Carson Valley doctor advances at national finals of American Ninja Warrior

Photos courtesy of Noah Kaufman Screen shots of Valley ER doctor Noah Kaufman's appearance on American Ninja Warrior.
Photos courtesy of Noah Kaufman
Screen shot of Valley ER doctor Noah Kaufman’s appearance on American Ninja Warrior earlier this summer.

by Joey Crandall,

Carson Valley ER doctor Noah Kaufman extended his time in the national spotlight for at least one more week as he advanced to Stage 2 of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior national finals during Monday night’s episode.

Kaufman, an emergency room physician at Carson Valley Medical Center who has become one of the fan favorites of the extreme obstacle-course competition televised throughout the summer, was the first competitor Monday to complete Stage 1 of the national finals.

As part of the race course, which extends nearly 100 yards, he had to navigate a series of difficult obstacles – including jumping off a mini-trampoline to wedge himself between a pair of suspended walls about five yards away. That particular obstacle claimed a wide majority of the field Monday evening.

Kaufman worked his way through it, however, and became one of 27 finalists to advance to Stage 2, which airs Sept. 9 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

In preparation for the finals, Kaufman said he endured a rigorous training routine, which included swims in the lake, hiking with his infant son on his back and doing hour-long runs with sprints at 10-second intervals. He said he lost about 15 pounds during the training.

Regardless of the outcome this season, Kaufman said he will compete in American Ninja Warrior again next year and will train throughout the year in preparation.



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