Good Morning, Carson Valley

Turns out y’all were as curious as we were about the new Polka Dots Greets & Sweets in downtown Gardnerville.

We noticed it for the first time driving through town on Sunday, and received a press release about it yesterday afternoon. It ended up being our most-read story of the day by a wide margin.

The store is a throwback to the old-fashioned Main Street candy shop setup, and also offers gifts and greeting cards.

It’s located at 1455 B Highway 395, if you’re interested in checking it out.

The Lampe Park Farmers Market is going on all morning.

Wyatt Denny is in action once again at the National High School Finals Rodeo – both this morning and this evening. He’ll compete in steer wrestling in both sessions. If you’re interested, you can watch at I believe you are going to want the “timed events” performance.

Outside of that, I wanted to take the opportunity to plug our free classifieds section. They really are free!

Send us about 20 words on your item, yard sale or assorted bubble gum wrapper collection. Include a photo if you want. We’ll put it up on our classifieds page. Simple as that. We do ask that you let us know when the item sells, or when you want to stop receiving calls. Keep us posted on any pricing changes. We’ll pull it off the site right away. Otherwise, we leave it up for a month, or to the date of the yard sale. Keep us posted on any pricing changes too, if its not selling and you want to sweeten the deal. If you’re interested, e-mail joey@carsonvalleytimes. Simple as that.

We’ve had a flock of small birds methodically trying to crack into our chimney for the better part of a week. Their plan does not change day-to-day. One dances around in front of the window trying to lure the attention of the family cat. The rest vigorously peck at the smoke stack’s metal grating for hours. And hours.

We’ll be back with another roundup tomorrow, assuming we haven’t been overrun.

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