Day Trip: Nevada Beach

Editor’s Note: As part of the Carson Valley Times venture, we’re aiming to feature one day trip per month, exploring the area that so beautifully surrounds our Valley and hopefully turning our readers onto some new adventures along the way. If you have an area or destination you’d like us to explore in the future, e-mail your ideas to

The criteria are simple. Somewhere within a 3-4 hour drive that defines the very idea of a getaway for you. Generally, the shorter the drive, the better. We like to include a place to eat during the trip.


You can essentially replace Nevada Beach with (Fill in the blank with your favorite Tahoe beach) and be just as happy with the trip. The point is, we have a world-renowned tourist destination within a 20-mile drive and sometimes it’s easy to forget with that big mountain barrier standing in between.

We like Nevada Beach because it’s usually not very crowded, meaning the kids can run around in the sand without disturbing anyone else, and it’s where our parents took us when we were growing up.

The beach itself is about 0.7 miles long and, depending on the water level on shoreline that year, can be as wide as a couple football fields placed end-to-end. It is the widest beach at Tahoe, and that helps add to the non-crowded feeling.

For those that haven’t been, getting there is just a matter of heading up Kingsbury Grade, turning right on Highway 50 and then left on Elks Point Road after approximately two miles.


There is a nice campground available, set back in the trees a bit and a very nice trails system, that connects all the way out to Kahle Drive and traverses some forest areas and some meadows.

Parking is $7 per car, or you can purchase a season pass at the gate.

Expect some fowl company on shore, whether it be seagulls, ducks or geese. They’re well trained and they expect food. Don’t give in! A little hooting and flapping of the arms takes care of that (that’s why we bring the kids). Because of the broad strip of sand available, you’d be well served to bring some sort of shade structure with you. Plan on anchoring it down, though, as it can get pretty windy.

There is plenty of watercraft activity out on the lake, although well away from the shore (buoys are maybe 50-75 yards out), so the water can get choppy, which makes rafts or innertubes fun for the kids. We keep ours close to shore, though, because it’s easy to drift off down the shore if you aren’t paying attention.

Keep an eye out for M.S. Dixie II paddlewheeler, which will pass by at least once. You’re also bound to see a few parasails out in the middle of the lake.


On our way home, we kept going down Highway 50 through Cave Rock and down Spooner. We stopped at Five Guys Burgers off of Topsy Lane to try it out. Verdict? It’s on the pricey side, but the price covers unlimited toppings so make sure take advantage of that. I didn’t realize it when I ordered and wound up with a pretty basic burger (my fault). If I had it to do over again, I’d do the mushrooms, grilled onions, possibly some jalapenos and A1. And try out the malt vinegar with your fries. And the soda machine offers some pretty cool combinations.


Next month we’re eyeing Emerald Bay, or possibly Bodie. We’d certainly be open to other suggestions.

If anyone wants to submit their own day trip, please feel free! We ask that you include directions, photos, tips and a place to eat (optional). E-mail your information to or post to our Facebook page at

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