Adventure Moto rolling in Aug. 22-25

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by Joey Crandall,

When organizers of the Carson Valley/Lake Tahoe Adventure Moto ride & rendezvous decided to move their headquarters for this year’s event to Carson Valley, they knew they had a natural fit.

“It is just a motorcycle-friendly place,” said J. Brandon, who is helping to organize the event. “Last year we had it at Mont Bleu in Tahoe and it was great. But the thing was the best motorcycling at Lake Tahoe is not at Lake Tahoe. It’s around Lake Tahoe.”

The second annual Carson Valley/Lake Tahoe Adventure Moto will be Aug. 22-25, headquartered at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden.

“When we sat down and started planning it this year, we wanted to make it even better,” Brandon said. “We talked a lot about bringing the event down to the Valley. Two of us already live here. And, especially when you consider all of the dirt trails available, it’s really the center of the universe for motorcycle riding.”

Last year, the event drew riders from all over the United States and Canada looking to experience world class motorcycle riding.

“It was just a group of local guys, like Carl Ribaudo, Mike Bradford, George Swetland and myself, who started talking about how easy it is to take for granted the quality of riding we have around here,” Brandon said. “We wanted to create an event for folks who are not from here to be able to appreciate what this area has to offer.

“We wanted to give them a reason to stop, stay in a hotel and eat here. And once they were here, we wanted to be able to offer local expertise on navigate the area.”

The Carson Valley Visitors Authority is the title sponsor for the four-day gathering, which will include displays, demonstrations and tech sessions for participants from local businesses and experts in the field.

And of course, there will be riding.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

“This isn’t an event to bring your bike to sit around and polish the chrome,” Brandon said. “You come here to ride. We’ll be showing them where to go, where to get gas once they get there. It’s about coming in and having an adventure.”

A vendor’s expo is scheduled for Aug. 24 in the Carson Valley Inn parking lot. Local businesses included are Carson Motorsports, Adventure MotoStuff and TechSpec, a Johnson Lane company that makes Gripsters tank grips.

The feature event of the week will be Aug. 24 at 6 p.m., when racing legends Walt Fulton III and Jimmy Lewis will be on stage inside the CVI to talk about their racing careers. Cost for the presentation is $10 per person, with tickets available at the door.

“We really want locals to be able to show up and see this,” Brandon said. “There’s no charge for the Expo. You can come down, walk around and see all the cool bikes that are going to be there.

“Then you can step inside and listen to two racing legends for the evening.”

Brandon said several dozen riders will be coming into town for the event.

“It’s never going to be a massive thing,” he said. “We don’t want it to be massive. We want it to be small enough so that we can speak with people personally throughout the week.”

For more information on the event, visit

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