Angler’s Edge fishing report for Sierra Nevada

Pyramid Lake Opens 6-1/2 weeks!
Photo courtesy by Angler's Edge
Photo courtesy by Angler’s Edge




Things to look forward to:  Mason Valley closes Sept. 30th.  Heenan opens in 2+ weeks, Pyramid opens in 6+ weeks 🙂


E. CARSON:  CA: Flows:  50 cfs  above Hangman’s (along hwy 89/4) The river is clear.  Water is now slowly being released from Kinny Res.. Was stocked with some Lahontans last week,  Alpine county has a few more stockings before season’s end.  Getting some nice reports We have a little bit of heat coming on, and warmer evenings.  So watch the water temps.   If doing catch & release section (downstream at Hangman’s Bridge), it’s still slow in the top water.  The waters that are closer to the Hot Springs and the back water of Nevada still doing well on golden stones, Hopper dropper with caddis pupa, Caddis, ant, and para-madam X.   Also try these dries: Stimulators in Yellow or orange, PMD’s, Para Adams, EHC.  Caddis pupa in olive or cream doing well along with Franks and little yellow stone patterns.  Buggers in Olive and black, rainbow warriors, Copper Johns in green.


E. CARSON:  NV: Flows:  52 cfs   Still doing alright, warmer water so if doing C & R, please take a thermometer with you at 69 degrees, stop fishing.  Back country still nice and taking a little trip into the back country (walking up from rafting take-out) is a nice evening stroll.  We do the ‘5 hole” walk and fast foot it up to Horseshoe bend and fish our way out.  Buggers in Olive and the Yellow Crystal Bugger.  Skating a Elk Hair Caddis, little yellow sally or an orange stimulator with a small drop of a Bubbleback, Golden stone, little yellow stone  Prince, Hare’s ear, Micro May flies, Copper Johns.


PLEASANT VALLEY FLY FISHING PRESERVE: Flows: 15 cfs  Clear and low.  It takes a stealthy fisherman (woman) to fish.  5X fluoro is your best tippet up there now.  Fish ran into their pools and it’s a One & Done, unless you want to sit down and eat your lunch (wait a bit).  Still taking Hopper dropper combos (para hopper) red copper john, hot pink san juan, FB PT, WD40 in black or gray, little yellow stones.   Dry flies Para Madam X, EHC, Comparadun adams. Pond is off color, kind of aquamarine and they are risisng to Para Madam X drop a  Hare’s Ears, PT’s in size 16, damsels, Snow cones below (call shop for Reservations)


W. CARSON: Flows 15 cfs:  Crawl through the bush to get into those beautiful wild rainbows and brookies through the pocket water using a dry fly: Elk Hair Caddis(14 or 16), Royal Wulff, black ant and orange or yellow Stimulator.  Hare’s ear, Princes, and copper johns in black or red BH prince in a 16.


E. WALKER: CA: Flows 95 cfs: Flows are just starting (at this report) to be bumped down from the 103 CFS that has lasted 5 days. With the warmer days, and unfortunately warmer nights, start taking temps by 11 am.    Tricos and small PMD’s doing well if you’re looking for dry fly action.  The fish will be venturing into the riffles just before mid day.  Start early (like 6 am)  Late evening fish are readily rising to tricos or small BWO’s.    You can get the flows  on our website   Micro mayflies, Caddis puppa, crystal caddis, Flashback PT’s, Little Yellow stones, Trico, WD40’s in grey or olive, buggers in Olive and brown.


E. WALKER: NV Flows 132 cfs:   Flows are just starting (at this report) to be bumped down from the 132 CFS that has lasted 5 days.  Start early (like 6 am)  We find it weird that other reports  say it’s not fishing well…  okey dokey, more for us!!!   Fish will be looking for the oxygenated water, so hit the riffles.  Check temps mid day, and be responsible and stop fishing at 69 degrees.  The fish are still happy with last week’s fare: Yellow Sallies, and small hoppers in tan.  Of course, the Hot Pinks San Juan, Rubber legged golden stones, and the Little stones are hatching. Black or olive buggers, Dragon Fly nymphs along the weed beds.  yellow stones/yellow sally’s, PT’s, red or black zebra, Micro Mayflies, tent wing caddis,  Hoppers are starting to show, but are small. Nitro Caddis pupa in tan or rainbow warrior or Frank (yes, we developed a fly and called it ‘Frank’)


E. WALKER: NV ELBOW AREA Flows 132 cfs and dropping: Fish are looking for the deeper holes and shadows.  Mid morning out in the riffles,  readily taking hare’s ears, buggers and dries skated.


ASPEN LAKE RANCH: Taking reservations for September, at this time we’ve closed it for the month of August for the safety of the big brutes (call shop for Reservation, all equipment is provided, other than your rod, line, flies, 3X minimum tippet, these boys are big!)


WEST WALKER : CA: Flows:  cfs  Flows are  stable.  The How Big is Big contest ended July 31st.  Though fish are there, they’re holding their spot and deep.  Pickel Meadows area has slowed down since last week’s report, guessing a lot have been yanked out and a restocking is needed,   Flows will decrease a bit more.  Standard Summer fair of Yellow Crystal Bugger (dubbed by someone as the West Walker Special ), Yellow stimi’s, prince, red copper johns, EHC’s and humpies in red or yellow.


WEST WALKER  NV (Hoye Canyon):  Flows 64 cfs:  Weed beds are big and the slime is prevalent. Water is warm, and not much change in the fishing.  Gettting a little difficult. Olive or black buggers, epoxy back yellow stone, hare’s ear, pink or red san juan, fish off a hopper or a chartreuse para Madam X, para adams or  EHC.


HEENAN  Opens AUGUST 30th. Only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunrise to Sunset, Catch and Release ONLY


PYRAMID LAKE  Opens October 1st. Start getting that gear ready!  Last October was the best opener ever.  Licenses will be available at the shop


TOPAZ: No change from last week: Crawdad patterns, Olive buggers and even san juan worms.  Bass are showing up along the north-west side, taking crawdads and sparsley tied clouser patterns, if you don’t have those, use a white bugger. Trout have gone a bit deeper with the heat about 25 – 30′, use an intermediate line or type III or IV if float tubing.


SPOONER: Leach patterns Prince, PT’s, Hare’s ears in size 14 and smaller.  Getting much more difficult for the shore fisherman.  Olive and black buggers, zug bugs, Furred Stillwater nymphs. Float tubing produces a bit more than the shore fishing.


DESERT CREEK: Best way yo get there is take the road further down on 338, the road near Wellington is getting very rutted.  EHC, Para MX chartreuse, small olive buggers are taken easily.


HOBART: Still fishing well. It was stocked with some small tiger trout. And the fish will key in on the bait fish patterns easily.  Olive Buggers, leach patterns for streamers, PT’s, prince, and red copper johns on a strike indicator, Dry fly: adams, Light Cahill & ant patterns They’ll take just about anything.


INDIAN CREEK: Cutthroats were stocked.  (not many) The hold overs are in the deeper water and fishing has waned due to the lack of stocking, though if you’re willing to wait for that line to sink you certainly can play, especially just mid lake and then towards the dam.. Stillwater nymphs, Martis Midge emerger, Rainbow warriors, zebra midges in red or black, olive buggers, leach patterns Intermediate line, or a full sink tip with a blood midge on a finger crawl is the way to go since they are a  bit deeper.


CRATER: Water is dropping but still fishing well for the dry fly.  Fish are starting to go a little deeper, if they don’t play on top, start finger crawling a scud in olive, price, sheepcreek, red ant, black ant, any “royal” pattern. With the heat coming up, it will force the fish a little deeper.  In Alpine County, South of Interstate 80 an additional 10 brook trout less than 10 inches total length may be kept in addition to the regular five-trout bag limit (though not Red Lake).


BURNSIDE: Stocked and playful.   olive buggers and black or red copper johns


KIRMAN: still getting good reports from shore fishing  Red,  the color this week for the brutes, Red Copper Johns, Snowcones, red zebra midges, scuds in olive and pink on a dry line with strike indicator.


BRIDGEPORT RES: Midging is still doing great, water is lowand getting warm.  Recent thunderstorms may give it some fresh water, but south side will be off color.   Doing well with Rootbeer or black buggers with a drop of a wiggle damsel, zebra midges, still water nymph in orange.


TWIN LAKES: Lower Twin along the inlet side, doing well for shore and boat.  Red Butt bugger on an intermediate line, followed by a zebra midge or red copper John has produced a few fish, but it’s not wide open.  Lower twin where the inlet comes in has done well even from shore, but they are liking the shiny buggers


ASSORTED REPORTS: Let us know if there are waters that you want reports on!  We’ll place them here.

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