with the normal plant again this week, and the County Enhancement Program stocked 105 2-3 lb Alpers in both Big and Little Virginia. Bait for the week: Nightcrawlers and garlic rainbow glitter and natural garlic power bait were the top baits for the week that caught a lot of Alpers but still a lot of them left. Seems this time of year trout have seen everything and are staying with consistency rather than unique but bring everything as trout are a bit fickle. Lures: Working are Red/Gold Thomas Buoyant’s, Silver Kastmasters, Mepps, red/gold Super Duper’s showed good action for most of the week.  Fly: Action was on olive woolly buggers, damsels, and caddis emergers, Rickard’s callibaetis nymph, large black ants, Rickard’s Stillwater nymph in olive, Grey Hackle yellow’s and mosquitoes. Big fish for the week: Larry Brown of Laguna Niguel 4 lb 1 Alper on a crawler Aug 24 from Trumble Lake Jim Teague of San Diego 5 lb 9 Alper on a power worm Aug 24 in Little Virginia (LV) Dave Poor of Riverside 3 lb 6 on a crawler Aug 25 LV Bill Fish of Garden Grove 6 lb 4 and 4 lb 6 Alper on a mini jig Aug 25 LV John Keenen of San Diego 6 lb 8 Alper on Orange power bait Aug 28 LV Rudy Blaschke of Culver City 3 lb Alper on a fly Aug 28 LV Dustin Carlson of Reno NV 5 lb Alper on a crawler Aug 28 LV Katie Terhardt of Coto De Caza 3 lb Alper on a T. Buoyant Aug 28 LV Cindy Lodge of Simi Valley 3 lb1 Alper on a Super Duper Aug 28 LV Alan Cox of Irvine 3 lb and 2 lb 4 Alper on a T. Buoyant Aug 28 LV Jerry Berman of Ramona 3lb Alper on a crawler Aug 28 in Little Virginia Hoyt Yee of Rosemead 2 lb 8 Rainbow on garlic power bait Aug 28 in Trumble Lake Jim Caywood of Napa 3 lb 3 Alper on rainbow power bait Aug 29 LV Evan Bilotta of Portolla Hills 3 lb 2 Alper on Kastmaster Aug 29 LV Brian Caylor of Whittier 2 lb 4, 2 lb 5, 2 lb on crawlers Aug 29 LV Dennis Nolan of Dayton NV 3 lb 7 on a dry fly Aug 30 LV Christopher Shintani of Huntington Beach 2 lb 1 Alper on garlic power bait Aug 31 LV Scott Shintani of Huntington Beach 4 lb 4 Alper on power bait Aug 31 LV John McCoy of Sierra Madre 3 lb 5 Alper on rainbow power bait Aug 31 LV Cindy Meeks of Orange 4 lb Alper on a mousetail Aug 31 LV Karen Cox of Irvine 2 l 5 Alper on rainbow power bait Aug 31 LV Jeanette Lotz and granddaughter Makaylah age 4 (helped reel it in) of Upland 5 lb 2 on a CA mosquito Aug 31 LV Philip Ebert of Newport Bch 5 lb 2 on jig 8 31 LV Backcountry: Has been good in the evenings using black gnats, and Griffith’s Gnats from Blue Lake up through Big Frog throughout the day. Both Moat and Red Lake have slowed but a lot of dries are working in the evening on a bubble and a fly and also a fly rod but again nothing big. Take care as mountain lion tracks were spotted in a patch of mud around mountain on the back side of Frogs. The mosquitoes: Are few and far between but how much space does a can of DEET take. See you on the water…..carol WALKER LAKE, MINERAL COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009. Launching is not possible right now. WALKER RIVER, EAST, CALIF: Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports: East Walker River: September 01, 2013 The EW is still fishing pretty well, the flows are up to 85 CFS today after a bit of bouncing around through the week. Caddis are still coming off, as well as lots of midges. Water temps are still in the mid 60’s which is definitely helping out the fish down there. Lots of fish in the 14 to 18 inch range are being landed with a few going over 20 here and there. The Nevada side of the river is also fishing very well right now, lots of nice rainbows and browns down there on both the Sceirine and Rosachi sections. Recommended flies include: zebra midge, prince nymph, flashback emerger, wd-40, mercury midge, buckskin caddis, fox’s poopah, lafontaines deep sparkle pupa, 3-wire caddis, dead drift crayfish, elk hair caddis, e/c caddis, stimulator, madam x, para hopper, stacker hopper. Sceirine Ranch: September 01, 2013 The Sceirine fished excellent this week with some anglers reporting 30+ fish days. Dry/dropper rigs and wet rigs with a crayfish and san juan worm produced the best. Go with the patterns mentioned above and you’ll have a great time! Hunewill Pond: September 01, 2013 Good reports from the pond this week, the weeds aren’t much of a problem anymore and the fish are pretty happy. Small streamers like seal buggers, stillwater nymphs and matukas with soft hackle or zug bug droppers have been good as well as midging under an indicator with rojo midges, zebra midges, scud and chironomids. WALKER RIVER, EAST, CALIF: Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: Water flow has been up and down and is currently 85 CFS. Fishing is good. Midge patterns ,baetis emergers and pheasant tails. Early am or last hour of the day. WALKER RIVER, WEST, CALIF: Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports: September 01, 2013 The West is still off the hook! Most everyone is having a great time up there. The water is low and clear so try to be stealthy so as not to spook the fish. Panther martins, roostertails, salmon eggs, crawlers, power eggs are all doing well for the spin anglers, the fly anglers are using ants, hoppers, prince nymphs, zug bugs, zebra midges, humpy’s and caddis. WILDHORSE RESERVOIR, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: The downstream users are drawing water again, the lake is dropping at about a foot a week and the lake is now at 22% of capacity and dropping. The boat ramp is out of the water by a good 20 feet and launching a boat is getting more difficult with each drop in lake level. Boaters should take extreme caution in launching and should look the situation over carefully before making the decision to launch. Larger boats should not be launched at Wild Horse. Obviously, the dock is no longer in the water so launching a boat is much easier with two people. The lake is very green with algae. As you move north on the lake, the algae growth does diminish. Bass fishing has been fair, with most of the fish coming off of the points at the north end of the lake and in the canyon. Trout fishing has been slow to fair. The trick is to get your presentation to 15 or 20 feet of depth, putting your presentation just above the thermocline. Most anglers seem to be sticking with Power Bait or worms. Fly rodders will have their best luck with damsel fly nymphs, leech patterns, crystal buggers and wooly buggers. Wipers are being caught at the mouths of the arms and the canyon by the dam. Not much action at the south end of the lake for wipers, trout or bass. Smallmouth fishing is fair to good with most fish being caught with green soft plastics. For green think pumpkin or avocado depending upon what brand of plastic baits you prefer. Anglers may keep one wiper (white bass x striped bass hybrid) over 15 inches and anglers may now keep one smallmouth bass 15” or larger as well. There is no limit in place on trout, but limits on all other species apply and all fishing regulations must still be followed including methods of fishing. WILLOW BEACH, CLARK COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Anglers are finding good action for large stripers. The fish are biting A.C. Plugs and other trout-imitating swimbaits. Three fish weighing in at 16.16 pounds, 17 pounds and 27.76 pounds came in during the past week. Rainbow trout continue to hit small spinners and other traditional trout baits following the weekly plants on Fridays. WILLOW CREEK RESERVOIR, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: The lake is down to around 5% of capacity, turbid and not many fish are being caught. In a recent salvage of crappie, not many keeper crappie were caught, few catfish and no trout. It is probably not worth the trip. This fishery is probably gone until we get enough moisture to recharge both it and the surrounding lands. WILSON RESERVOIR, ELKO COUNTY, NEV: The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports: Very little change here as well except for the water level which is currently around 50% of capacity. Water is being drawn down for hay irrigation, which will end around Labor Day. Trout fishing is slow to fair and bass fishing is fair to good. Many of the bass are small, though anglers report more keepers are being caught. The weeds are growing in the shallows causing problems for shore anglers on the west and southern shores, while the canyon is providing fair fishing from shore for trout. Fishing has been slow to fair for trout with fish averaging 11to 14 inches, with anglers doing fair along the shorelines near the boat ramp and along the shoreline by the cabin on the north side of the lake. The same presentations and techniques that would work at South Fork should work here. Anglers report green soft plastics are working for bass

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