Good Morning, Carson Valley!

Well, we made it through Week 1 of the Movie Monday contest with five winners: Michelle McKinney, Dale Paul, Matt Wayne, Michael Chapton and Evan Jones.

Matt was the grand prize winner for being the third to correctly guess that our mystery item was indeed a digital movie used in the projectors at Ironwood 8 Cinemas.

Monday4We’ll play again next week, probably with a mystery place in Carson Valley.

Thanks to everyone for the guesses!

Our thunder storms never really materialized in the Valley, but the National  Weather Service is showing an 80 percent chance of precipitation today with a chance of thunderstorms continuing at least through Thursday.

Expect temperatures to be in the 80s through the remainder of the week.

The TV stations in Reno are reporting that the American Fire, which has now burned 15,000 acres west of Lake Tahoe, was likely human caused. That has given the Valley considerable smoke over the last several days.

Crews have also been battling the Spring Peak fire, which has now burned 12,000 acres in

Photo courtesy of Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators
Photo courtesy of Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators

the Mineral County area and is threatening historic mining structures in Bodie and Aurora. As of last night, the fire had a containment rating of zero. Currently 218 personnel are on scene, with 15 residential structures threatened.

Finally, as always, we like to vacation vicariously through the Carson Valley Times readers. Anyone with photos of their vacation spots is more than welcome to send them to or post to CVT contributing photographer Ron Harpin is in San Diego this week and gave us some incredible photos from a Padres game at Petco Park, against the Mets. Douglas football coach Ernie Monfiletto sent us photos from Fenway Park earlier in the summer. Maybe as a Valley we can try to come up with pictures of locals at all 30 parks. Or maybe not.

Here’s a little mini-gallery of what Ron came up with. You can view and purchase his more local work at

Tony Gwynn statue
Tony Gwynn statue

Harpin3-cvt-082013 Harpin4-cvt-082013 HArpin5-cvt-082013

Sand sculpture at the stadium
Sand sculpture at the stadium



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