Fishing Report for Northern Nevada, Sierra and beyond: July 24

Photo courtesy of Kirk Portocarrero at outdooradventures A successful fisherman with his King Salmon caught in the Sacramento River.
Photo courtesy of Kirk Portocarrero at outdooradventures
A successful fisherman with his King Salmon caught in the Sacramento River.

by Don Quilici


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Fishing varies from day to day, with some days being good, while others being slow. Best time of day is from about 6:00 am to 10:30 am and then again after the shadows start to hit the water in late afternoon.

Best conditions seem to be with a 5 to 10 mph breeze, putting a small chop on the water.

A few fish are being taken with small dry flies, mostly yellow in color, but most of the luck is still coming with nymphs below an indicator or dry fly.

Early in the day, about three feet below the indicator, but as the sun climbs in the sky, start fishing the dropper deeper. PT’s, blue copper Johns, olive hares ears, and olive soft hackles all should be productive. Small olive wooly and crystal buggers on a sink tip line should be productive as well. The usual small spinners, worms and Power Bait are also effective here for bait and spin anglers. Start fishing off of the bottom and move up in the water column if you don’t get any hits.



Rick and Patti Apted – Lake Sabrina Boat Landing (760-873-7425) ( reports:

Lake Sabrina:

Don’t forget to pick up your license before hitting the Lake.

Watch out for the Deer – they are on the move!

We’ve got boats for rent and YES you can get to the DingleBerry Inlet,

but maybe only for another week!

Even as the Lake continues to drop quickly, the wildlife continues to impress. Two bald eagles at the back of the Lake entertained the anglers fishing at the DingleBerry Inlet – skirmishing in the air high above their heads and then diving into the Lake for a snack – what awesome memories. And we can’t forget about the bears in the canyon – yup, another visit from the ‘Yogi’ imposter.

Fishing the DingleBerry Inlet with Nightcrawlers, Power Bait, Salmon Eggs or Jigs. Trolling flashers and a Nightcrawler or Thomas Buoyant or just trolling a Nightcrawler (just don’t forget the swivel or you’ll be hatin’ life).  Shore fishing with Nightcrawlers, Salmon Eggs or Power Bait. And drifting in the channels with just a Nightcrawler is back in the picture this week.

Got a good load of stockers from the Department of Fish and Game last Tuesday. They’ll keep stocking as long as they can get to the water – not sure how much longer.

Alex Guerrero (age 13) of Placentia made his PaPa happy landing a 3-1/2 pounder on Power Bait while Fidl Mojica of Bishop caught a 4 pounder also on Powe Bait.  Timm Mackert, Andrew Hunter and Jeff Hunter combined their efforts and brought home 9-1/2 pounds of fish for their fish fry – all caught on Nightcrawlers or Salmon Eggs. Troop 915 of Westchester dominated the DingleBerry Inlet on Saturday catching limit after limit – Scout Leader Ernie Bucher of Hawthorne showed the boys how it was done bringing in a 3-1/4 pounder.

The massive amount of cement was poured on Tuesday – right on schedule – this is the actually road bed.

The completion date for the bridge is the end of September.

Rain in the forecast for pretty much the entire week along with thunder boomers and lightening. This week’s temps are expected to be in the low-50s for the lows and in the lower-70s for the highs. Best pack a poncho as the monsoonal weather returns. You can check NOAA’s website at and enter ASPENDELL, CA on the site and it will give you a fairly good hint at the weather up at the Lake or check in with Howard at Also, check out NOAA’s Facebook page – US National Weather Service Las Vegas Nevada – the Lake was pictured in one of their posting!

We are now open Sunday thru Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm – we serve Breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am and Lunch from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm – Homemade Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream from 7:00 am to 6:45 pm.

IF YOU’RE TAKING A BOAT TO THE BACK OF THE LAKE AND PLAN ON GETTING OUT or HIKING INTO THE BACK COUNTRY – DON’T FORGET THE BUG JUICE – THEY ARE HORRID – Remember when using the bug juice and SANITIZER you need to really wash your hands before fishing – then rub some Salmon Egg juice, worm dirt or Anglers Bros Trout attractant to take that smell off.

Also, remember your polarized dark glasses and sunscreen.

And, of course, we’ll have HOMEMADE pie & ice cream, sodas, beer, wine, coffee, tea and hot cocoa!


Jared Smith – Parchers Resort (760-873-4177) (

Fish & Trail Report 7-21-13

South Lake:

Another quiet week on the lake this week but the few anglers who ventured out caught some beautiful holdover Rainbows with a few Browns and Brookies mixed in.

Power bait and nightcrawlers have been best for the bait n’ wait folks.

Thomas Buoyant accounted for a few fish as well.

The best bite is at the inlet or at the Rock Slide.

The lake is probably down another 2 feet this week. Unfortunately the spring reservoir forecast that has proved to be wildly inaccurate all season has been officially abandoned and we have been notified that instead of using the reservoir for storage, the lake will continue to drop for the remainder of the summer. The lake is now projected to reach minimum capacity towards the end of August in order to meet DWP requirements over the next 6 weeks.

This is the lowest summer lake level on record….ever….which makes one wonder what is so different about this drought compared to the other droughts that have occurred over the past 60+ years that the storage records are available. Regardless of the reason, this is the first time the lake will be drained to minimum pool by the end of summer, remarkably unfortunate for everyone who enjoys recreation on South Lake.

Depending on how things progress, South Lake Landing may close for the season as early as this weekend. Thankfully anglers have been enjoying exceptional fishing in all other canyon waters so there are still plenty of great fishing opportunities in the neighborhood.

South Fork Bishop Creek:

Another great week of creek fishing for canyon visitors. Lots of limits with a few lunkers to just over 3lbs coming in. Folks are doing well on baby nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, mini-jigs and spinners.

Creek flows are higher than normal for this time of year but the creek is still very fishable.

Top fish weighed in at the resort was a 3.10 bruiser caught by Matthew Ruscitti from Escondido. Honorable mention goes to a fine 2.05lb Rainbow caught on a salmon egg by Gunnar Trowbridge from Sunland, CA.

Weir Pond:

Weir Pond has been excellent for both fly fishers as well as the spinning folks. The fly guys have been doing well on dries early and late in the day and the conventional anglers are doing best with crawler pieces or salmon eggs. Small Rapalas were reported to be very effective near the inlet.

North Lake:

Lots of happy anglers checking in from North Lake this week with limits being the norm for anyone spending a few hours at the lake.

Top fish of the week was a solid 3lber caught by Malory Churchill from San Diego, CA using power bait.

Intake II:

Another week of limit style fishing for most of the folks who checked in at the Parchers store.

Most anglers were bait fishing but the best report of the week was from the Gasaway brothers, Tristin & Bobby, who scored 3.75lb and 3.15lb Brooders using the Red/Gold and the Rainbow pattern Thomas Buoyant.

Trail Report:

Great trail conditions, still tons of wildflowers, the hiking and backpacking season is in full swing.

A quick reminder that overnight parking for the Bishop Pass trailhead is in the designated spaces at the upper lot at South Lake or anywhere along the road below Parchers Resort. All open parking between Parchers and the trailhead is designated as day use only.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Okay, the DFW has had Boca on the stock list now for 3 weeks and continues to pull its’ name off that list. Supposedly they stocked it last week but what reports I’ve been receiving have been contradictory to that. So, if they actually decided to stock this lake last week you should be able to catch some fish! If you’re after the stockers I would concentrate my efforts on the shoreline up and down from the boat launch. 

Key here is to get an early start or to fish in the evening as this lake is boating and PWC madness! This lake can be a wave pool with the amount of watercraft utilizing it on the weekends!

Best action by shore fisherman has been the dam and at the deeper troughs outside the inlet, with the flows starting to drop coming out of the LT. 

If you pinch your barbs and fish lures only one can work the Little Truckee River that flows into Boca but be cognizant that you may be fishing besides fly fisherman. Please be courteous to each other’s space.  

With flows coming out of the LT at a paltry 40 CFS you’ll probably find more fish in the lake now than in the stream. Also, concentrate off points as large fish will be suspended here. 

Shore fisherman can be successful by throwing all sorts of bait and lures such as large spinners and small stick baits that will imitate kokanee, rainbows, or baitfish.


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) reports:

July 22, 2013

Bridgeport Reservoir has been a little tougher than usual this past week but there’s still some decent numbers of fish being caught.

Bait fishing with crawlers, mice tails and power bait has been the best though there’s still a few fish being caught trolling.

Haven’t heard much from fly anglers lately, the midge hatches seem to have slowed a bit but the damsels are hatching like crazy right now.

We’ve heard that some anglers are being told that there’s no place to launch boats now at the reservoir, this is not the case. You are still able to launch off the shore at the old “North Marina”   which is just on the North side of the “Bathtub”. We had a couple of 20 foot pontoon boats in there yesterday with no problem. If you have questions about launching just give us a call and we can give you directions etc.  


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Very low water conditions. Very few places to fish.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

This report seldom changes as Cave is Cave, with anglers reporting good catch rates of 8 to 10 inch fish.

The usual worms, small spinners and minnow imitations should work for spin fishermen.

Flyrodders should be using small Cave Lake Specials, zug bugs, prince nymphs, hares ears, PT’s, and small wooly buggers. If there are insects hatching, most dries will work. Especially effective here are renegades, Griffith’s gnats, blue duns, red quills, elk hair caddis and small stimulators.

This is a great place to take kids to get them hooked on fishing.


Convict Lake Resort (800-992-2260) ( reports:

Hello Convict Lake fishing report followers:  

As we enter the dog days of summer, you have to be selective when to be out on the lake. The mornings and evenings have been the prime time for fishing. A stroll up the creek is a good call during the mid-day.

Another option is to head into the backcountry. This is my plan so there will be no fishing report next week.

Make sure to stop by the general store to get up-to-date information on what is working out on the lake and at the creek.    

Header Photo: 

Casey, Griffin and Devon Sanchez from Livermore, CA with an excellent stinger after a day at Convict Creek. The Sanchez clan was using nightcrawlers and salmon eggs. Their stringer had a total weight of 5 pounds and 7 ounces. Great job Sanchez family!

To see more fish photos visit our 2013 Fishing Gallery.

Catch of the Week: 

Joshua and Kristen of Long Beach, CA each landed a quality fish. Kristen’s 3 pound 14 ounce rainbow was the largest of the week. Joshua hooked a 2 pound 9 ounce rainbow. Both were using White & Blue Power bait and were fishing the South Shore. 

Other Notable catches this week: 

Kevin Endo of Valencia, CA stopped by the store with a stout 2 pound 11 ounce rainbow. Kevin was fishing with a nightcrawlers at the Inlet.

Russ Barkelew of Long Beach, CA ended the day with a nice 2 pound 8 ounce stringer. Russ caught all three fish at the inlet with Power bait. 


The most successful Power bait colors were white and blue.

Red/gold Thomas Bouyants, Rooster Tails and Gulp Pinch Crawlers are also very productive in the lake.

Convict Creek fished well this week. Salmon eggs was the bait of choice in the creek. Also try using Mice Tails, Power Worms or Sierra Slammers.

The Inlet continued to be the hot spot.

Other locations to try are the South Shore, North Shore, Jetty, Outlet, West Shore, Creek, Handicap Pier and Hangman’s Tree. 

Here is a list of other baits/lures that can be productive:

Trout Teasers, green or brown Marvel Fly Lures, Panther Martin, NeedleFish, Thomas Bouyants, Green Wooly Booger and Lip RIpperz Hatchery Dust on Power bait.

Other Resources: 

View our Convict Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Rig Suggestion brochures. Both brochures are available in the General Store. 

Derby News: 

The Ambush at the Lake Fishing Derby will be starting on Monday, September 2nd for a chance to win $6,000 in Resort Prizes!

Also mark your calendars for the Morrison’s Cash Bonus Weekend on November 1-3. $2000 in cash prizes.


It has been warm with light winds the past few days. It looks like this pattern will continue for the beginning of next week. The forecast for next week has the highs hovering in the low-80s. During the evenings the lows will be in the mid-50s. There is always the potential for afternoon thunderstorms during the summer months.

Here is the National Weather Service link that is usually quite accurate:  7-Day Forecast Convict Lake.  

Sunrise – Sunset: 

Sunrise this week 5:50 am – 5:55 am and Sunset 8:15 pm – 8:10 pm. 


DFG stocked the lake on July 15th and the creek on July 17th.  


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

No change here Hilton Bay and Crooked Creek. Try Stevie’s Wonder gray or copper zebra midge patterns in about ten feet of water.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Fishing has been slow at the moment, despite water conditions improving. Not a recommended fishing spot at the moment, as anglers corroborate fair to poor reports across the board. Using damsel nymphs in the weeds is your best option to get some hookups.  

Courtesy of Fly Fish with Don.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: 

Donner was supposedly stocked last week! I say supposed because a number of other lakes were to be stocked over the previous 2 weeks but were not. Get the kids out there or your buddy who has a difficult time catching fish and have a good time! Remember to be a steward and keep just what you can eat! No need to fill your freezer with multiple trips and leave some fish for the kids to catch!

Power bait will be the primary bait one will be using along with small shiny lures such as 1/12 to 1/8 Kastmasters, Roostertails or Panther Martins.  Kokanee fishing will get going here again about mid-week according to Keith and one will be targeting 55 to 75 feet of water now between the area of Loch Leven and China Cove. Pink, Orange and Chartreuse have been the best color choices. 

Catching minnows can be deadly this time of year for the Macks as they are still within casting distance. Also, for those trolling for Macks action has been good if you’re working the ledges along the North shoreline 45-80 feet down.  Trolling the usual suspects that will imitate small Kokes and Rainbows will be the top producers. Jigging for Macks can also be effective as they will be found at depths of 75 to 100 feet.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Trout are being caught with mostly baits such as Power Bait in a variety of colors and nightcrawlers with a bit of marshmallow.

Largemouth bass fishing good with nightcrawlers and most of the fish being caught weighing between 1 – 2 pounds, but a few closer to 4 pounds.

Daytime temps have been in the mid-eighties and lows in the mid-forties.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Trout and bass are taking night crawlers with trout liking a bit of marshmallow also on the hook. Crappie have been hitting on small jigs, as well as mealworms and night crawlers.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

The Hex hatches are still going strong and should continue all the way to early August. With PMDs coming out around 10:00 AM use boatman patterns then switch to #18 brown pheasant tails late in the day. Overall, a quiet area with great opportunities for some catches. 

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

There are only a few stripers left in the river. Not much to report. 

Courtesy of Johnsons Bait & Tackle.


Wiggin’s Trading Post at Chilcoot (530-993-4683) reports:

We have had good reports on the fishing from all around the lake this week.

Hallie Zakour from Reno, NV caught 4 rainbows at the dam using inflated nightcrawlers. Her fish were between 13 and 17 inches.

Bob Parry and Pops have been doing great as usual on their early morning fishing trips. They have been limiting out in about an hour fishing from their boat using rainbow and pink power bait.

Bruyn and Roberta Dixey caught their limits of rainbows at the first cove past the dam using power bait.

Frank Bartz, resident fly fisherman, caught 6 nice sized rainbows using gray and white dry flies – Parachute Dunns. He was fishing the west side of the lake past the boat ramp between 7 and 9 am.

The campgrounds have been filling up fast as the weekend approaches, so come up early for a great spot.

Stop by and see us for all of your camping and fishing needs or call for updates – Wiggin’s Trading Post (530) 993-4683.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Not much change from previous weeks, so expect another good week of fishing on Hat Creek, which will definitely draw many other anglers as well.

Traffic has been moderate but there is always room downstream of the Power House #2 riffle.

It is recommended to use #16-#18 PMDs and Cripple Mayflies.

The best times for getting hook-ups have been the early AM hours and just around sunset. 

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

One thousand rainbow trout were stocked on July 8.

Fishing has been great in the morning and evening at Hobart.

The weed line continues to fish well. Try ant patterns and water boatman patterns near the weed line. Some great dry fly action has started try stimulator and Royal Wulffs . Copper Johns and prince nymphs are recommended as well.

Only artificial lures and single barbless hooks for this water.

The limit on Hobart is five fish only one over 14 inches.


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

Water flow is 9 CFS. Fishing is good. Some Tricos in the am, BWO’s around mid day. Best results with nymphs.  Buckskin nymphs, caddis pupa and small pheasant tails. Some decent dry fly fishing in the afternoon with CDC caddis and Hot Creek caddis.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Bilk Creek Reservoir:

Bilk Creek Reservoir has slowed down for trout fishermen as water temperatures increase. Bass fishing around those same weed beds will remain good throughout the summer. Anglers in float tubes casting top water poppers at the bass will catch fish. As things heat up, morning and evening fishing is recommended

Humboldt County Small Streams:

Small streams in the Santa Rosa Mountains are all producing lots of brook trout. Abel, Singas, McConnell, Rebel and Canyon Creeks are small but full of fish. Be careful while hiking many of these small streams because of the frequent occurrences of rattlesnakes.

Chimney Reservoir:

Chimney Reservoir makes the fishing report for the first time in a long time! Anglers are still catching 14 inch wipers. Fishing is best in morning and evening hours (when the wind isn’t blowing).


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Due to irrigation, the water level is dropping quickly, which is starting to affect fishing. Fishing has been just fair, with the best fishing being early in the morning or late in the evening.

Bait anglers continue to report good success with red and/or chartreuse Power Bait. Fly rodders should be throwing black or olive wooly buggers, larger hares ears, prince nymphs, or zug bugs.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

This Lake will supposedly be stocked this week but other than that it has been one of the better lakes in our area to fish.

Anglers here are doing great throwing power bait and small lures such as 1/8 oz Kastmasters, Panther Martins and Roostertails. 

For the trolling crowd the action has been from the corner of the dam down to Woodcamp. Other areas have been off drop offs into deeper water.  Needlefish, Dick Nites, Kastmasters, and Sierra Spinners tipped with a Nightcrawler always works well.

Just last week an angler pulled out a 10 pound Brown out of here along the shoreline to Woodcamp!  


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

This lake is fishing fair for trout and good bass, though not many anglers target bass here. The weeds are coming up and anglers are having difficulty fishing from shore. Float tubes and small car top boats are the way to go.

Small spinners and minnow imitations as well as worms and Power Bait are good for bait anglers, while the usual assortment of damselfly, prince and PT nymphs along with zug bugs, wooly buggers and crystal buggers should work for fly rodders.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Unfortunately, Jiggs has dried up.


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports: 

Grant – Gull – June – Silver Lakes and Rush Creek:

Silver Lake still seems to be the best for float tube fly rodders fishing black or purple woolly buggers on full sink lines doing  well.

Rush Creek flow is 26 CFS.

Royal coachmen, elk hair caddis, prince nymphs and copper Johns.


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

July 22, 2013

The reports coming in from Kirman are still pretty good, there’s some pretty good weed growth in the lake but the fishing has still been decent.

Small leech patterns, damsels and scuds are still the best bets.

Seal buggers, stillwater nymphs, dainty damsels, mini leeches, gray/olive scud and flashback scud have all been doing well. 


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Reports have been mixed in regards to the Klamath.

Some anglers are catching large rainbows and others catching very little, especially of the few steelhead left.

Some rainbows might be inclined to go after some Golden Stone nymphs and springers near Klamath Glen will definitely go for your spey rods.

The weather and river conditions are fantastic along the entire river.  

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The boat ramp is closed and the reservoir is quickly receding.

Fish will actually be concentrated and the persistent angler can catch a lot of fish over the next few weeks.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Colorado River:

The striper bait is slow but rainbow trout are providing anglers with good action. A pair of anglers recently checked in with bows pushing past the four-pound threshold. Trout are biting in the Davis Camp area, along Casino Row and near Rotary Park.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Once again there is little change this week, the Rainbows in the lake are either catching Carpenter Ants or chasing after crystal buggers, so fishing has been fantastic.

With the hot weather happening it is best to fish in the early morning hours.

Flying nymphs is a good idea. 

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

George Lake – Mary Lake – Mamie Lake – Twin Lakes:

Middle Twin Lakes is the best bet for fly rodders.

Doc’s Twin Lake Special black or brown.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Marlette opened to catch and release fishing on July 15. No reports yet from anglers making the long hike into the Tahoe Backcountry.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Fishing has been great here but one must remember that this is a barbless artificial catch and release fishery only! This is a great place for someone who wants to learn how to fly fish or for kids who just want to catch some fish on lures. Nice browns and cutthrouts being caught but not for those who are looking for large trout.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Bass fishing continues to be great. Anglers continue have been using crank baits and soft baits. For best results try drop shots and Texas Rig.

Fly anglers for trout have reported success using midge patterns , copper johns and zug bugs.

North ponds trout fishing has been good try using grasshoppers and worms.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Anglers across the lake have been having success using smaller swimbaits or live shad. The striped bass are slurping up baby shad and will take imitations as well. Boils have been spotted throughout Vegas Wash, 33 Hole and just west of Sand Island. Those fishing the coves near Echo Bay have reeled in striper as well as catfish, using mostly anchovies.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The striper bite has been slow on the lake, but big fish have been hitting near Willow Beach. A 30 pound striper was taken at mile marker 52 on Savage Gear. Not to be out fished, the angler’s fishing companion reeled in a 40 pound striper on a Producer Plug. There are also reports of striper up to 17 pounds being caught from shore.

Largemouth and smallmouth bass have been hitting soft plastics worked slowly through grass beds in 20-30 feet of water.

Catfish have been hanging in the coves and have been taken on anchovies, nightcrawlers and stink baits.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (800-720-ODWF) ( reports:

The recreational Dungeness crabbing is open in the ocean.

Crabbing has been better in the ocean than inside the local bays.

Fishing for bottom fish including rockfish, and lingcod is now closed outside of the 30 fathom curve until Sept. 30.

The marine fish daily bag limit is seven fish and a separate daily limit for lingcod (two).

Retention of 1 cabezon per day is now allowed.

Fishing for ling cod remains good for anglers. Anglers are also having good success catching limits of black rockfish in the Coos Bay/Bandon area.

The ocean selective coho salmon (fin clipped) season from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. is now open until July 30 or until the 10,500 fish quota is met.  

The Nearshore halibut season is open only on Thursdays through Saturdays each week until the quota is met (23,038 lbs) or Oct. 31.  As of July 7, there is 28 percent of the quota remaining for the nearshore halibut fishery.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Action remains steady at Lake Oroville for bass at around 30 feet using jigs, shaky head, dart head and drop shot worms. 

Courtesy of My Outdoor Buddy.


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

Upper Owens River:

Current flow is 110 CFS. Special regulations still in effect upstream of the Benton Crossing Bridge. Fishing is  fair. Try egg patterns, San Juan worms ,Prince nymphs and copper John’s.

Lower Owens River:

Water flow is currently 157cfs.  Nymphing is the best  bet. Try WD-40’S, pheasant tails and hares ears.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Anglers are finding some success at the upper marsh for panfish and catfish.

Mealworms or night crawlers below a bobber will catch fish.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Onion Valley Reservoir:

Onion started with only a half pool of water because of the drought.\

Irrigation demands are quickly draining the lake and fishing should be done by the first week in August.

Blue Lakes:

Blue Lakes is located only a couple of miles above Onion Valley Reservoir but is only accessible by a hiking trail. It offers opportunity for both bait and fly anglers. It is 75% full this year and should provide good angling throughout the summer. It is stocked each fall with fingerling trout dropped from a helicopter.

Fishing has been and remains good for both bait and fly anglers.

Four species of trout can be caught in Blue Lakes: brook, tiger, rainbows and cutbows. Fish from 10 to 18 inches are being caught.

Both bait and fly fishermen have enjoyed above average success in the early season. Dry flies, cast to rising trout, are a good tactic for fly anglers

Knott Creek Reservoir:

The hot summer and the late-June algae bloom at Knott Creek Reservoir has made life tough for trout anglers. The water in Knott seems to be clearing up somewhat but angling has been difficult. Hot air temperatures and ensuing warm water temperatures have made this summer a difficult one for anglers.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Reports have been varied with some fishermen having a poor time and others great times. Weather temperatures have increased but that has not put too much of a damper on the river, and there are still plenty of Caddis and Yellow Sally hatches, in the morning then midday respectively. 

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

The DFW has been atrocious this year at stocking our lakes and this is one that they have supposedly stocked and then the next week taken it off the stock listing. Now this week they have it on as one of the three local lakes to be stocked but we’ll have to see. If this Lake got stocked week with DFW trout, fishing should be pick up considerably. 

Some good reports here but your best luck will be in the early morning!

Trout in the 12-16 inch range have been caught on Kastmasters in 1/4 oz to 1/8 oz in Perch, Watermelon, Brook trout, and Gold early and late while Firetiger, Chrome/Blue, and Chrome have produced better during the mid-day hours. Look for similar colors in Roostertails, Panther Martins, and Thomas bouyants. 

Power bait and worms will be the go to bait and one should concentrate on the shoreline leading into. 

Smallmouth fishing will be better this summer than trout fishing here as the water temps will be higher than most of the other regional lakes. 

For those who have more patience than me throwing nightcrawlers, Power bait, or Salmon eggs will certainly be a sure bet when the schools come by. 

Trollers should concentrate along drop offs by the shoreline and through the Prosser Creek arm with needlefish, Dick Nites, and Sierra Spinner (there just not for Kokes!) tipped with a nightcrawler.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

With the warmer temps heating up the water, bass fishing has been good.

Late afternoon is the best time for bass, but anglers report bass from noon on. There seems to be two age classes that are coming in. One that is just under 10 inches, which must be release

With a little work, most anglers can catch a limit of keepers with a day’s worth of fishing.

If you are new to the marsh, dark colored soft plastics rigged weedless and tossed into the tules seem to work the best. Four to six inch grubs in black, oil, rootbeer, guacamole, watermelon and purple all seem to work well. Occasionally a contrasting color like chartreuse for a tail can work well, especially in low light. Early in the summer, late afternoon when the water is at its warmest is the time to fish for bass.

Fishing the dikes is starting to pick up, especially in the late afternoons as the shadows hit the water. The water in the collection ditch is clear and fishing has been slow in the ditch.

The south ponds and collection ditch have been stocked.

Damselfly and dragonfly nymphs are probably the best flies to start with, in the main marsh, while wooly buggers in black and olive with some flash should also be tried if they aren’t working.

The collection ditch is artificial lures only and wading is not allowed.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The boat launches are closed due to low water levels. Shore launching is risky and is done at your own risk.

Rye Patch is low but the fishing is hot. Walleyes are being caught by trollers and wipers are being caught by both trollers and shore fishermen.

It is hot, take shade and plenty of water.

The reservoir will be drawn down very low during the irrigation season and that will concentrate the fish. 14-16 inch wipers on spoons and minnows.

Some nice walleyes are being caught by anglers trolling night crawlers.

Fish the area around the dam.

Anglers are using chartreuse colored swivel baits before the heat of the day sets in and taking fish in the three to four pound range.

Anglers below the dam are using similar lures to catch walleyes and wipers.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

If the flows are fluctuating then expect the quality of fishing to go up and down. But if the flow is stable expect fair fishing with the chance of a lot of great hook-ups all day long. There are currently a lot of big rainbows.

The best dry-fishing time is after sunset around 8:00 PM. 

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

The optimal time to go fishing in the morning hours as it dies down after 12:00 PM. Around sunset there is another chance for a great dry fly session which will taper off near the end of July.

With Caddis hatches in the morning it is recommend to use a black midge pattern, but be aware of tougher fishing midday. 

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

Fly fishing:

As of   July 21, 2013, water flow is currently 14,250  CFS. Lower Sacramento River fly fishing report, fly fishing is good. 

Early morning and late afternoons best.

Catching Huge Rainbows now. Excellent trout fishing ! 16 to 25 inches. Using Prince nymphs, Iron Sallies, Pheasant Tails, Poxyback PMD’s, Black Rubber Legs and Green Gidgets. Boat traffic is heavier from Posse Grounds to Anderson River Park. Call or email us today. We offer daily guided fishing trips, 7 days a week.  Drift  boats or Jet boats available. We cater to all methods of fishing.

Daily drifting Redding, California and Anderson, California.

Groups and Clubs welcome, we can accommodate ANY size group.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

King Salmon:

As of   July 21, 2013  water flow is currently 14,250  CFS. July 16th marked opening day on the Sacramento River for King salmon. Opening day was a hit !

With all the talk of record numbers, today was a great indication of what is to come. Salmon fishing was fantastic today. Kirk’s boat hooked 6 salmon and landed 5, biggest fish was 32.5 pounds , second catch of the day weighed in at 28 pounds. All fish were in the 20 to 30 lbs range. Also, Kirk’s clients hooked 6 rainbows and 8 steelhead while side drifting roe. All salmon were bright chrome ( check out photos below and to left ),with most all fish over 20 pounds. Since opening day, we have been fishing every day and  fishing is slowing.  Just a few fish being caught now. The salmon being brought in are all good size fish ranging from 15 to 30 pounds. Even have seen a few fish caught in the late afternoon. More salmon are making their way upriver daily. Salmon fishing will vary from day to day, as we move into August we will see more bright salmon. WE FISH EVERYDAY.  Call us today to reserve your day. Book Now! Go with the Pro’s. Call 1800-670-4448.


JD Richey of JD Richey Guided Sportfishing (916-952-1554) ( reports:

Report updated July 16, 2013


In general, the salmon opener was slow in the lower and mid reaches of the river but the reports I got from Red Bluff sounded like it was pretty much a slaughter. Down at Hamilton City, there was heavy pressure and maybe a 1/2 a fish per boat average.

Word on the street is there was a bit of a snap at Colusa and then pretty much deadsville from there down to Rio Vista.

With the amazing action happening currently in the ocean, look for some very good in-river action in a few weeks!


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

Current flow is 47 CFS. Fishing is good with attractor dry flies like stimulators, sierra brite dots and royal wullfs


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Everyone is getting hook-ups right now! Fishermen are catching their limits of Rainbows and King salmon, especially around Bridge Bay and Packers Bay. Rainbows can be caught near the surface in the morning but descend to roughly 80 feet during the day, so use Hummdingers  Wiggle Hoochies. 

Courtesy of Sacriver Guide.        


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

With surface water temperatures moving into the 70’s, fishing for trout has really slowed down. Fishing for bass has been good, and fishing for catfish and wipers has been fair to good.

Weeds are growing in all the shallow parts of the lake and while they can make fishing tough, the weed beds do act as cover and provide an “edge” for anglers to target.

Bass are still being caught from the main boat ramp to the dam and in Tomera Cove, though anglers are having to get their presentations out deeper for trout. Find shoreline where you can cast into water that is at least 15 feet deep. Bass are being caught in 4 to 15 feet of water and on structure.

Structure can be something as minor as a foot or two difference in depth.

When it isn’t windy, float tubes and boats have a definite advantage.

The mud flats at the south end are producing bass, though trout are only being caught there at first light or late in the evening. In many of the areas, anglers are catching the trout off of the points in 15 feet or deeper water.

For fly rodders, damsel fly nymphs, leech patterns and buggers are all working. Boaters are having luck fishing about 17 feet deep along the face of the dam and the bluffs on the northwest side.

Anglers continue to catch black bass using crankbaits, soft plastics, and wooly buggers. Look for bass on structure and in feeding lanes. You may now keep one black bass (smallmouth or largemouth) 15 inches or longer.

Catfish are also being caught, with the best time being late in the evening or early in the morning.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Anglers have reported good fishing with power bait eggs with garlic scent.

The weed bed continues to be a problem around Spooner Lake. If anglers do find an opening they should have some success. A water craft such as a float tube or kayak is the key to unlocking this lake’s hold on fishing.

Fly anglers continue to have had luck using black, brown, and green Wooly Buggers. For fly anglers, a floating line this time of year is all you need. Later in the year anglers will need to transition to an intermediate line for deeper presentation.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Still fishing well as there are fish spread out all over the lake now!

Power bait has been the go to bait here and working the shoreline up and down from the boat launch is your best bet early and late in the day.

Mack fishing has slowed a touch here but that doesn’t mean that you won’t hang one. Fish under or around schools of Kokes now if you’re targeting the Macks. Word is from Keith Zenker that the Koke bite still great and that you’ll be fishing 40 to 70 feet down for them and that the larger ones are being taken by bumping the bottom in about 60 to 70 feet of water.

Work the rockpile and the deeper sections around the island to find larger Kokes now. Pink, Chartreuse, and Orange in hoochies and squids have been go to’s. Spinners will also work in these colors so don’t dismay if these lures are your go to’s. 20 to 40 fish days for the Kokes are here for some! The average size though has been 10-12 inches, but they are everywhere! 

See Mr Z at our store or give him a call to find out the latest news.

He’s got us stocked with some great Kokanee gear!

For the shore fisherman spoons, spinners, and stick baits will work and of course if you’re throwing bait nothing beats an inflated nightcrawler drenched in your favorite scent


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Limits have been easy and the fish are running of 1 to 5 pounds with some breaking into the double digits. Best method is still minnow dodger set up in 150 to 200 ft. Fishing has been good in Sand Harbor area and Cave Rock. Kokanee are showing up in good number try using plugs and Vances sockeye slammer number 2.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Fishing continues to be slow. Topaz boating activity has increased and fishing is only good in the early morning hours.

Shore fishermen have had some success using Power Bait, Power Eggs, salmon eggs, and nightcrawlers.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

No current fishing report, however good news: March through June are the favorite months for experienced bass anglers there. The lake has good populations of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. It also holds the California record for small mouth bass! A dredger piles at the head of the lake, as well as other structures found in the coves and points throughout the lake provide excellent bass fishing for most of the year. Spring always provides the hottest action, as both species move into the shoreline to spawn. Courtesy of Fish Trinity Lake   


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Conditions are great and so is the fishing! There are lots of ½ pound steelhead and spring-run King Salmon flowing through so expect a lot of hook-ups too. Also, be aware that King Salmon will go for nymphs suspended under indicators!  

Courtesy of The Fly Shop.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

If you are going to fish on the Nevada side of the river then it is crucial to fish in the mornings. The combination of low water, hot days and lots of people in the river in the afternoons is really making the fishing tougher than normal. Flows are: Reno 298 CFS and Vista (East of Town) 178 CFS.

For traditional anglers this time of year floating salmon eggs, Power Bait and imitating bait fish work well.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:


Flows have come up a bit through town but with water being drawn off the top of Tahoe and water temps have risen.

Caddis hatches have stabilized now on the Big T. Unlike Mayflies, one should skate or dance there Caddis dries a bit as Caddis flies are fast emergers. Look for good hatches of these bugs in the evening now, especially the last hour of the evening. Other hatches include PMD’s in the late mornings to mid-afternoon, Little Yellow Stones, and PED’s in the evenings along with the Caddis. 

With this summer being warmer than previous ones and water temps being warmer than they should be this time of year we are seeing activity normal for August not July. That means the Crayfish are molting now up and down the river.  Fish these patterns in the evening hours or in the morning as some of the larger trout in the river will be feeding on these guys. 

Rolling big Stoneflies during the day with imitations of Mayfly crawlers and Caddis Pupa behind them can be effective. 

Look to fish the pocket water and riffles more now and utilize your high sticking technique. 

Large Carpenter ants have gone away but there is a lot of ant activity along the river’s edge, so don’t discount the use of these patterns. 

Now is the time to start throwing other terrestrials like hoppers, as they are becoming more predominant now. Crashing one of these tasty morsels over an area that is seeing a lot of hopper or ant activity can bring on a splashy rise that will get your pulse up! 

To have success on our rivers one should note that it’s necessary to have good repeated drifts! 

Nymphing will consist of large primary flies such as Pat’s Rubberlegs, Buggers, large Copper Johns(reds!), Prince Nymphs, large Caddis pupa and Stonefly imitations trailed behind 16-18 inches with Caddis, PMD, PED, Midge and General nymphs such as Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears, and Bird’s Nests in sizes 14-18. 

Also, streamer fishing is a good option now. Sculpin imitations have been the best.  Streamer fishing will be best in the wee hours of morning now or into dusk.  Soft hackle imitations of Caddis and Mayfly’s work well when fish are feeding just under the surface. 


If the California side of the Truckee is getting you flustered maybe a trip to the Nevada side will turn your luck around. 

Caution!  If you do fish the Truckee in Nevada please be aware that New Zealand Mudsnails have been found in sections of water there so please clean your shoes and gear accordingly to avoid aquatic hitch hikers!  

Study the water and turn rocks and see what is going on, also seine for what is in the drift. Little things like this and slowing your approach to the river’s edge will greatly increase your chances of being successful. Again, make sure your box is stocked with every conceivable stage of bugs that are present now!  (x) = drawer number.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Fishing through the Perazzo Meadows for Brookies has been decent and some nice Rainbows are always caught below Weber Falls.

With the supposed stocking of fish here last week I would assume fishing will be good. That is if it was actually stocked.

Drifting a small garden worm, salmon egg or ball or power bait under a split shot will be the ticket if you’re fishing bait. Small spinners and tiny kastmasters will work also if you decide to throw lures. I love kastmasters because of their action! 

Low flows here and water temps in the 60’s will push fish into faster water.


Judy Allen at Annett’s Mono Village (760- 932-7071) ( reports:

Upper Twin Lake:

Hello Don,

A great week of fishing was enjoyed by most of our anglers at the Upper Twin Lake Resort.

On July 13th, Josh Hedean from  San Dimas landed a 5 pound 4 ounce rainbow with a Little Jake lure.

July 14th,  Dean Shupp from Paso Rubles caught  a 5 pound 12 ounce rainbow using a Panther Martin yellow/red lure.

July 16th, Jerry Ishikawa from Laverne brought in a 5 pound 6 ounce rainbow using pink and white Mice Tails.

Alpers planted 270 pounds of 2-4 pound range on July 17th.

On July 18th, Dept. of Fish and Game planted 850 pounds of rainbows averaging 1/2 pounds each with an additional 12 fish at a 2-5 pound range.


Judy Allen


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

July 22, 2013

The Twins have been a little tough this past week, the fish that are being caught are mainly earlier in the mornings and later in the evenings.

Power bait and crawlers for the bait folks have been doing good, kastmasters, thomas bouyants and small rapalas for the lure anglers.

Fly anglers should go with matukas and wooly buggers with a prince, zug bug or soft hackle dropper.

Also a fly/bubble rig in the evenings has been good.    


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

July 22, 2013

The Virginias are still fishing well, lots of nice healthy fish are being caught on bait, flies and lures. Kastmasters and Jake’s Spin a Lures are doing well, crawlers and power bait for the bait anglers. Fly anglers are doing well with beetles on top and subsurface with seal buggers, stillwater nymphs, soft hackles and aggravator prince nymphs


John and Carolyn Webb of the Virginia Lakes Resort (760-647-6484) ( report:

July 20, 2013 Mother Nature is going to give us a day of thunderstorms Saturday and hopefully clearing over the remainder of the weekend.  It is hard to tell, but it’s extremely hot today but the breeze is picking up and I’m heading for the lake this evening as I have a lesson to give. The bite slowed after a huge number of anglers hit the water and finally today DFW arrived half way up the hill with a truck of dead fish and returned to the hatchery without the 3 lakes getting a plant. 

But the Alpers are holding their own and keeping everyone happy. Bait for the week:  Nightcrawlers held again this week along with natural garlic powerbait, salmon peach and SALMON EGGS.  Trout were also hitting mouse-tails, and a lot of personal-garlic mixes of power bait set-up.  Lures:

Still working are Red/Gold Thomas Buoyant’s, gold Kastmasters, plain gold spoons.  Some Lil’ Jake’s did fairly well in black with yellow spots or the gold with red spots. 

Super Duper’s had great action for most of the week. Fly:

Action was good using nymphs, VL Special, caddis emergers, Rickard’s callibaetis nymph, large black ants, nymphs, san juan worms, Grey Hackle yellow’s and green body mosquitoes. Big fish for the week at Little Virginia: Mike Griggs of Norco, 2lb 7oz Alper on power bait July 16 Ryan Shearer of Yucaipa, 5lb 2oz Alper on power bait July 17 Jim Mortland of Sacramento, 5lb 8oz Alper on powerbait July 17 Fred Biederman of Apple Valley, 5lb 1oz Alper on powerbait July 17 Alex Varelas of Huntington Beach, 4lb 13oz Alper on a Thomas Buoyan Nick Varelas of Huntington Beach, 5lb 6oz Alper on a Thomas Buoyant Amy Markarian of Provo UT, 2lb 2oz on a night crawler/power egg July 17 Romero Yonemura of Sacramento, 5lb6oz Alper on salmon eggs July 18 Larry Bates of Grover Beach, 3lb 4oz Alper on salmon eggs July 19 Carson Donhaw age 11 of Upland, 4lb 10oz Alper on powerbait July 19

Big fish for the week at Big Virginia: Shea Johannes of Escondido, 3lb 8oz DFW tagged Rainbow on power bait Backcountry:

Action has been excellent with small mosquitoes and black gnats black ants, and green body mosquitoes from Blue Lake up through Cooney, Frogs is still slow due to the high volume of anglers in the area.  Both Moat and Red Lake were hitting a lot of dries on a bubble and a fly rod.

The mosquitoes:

Are busier than a CHP officer at the Daytona 500 flitting in every direction of open flesh sucking the nutrients for their next generation which will be born at any moment.  BRING THE DEET……7.20.13  


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009.

Launching is not possible right now.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The flows on the East Walker are 81 CFS. They have been in this range for a while now. This is really low for the summer months on the East Walker and the flows have played a big part of the river getting very warm.

If you are going to the East Walker start very early and quit fishing by 11:00am. To get out of the heat. In the mornings try Nymphing with small bugs like caddis, Trico’s and Midges on no more than 5X tippet is a good bet. Dry dropper rigs are also worth a try. You can fool the occasional fish on Hopper patterns through the next month or more. The fish should be hanging out in or near some type of white water to get more oxygen.

Current brown trout study is going on and researchers are requesting information on tagged fish including color (to determine if wild or hatchery) and location where fish was caught.


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

East Walker River:

July 22, 2013 

The East is still hanging in there at 101 CFS. The mornings are the best time to fish, up until around noon or so.

There’s still some tricos coming off in the mornings then switching up to caddis. Dry/dropper rigs have been doing pretty well this past week also.

In the late evening there’s also been some good action on caddis dries.

Patterns to try include elk hair caddis, e/c caddis, fox’s poopah, 3-wire caddis, zebra midge, mercury midge, silver streak, top secret midge, beetles, ants, schroeders para hopper, wiers whopper.     

Sceirine Ranch:

July 22, 2013 

The ranch is still hanging in there as well, there hasn’t been too much traffic down there lately though. Dry/dropper rigs have been doing the best lately. Hoppers, madam-x or stimulators on top and a prince or pheasant tail or dark lord on the bottom.   

Hunewill Pond:

July 22, 2013

We’ve only had a couple folks on the pond lately but they’ve been doing pretty well still. Small streamers, dry/dropper rigs and dries have been doing well. There’s some pretty good weed growth on the pond, the key to catching fish is to find the areas that have been mown or are less weedy, park your tube in the weeds and cast into the cleaner areas where the fish are cruising. Para adams, para hoppers, zebra midges, seal buggers, dainty damsels and rojo midges have all been working well.    


Steve Osterman of Performance Guide Service (760-934-6101) ( reports:

Water flow has been up and down and is currently 101 CFS.

Fishing  has been good. Midge pattern, baetis emergers and pheasant tails.


Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport (760- 932-7707) ( reports:

July 22, 2013

The West is excellent right now with fish up to over 6 pounds being caught this week. Fly anglers are probably doing the best, dry/dropper rigs with a hopper on top and a prince or pt dropper have been excellent. Bait anglers are using crawlers and eggs and lure folks are doing well in the mornings and evenings with panther martins and rooster tails.     


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Though the downstream users are starting to draw water again, is at just under 30% of capacity.

The boat ramp is out of the water, but the bottom below the ramp is fairly solid and boats are able to launch, though the larger the boat, the more difficult it is. Obviously, the dock is no longer in the water.

The lake is very green with algae and fishing for trout is slow, but it has been good for bass. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern as to where fishing is better or what types of presentations are working, though if you are fishing for trout, fish early or fish deep.

The water in the canyon is deeper and cooler and boaters, as well as shore anglers are still catching some trout here.

Anglers are having fair success fishing from shore in the canyon by the dam and fair success along the beach near the state park boat ramp, though the fish have moved into deeper water with the warmer water.

Most anglers seem to be sticking with Power Bait or worms.

Fly rodders will have their best luck with damsel fly nymphs, leech patterns and wooly buggers.

Wipers are being caught at the mouths of the arms and the canyon by the dam. Not much action at the south end of the lake for wipers, trout or bass.

Smallmouth fishing is good with most fish being caught with green soft plastics. For green think pumpkin or avocado depending upon what brand of plastic baits you prefer. Anglers may keep one wiper (white bass x striped bass hybrid) over 15 inches and anglers may now keep one smallmouth bass 15” or larger as well.

There is no limit in place on trout, but limits on all other species apply and all fishing regulations must still be followed including methods of fishing.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Anglers are finding good action for large stripers. The fish are biting A.C. Plugs and other trout-imitating swimbaits. Three fish weighing in at 16.16 pounds, 17 pounds and 27.76 pounds came in during the past week. Rainbow trout continue to hit small spinners and other traditional trout baits following the weekly plants on Fridays.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The lake is near 10% of capacity, turbid and not many fish are being caught. In a recent salvage of crappie, not many keeper crappie were caught, few catfish and no trout.

Probably not worth the trip.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

The reservoir is in good shape, just under 90% of capacity, and fishing has been fair summer for trout.

Bass fishing is good, and though many are small, anglers report more keepers being caught.

The weeds are growing in the shallows causing problems for shore anglers on the west and southern shores, while the canyon is providing some good fishing from shore for trout. Fishing has been fair for trout with fish averaging 12 to 15 inches, with anglers doing fair along the shorelines near the boat ramp and good along the shoreline by the cabin on the north side of the lake. The same presentations and techniques that would work at South Fork should work here.

Anglers report green soft plastics are working for bass.

The road to the lake has been graded.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:No real changes, conditions are still improving. Expect more reports as the summer months continue. 

Courtesy of Mike’s Fishing Guide Service.

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