Douglas County moves to new technology for job applications

by Melissa Blosser, Douglas County Community Relations

Douglas County has launched a new software system to improve the hiring process for job seekers and personnel managers. Job seekers are able to quickly apply online to numerous positions currently open via Interested candidates can apply for current vacancies or sign up for new openings that become available.

Photo by Melissa Blosser
Photo by Melissa Blosser

Douglas County has partnered with NEOGOV, the nation’s largest cloud software for HR in government and education. Using this technology, HR and department managers can access online records to expedite hiring and provide greater accountability when selecting new employees.

“This new software streamlines the job search and application process for job seekers” said Norma Santoyo, Human Resources Manager. “Instead of applying for multiple job openings at once, candidates can submit multiple applications all electronically.”

The new system also allows human resources to more effectively create minimum qualifications to sort through a pool of applicants. With the new system, administrative work and technical maintenance costs are reduced as this workload is handled by the NEOGOV system.

Douglas County now also has new computers located in the lobby at the Minden where interested candidates can apply for Douglas County positions. The computers give direct access to NEOGOV.

Douglas County now joins over 1000 organizations across the nation which have moved into cutting edge online technology for personnel management. For more information on NEOGOV visit

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