Minden-Tahoe Airport receives federal grants

by Melissa Blosser, Douglas County Community Relations

The Minden-Tahoe Airport received two Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants for 2013 for maintenance of existing pavement. With the receipt of these grants the Airport will have received $2 million in grant money over the last two years, all for the repair and maintenance of Airport asphalt.
The first grant awarded in 2013 is for $550,000 to repair and slurry seal taxiway delta and the adjacent ramp. The second grant was awarded for $84,375 for engineering to complete the design for the repair of taxiways E, F and G at the Minden-Tahoe Airport. The County will be requesting bids to complete the work for both projects.
The airport also received recognition from the FAA praising the work of the Airport staff during the Bison Fire. The recognition stated the operations team provided airport tours and operational briefings, helping controllers quickly adapt to a complex situation and ensuring a safe transition from an “uncontrolled airport” to a “controlled airport” concept.
According to Airport manager Bobbi Thompson, the Minden –Tahoe Airport is a unique airport due to the ration of powered versus non-powered aircraft operating on crossing runways. During the Bison Fire the airport was consumed with an influx of firefighting helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, resulting in a rapid change in the airport environment. A portable base was established and served five single-engine tankers working the fire.
“The rapid activation of a control tower and transition to a controlled airport would not have been possible without the support of your staff, Soaring NV and the Minden –Tahoe Airport Community,” the letter stated.
The Minden-Tahoe Airport is home base to approximately 350 aircraft including 80 gliders. Annual aircraft movements are estimated at 90,000 with about 40 percent of these as glider/tow plane operations and motorgliders. The Airport has an annual economic impact of over $42 million. The Minden-Tahoe Airport is one of the leading airports in the Lake Tahoe region and the only financially self-sufficient general aviation airports in the state of Nevada.

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